Family of Three Ch. 02

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Bbw Milf


Hi. I’m Rachel. You’ve already met Jane, right? My story is similar to hers. I’m Latina, five foot five, one hundred pounds, dark hair, dark eyes, cute; at least that’s what the boys say. Normal, from a normal family, just like her.

I got into it the same way she did. Latin television is full of tied up women; must be the macho thing. I really got off on that; the helpless female, at the mercy of some nasty man. Funny; the rescue at the end was always a let down; like the song says, it’s not the kill, it’s the thrill of the chase.

I got good grades in school, then went to business school to train as an administrative assistant; a glorified secretary. No matter; there were plenty of jobs and I could take my pick. I got a good one; in a few years I had my own place.

I didn’t do too much bondage in school; none of the guys I knew were into that. Oh, I slept with a few, of course; I’m no prude. Nothing serious, though; just never found the right guy.

The internet; now that’s a wonderful resource. I could surf all day and never get bored. A few discreet purchases and I was ready to start.


I have a nice little house, set back from the street, with a nice backyard. Against the back fence is an aluminum shed, the kind people use for their garden tools. That is my playroom.

Friday night I headed out there. I’ve prepared for this; the usual Tupperware container, half full of water, with the ring of keys frozen in it. A long string; one end tied to the key ring and the other to my right thumb. I removed my robe and knelt naked on the floor.

Rope, tying my ankles to my thighs; a collar around my neck, locked to a chain running from the roof; clothespins on my nipples. A huge dildo; too big for me to take it all; I lubed it and slid it into place. A wad of cloth filling my mouth; an Ace bandage wrapped around my head, covering my mouth and eyes. A pair of handcuffs, locked to the back of my collar with a short chain; I locked my wrists in them.

A few moments to test everything; perfect. I can’t stand, lie down, or move more than a few inches. The dildo completely fills my pussy; I can’t get it out, even raised up as high as I can get, and it’s too big to go all the way in, either. All I can do is move it in and out a little. I settled back to enjoy the ride.

Up and down, in and out. Squirming, wiggling, shivering; moans, punctuated at intervals by screams of pleasure as I came. Sweat rolled off; muscles ached; breath ragged and heavy. Over and over again. Six times; yes I do keep track. (Okay, I’m anal about it. Get over it.)

Finally the ice was melted; I was thoroughly exhausted, sweaty, panting; I pulled the keys up to my hands and fiddled with them until I had the right one; a few more minutes and my hands were free of the cuffs. A little while later I had freed myself; I put the robe back on, gathered up my things, and went back into the house for a nice supper and a good night’s sleep.


A couple of weeks later I was ready for another session. I decided to spice this one up a bit. I waited until dark, then slipped the key to the back door under xslot the front door mat. I removed all my clothes, then left all the other keys, including the key to the front door, on the kitchen table, with two exceptions. I grabbed the rest of my gear and headed out to the shed.

Once inside I padlocked the door shut; the key I hung on a hook on the back wall. Next I attached a long chain to the center of the roof, then threaded a padlock through it about a foot from the floor, then locked a pair of handcuffs to it. Then a leather collar locked around my neck, with a short chain attached to the back; another pair of handcuffs locked to the end of this chain.

Now I tied the string from the container to my thumb. The key inside the container would unlock the padlock on the chain from the roof. Next I took three inflatable plugs; one each for my mouth, pussy, and rear, put them in place, and pumped them up until all three orifices were completely filled.

A rubber blindfold covered my eyes. I reached behind me and locked my ankles in the cuffs hanging from the ceiling. When the ice melted I could unlock the cuffs from the chain and move around, but until then I could only lie on the floor. Finally I reached behind me and locked my wrists in the cuffs behind my back.

A couple of minutes later I discovered I had made a serious mistake; I had forgotten to set the valves on the inflatable plugs to the neutral position. Every time I moved I would press on one of them, causing it to inflate a little more. I tried to keep still, but the cramps … I had to move. And when I did …

Full became uncomfortably full became aching became pain became agony. My pussy, rear, and mouth were being stretched to the limit and beyond, and every movement made it worse. And the cramps when I tried to keep still were just as bad. Whimpers of pain punctuated by muffled screams.

Finally the ice melted enough that I could get the key. But even reaching as high as I could, with my hands chained to my collar I couldn’t reach the lock. No matter how I wiggled and squirmed I couldn’t do it. Panic; if I can’t reach it I can’t get free. How long before someone finds me out here?

Finally I calmed down enough to think. I tried pulling myself up with my legs; that brought me closer, but I couldn’t seem to hold it long enough to find the lock with my hands. It took me a good fifteen minutes to get a hold of the lock, then a new problem appeared. I had to hold the lock with one hand and insert the key and turn it with the other; damn near impossible. And since the cuffs were attached to the collar I was nearly choking as well while doing it.

After an eternity of frustration I finally turned the key in the lock. A few minutes later I managed to get the lock off the chain and could straighten my legs out; I spent the next few minutes lying on the ground panting while the pain in my leg and arm muscles subsided. Then I tried to stand up; I nearly fell, and wound up sagging against the wall of the shed, panting and weeping with pain.

I managed to work my way around to where the other key was hanging and get it off the hook. Several xslot Giriş minutes later I had the shed door unlocked and managed to push it open.

