Family Bonds at Nude Beach Ch. 01

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Interracial cuckold story along with father/daughter incest. If this ain’t your cup of tea, please don’t drink it! If it is I hope you enjoy it, and perhaps learn a bit about an IR cuckold’s mine set…of which I’m one. Go Buckeyes.


“Mom can we talk openly and honestly about something which has been troubling me for a long time?” Eighteen year old Zoe Parks asked her mother knowing of course she would say yes.

“Certainly dear, ask me anything you want; provided I can do the same.” Gwen said, steeling herself for a serious talk, not knowing what was troubling her.

“Sure, lets put all the cards on the table face up. So when was the last time you and dad had sex?”

Caught off guard Gwen paused before saying, “Well over a year, I imagine.” Hiding the fact that her husband Greg has lost all interest in having sex with her for what seems like forever. She often thought that brothers and sisters who sleep next to each other had more sex than she had with Greg.

“I think it’s been more like five years, mom,” Zoe corrected. “It’s been that long since I’ve heard either of you moaning or the headboard banging. It’s also that long since I’ve felt any real affection from dad. I think once I started to develop he was afraid to touch me. Maybe he was afraid if he did accidentally touch my tits or butt it would lead to something more and he wouldn’t be able to stop. If that was the case I wish he wouldn’t have worried about what he might have done.”

“Are you telling me now that you’re eighteen you wouldn’t mind if your dad squeezed your boobs, fondled your ass, or God forbid, even fucked you?” Gwen asked in astonishment.

“I’m saying I’d rather have him screwing me than not touching me at all. I want things back to where they were when I was ten, sitting on daddy’s lap with his arm around me with you next to us lovingly holding his hand watching TV having sex together after I went to bed.”

“Only now that your eighteen you want him feeling your breast while you sit on his lap with his cock inside you while bouncing up and down on it… that’s the furthest thing from being ten there is!” Gwen exclaimed, laughing at the thought knowing there was no way she’d give permission for Greg, to fuck Zoe. “Besides, it’s incest and it’s against the law.” Gwen said sternly, playing the legal card.

“Of course you’re right on the incest part, I’m his biological daughter, but you’re not correct about it being illegal – at least in the wonderful state of Ohio in which we live. Consensual sex among adult family members is called consanguinamory and in Ohio, and two other states it’s perfectly legal. The only thing we couldn’t do is meet the requirements for a marriage license if you weren’t married to him.

“Well then why, pray tell, would he ever want to fuck me when you’re willing to spread your eighteen year old legs for your father, opening up your tight pussy for for him?” Gwen asked, fearful of being deemed superfluous in her marriage, coldly looking at her daughter as a sexual rival with the green eyed monster sitting between them.

“Because we’ll both be cuckolding him, fucking hung black guys. Look mom I don’t want to take your place, I want you to stay married to dad. All I want is for us all to be happy living under the same roof with both of us fucking him weekdays and black men on the weekends, making us whole as a family again.”

“What?, Gwen said loudly, not being able to wrap her mind around Zoe’s statements about both of them fucking black guys.

“Mom, I know what I’m about to tell you will be difficult to comprehend. All I’m asking of you is that you keep an open mind and not be judgmental towards either dad or me. Can you do that?”

“I try, I’ll really, really try,” Gwen said, meaning it.

“It all goes back to my best friend Jenny setting up a interracial cuckolding weekend for her parents at Haulover Beach, which is a completely nude beach, just north of Miami in Hollywood Florida last year. Their family dynamics were the same as ours with zero love being shared, but today each have so much love for the other it oozes out of every single one of their body pores. The reason for the one-eighty change is because after Jenny was beach fucked by her dad… who wanted her as much as dad wants me, both she and her mom were fucked by a monster black cock at Haulover right in front of him!”

“The result of that interracial mother/daughter IR cuckolding is that Jenny and her mom are now double dating on weekends with black guys hanging 8 to 15 inch monster cocks; while Sunday through Thursday Jenny’s dad is fucking them both silly with his tiny white dick. I know it sounds strange, but it’s working for all of them like you wouldn’t believe. Jenny is happier than she’s ever been, along with her parents who can’t get enough of each other. Jenny said her parents are fucking more now than during the first year they were married!”

“All the fucking aside everyone in their household is 100% happy all the time. Jenny said her dad use to be an unbearable antalya escort grump. He complained about everything, yelled all the time and never smiled, just like dad is today. Jenny’s dad on the other hand is now Mr. Happy about everything. Every night he brings home a present for one of his ‘two girls’ either flowers, lingerie, or candy. Jenny said she’s gained five pounds from the candy since her father/lover has been cuckolded and allowed to fuck her.”

“Jenny’s mom on the other hand lost fifteen pounds and is a fit as she was in college being perpetually turned on by all the black sperm hormones flowing in her veins. Her clit is so swollen Jenny says she looks like a female baboon in heat. Her mom is so turned on 24/7 that can now orgasm just by thinking about a large black cock fucking her. Her parents watch homemade interracial cuckold videos they shot showing Jenny or her mom in action and then fuck like rabbits.”

“Jenny and I were both planning on leaving in the fall to go away to school after graduation, but now since Jenny is so happy at home she wants to stay in Columbus and go to Ohio State. I plan on doing the same if everything works out for all of us like it did for them.”

“Mom, I’m going to say this as simply as I can – I want for our family what they have. I’d like your permission to set up an IR cuckolding at Haulover the next time daddy goes to Miami on business with us tagging along.”

“Let me see if I’m getting this right. Number one, you don’t want to take my place next to your dad in bed, but share him. Number two, you believe your father is a closet IR cuckold and will enjoy it wanting to have sex with us after black men shoot their loads inside us. Number three, you believe your dad secretly wants to fuck you. Number four, this all comes together at a nude beach set up by a interracial ‘punking’ of your dad. Wow, your right that’s a lot comprehend and keep an open mind to,” Gwen said, asking for proof that Greg wanted to fuck Zoe, and that he’s a closet IR cuckold.

“Okay here it is. First, I know for a fact that dad wants to fuck me because I keep smelling his aftershave in the crotch of my dirty panties which he pulls out of the hamper. My thinking is that he’s wearing them over his face like a mask smelling my pussy juice while he beats off. I especially noticed that my panties disappeared from the hamper after I ran or ovulated. Sometime my dirty panties show up in my dresser, washed, telling me he must have accidentally sprayed them having an exceptionally powerful ejaculation which shot up to his face. Three of my panties, all thongs, have gone missing which means he must be collecting and hiding them somewhere.”

“And how long has this being going on for?”

“Years mom, years. I knew if I told you I’d get dad in serious trouble so I kept quite about it.”

“That perverted SOB,” Gwen said shaking her head, thinking harsh thoughts about the man she’d been married to for twenty years, actually thankful there wasn’t a gun in the house.

“Mom, I only told you that so we can move forward as a loving family what’s past is past, what’s important is the future. Truth be told sometimes I don’t change my panties for days so dad can get a really good smell, and I’ve often jilled myself to sleep fantasying that daddy is fucking my pussy or ass shooting me full of my never-to-be brothers and sisters.”

“Do you have any idea why your father is sexually attracted to you?” Gwen asked trying to understand her husbands perversion.

“Not really, some dads are just wired different than others. That said, my speculation is that if you two had been in an IR cuckold relationship while I was developing he would have been fucking you so much I wouldn’t have attracted his attention.”

“And what makes you want to fuck your father?”

“I’ve always been daddy’s little girl, and when he stopped showing affection for me it hurt to the core. Knowing you weren’t having sex anymore must have subconsciously affected me replacing you in my mind, next to daddy, taking care of his sexual needs. Again it all goes back to you and dad not being in an IR relationship.”