Now for the fun part. I had failed to allow for the fact that I would be unable to see. How in hell was I going to get around to the front door, get the key from under the mat, and then get around to the back door without getting lost or being spotted? I thought furiously for a minute, then laid down and began to crawl toward the house. Luckily there is a gravel path from the shed to the house; I could feel that under me. If I felt grass instead, I would know I was off the path and would hunt around until I found it again. Eventually I bumped up against the house.

Of course, when I crawled I pressed on the pumps, inflating them even more … I was in agony now, my pussy, rear, and mouth being torn apart. It was all I could do to keep hopping around the house to the front door.

Did I mention the rose bushes? Next to the house? I’m going to kill a certain landscaper when I get my hands on him … By the time I reached the front door I was thoroughly scratched up. Getting the key from under the mat was child’s play, compared to what I had already been through. Back the way I came to get to the back door, back through the rosebushes; thoughts of a certain landscaper burning in hell.

I got the door open and promptly fell inside, inflating the plugs a little more. I got to my knees and began to work my way out to the kitchen. A few more minutes to get the keys off the table, then get free. The moment the plugs were out I was running for the bathroom. I needed to go, but the pain; I had to stuff a towel in my mouth to stifle my screams. I nearly passed out; it was at least fifteen minutes before the pain subsided enough to let me stand up. I felt, and probably looked, like a cheap whore after a long weekend.

It took a few days before I got over that. Never again will I use those damn plugs.


It was a few weeks later when I decided to try something a little different. I wanted to go to the beach and sunbathe; if I could combine that with my favorite hobby … hmm.

I drove out to the beach about an hour before dark; most people are gone by then. I picked a secluded spot, with nobody around. I took a pair of scissors and my car keys, tied a length of rope to them, tied the other end around my front bumper, and tossed them under the car. Then I took my towel and beach bag and went out to the beach.

Still nobody around; good. I spread out my towel and laid down. Now to start the fun. First, a sponge in my mouth, held in with shrink wrap around my head. Next some small nipple clamps, under my bikini top. Then a vibrator into my pussy, underneath my bottoms. Now some electrical ties; one around my ankles, and one to hold each wrist against my thigh. I couldn’t quite get those tight enough, but they would do. Now to lie back and catch some rays. Later, after everyone’s gone, I can hop back to the car, retrieve my scissors and free myself, then drive home with no one the wiser.

I was lying there, enjoying the sun and the vibrator. A mellow xslot Güncel Giriş female voice in my ear: “Seems we have a common interest.” I froze and looked up at her, wide eyed. Caucasian, brunette, nice face and figure; conservative one piece bathing suit. “Here; let me help you.” She reached down; suddenly the ties holding my wrists were tight. What now?

She spread out her towel, then laid down beside me. I tried moving my hands; no go. Damn her. The vibrator kept humming away; I tried to hold back, but … I moaned and shook with the first climax. “That’s it; go ahead, enjoy yourself.” Bitch. I wanted her to touch me, to participate, but she just lay on her towel sunning herself.

After about an hour and three more orgasms she got up and collected her stuff. “Wait here; I’ll be back in a minute.” She walked off toward the street while I flopped around like a fish out of water, to no avail. I could roll around, sit up, maybe even stand, but I was going nowhere until she came back.

She returned, with my scissors in her hand. “Hold still.” She reached down and snipped the tie around my ankles, then helped me to my feet. She gathered up my things, stuffed them into my bag and hoisted it, then led me back to my car. “We’ll go to my place; we can talk there. I’ll drive.” She led me around to the passenger side, helped me in, then buckled the seat belt. She got in, started it up, and drove us away.

She has a nice house, at least from the front. She parked in the driveway, then came around and got me out and brought me into the house. We went into the kitchen; she set my bag down. “Let’s get your toys put away.” She removed the nipple clamps as I winced and dropped them into my bag, then reached in and removed the vibrator, switched it off, and dumped it in as well. “I’ll make coffee.”

She puttered away while I squirmed. She poured two cups. “Hold still.” Snip; off came the shrink wrap. I spit out the sponge; she caught it and tossed it into the sink. “How do you take yours?”

“Black, two sugars.” She added sugar to mine and cream to hers, then reached over and cut the ties holding my hands before handing me my cup. “Cheers.” We drank.

And that’s how I met Jane. We had quite a discussion that evening; it turned out we had a lot in common. When I told her about my experience with the plugs she nodded knowingly. “Yes; if you make a mistake with those you can injure yourself severely, even cause internal bleeding. Which, given the circumstances, could be fatal. I never go near those things. You’re lucky you weren’t hurt.”

“I’m lucky? What about you? He could have killed you, or taken you home and kept you chained up as his personal sex slave, or God knows what. But he didn’t take advantage of you; he just let you know he could have.”

“I know. I know a little more about him, by the way. His name is Alex; he lives in that cabin on the property, which he owns. Makes his living trading stocks and advising others on the market.” She smiled at me. “I Google mapped the property, looked through the county deeds to find the owner of record, then searched Facebook for him. His picture popped up; that was him. From there it was easy.”

Eventually she got around to it. “So how about it? Say next weekend, my place?”

I nodded. “Sounds fine; I’ll see you then.” I reached out; she dropped my car keys in my hand. “Good night.” A peck on the cheek, then I drove home.

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