“Wow, you don’t have any idea how tough this is for me to hear. Okay I’ll accept the fact your dad wants to fuck you, and that you obviously want to fuck him. So how do you know your dad is a IR cuckold wannabe?” Gwen asked, moving the conversation forward past her daughter and husband wanting to fuck each other.

“Well, turned out that Jenny suspected her dad was one and so she did a deep search on his computer history file. Most people think once you delete a page by clearing history it’s gone…but it’s not, it’s hidden in a deep file. Not being to tech savvy, Jenny showed me how to search dad’s history deep file and I found out that he just loves interracial sites that cater to middle aged white men with small dicks being cuckolded by black men with massive cocks. Seems dad is a voyeur cuck that gets off watching and beating off. The cuckolding sites he visits usually artvin escort involves only the wife, but some include the daughter(s). This tells me he really wants to start fucking you again, mom,… but only after a black man has cum inside you. Same goes for me. Lastly he also loves watching ‘Daughters Did It In the Bible’ videos, showing dads and daughters screwing, more proof he wants to fuck me.”

“Your father has never mentioned he has an interracial cuckold fantasy, and he’s certainly never told me he wants to fuck you.” Gwen said, amazed at the secrets Greg had been keeping to himself all these years.

“That’s probably the reason you haven’t screwed in five year, you guys just don’t communicate anymore. Frankly, I don’t think you and dad are going to stay married much longer unless something changes dramatically. “

“Well going out on double dates with you and coming home with black sperm filled cunts would certainly be dramatic,” Gwen laughed, starting to buy into the idea of an IR punking of Greg. If the only way she was going to get her husbands to want to screw her was being lubed up with black cum Gwen was game.

“Has Jenny ever sent you pictures of black cocks she and her mom have been fucked by?”

“Only one. This is the black bull that fucked them both on Haulover Beach while her dad watched,” Zoe said showing her mom a picture of a cock that must have been at least 12-14 inches in length and 2 1/2 inches thick with a huge ball sac. “His name is Dom short for Dominic. Hopefully he’ll be available for us when our time comes.”

“Bull is a most appropriate term, that’s the most beautiful sex organ I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t tell you the joy it would bring me watching that black monster sliding in and out of me… I’m feeling a twinge in my lower groin just thinking about it. I’ve only been with one man in my life, your father, so imagining that black cock fitting inside me is a real stretch,” Gwen said, laughing at the double entendre.

“Don’t worry mom, you can practice up with a dildo, According to Jenny her mother didn’t have any trouble at all being able to take that monster balls deep, which totally blew Jenny’s dad mind realizing his wife was such a black cock slut.”

“So how big is dad’s dick when it’s fully erect?”

“Maybe five inches.”

“And how thick is it?”

“Maybe an inch or a little more.”

“Do you multi-orgasm on it, almost to the point of passing out then lose bladder control sending out a powerful stream of piss?”

“Heaven sakes no; none of that has never, ever happened.” Gwen said, realizing for the first time how much pleasure and erotic excitement she had been missing out on for all these years.

“Well that’s what Jenny tells me she and her mom do every weekend. They tell me it’s amazing what a 10″ long, 2″ thick black cock can do for a woman, which would be four of dads dicks stacked together. The extra length hits the ‘G’ spot, which dad has never touched, and the added thickness puts more pressure on the clitoris for double-barreled earth shattering squirting orgasms.”

“How would you rate dad rates as a financial provider?”

“Excellent, we’re upper middle class and want for nothing.”

“How would you rate dad as a sexual satisfaction provider?”

“A zero.”

“How would you rate dad as a sexual provider if he allowed you to fuck hung black guys?”

“Excellent, obviously,” Gwen laughed.

“Since dad loves both of us don’t you think he knows his little dick isn’t up to the task, accepting and encourage us finding sexual satisfaction fucking black guys.”

“So your dad would be much happier if I orgasm on a black cock rather than if I didn’t?”

“If you didn’t orgasm being black fucked there would be no reason in his mind for you to be black fucked. Dad is sharing only if the sharing leads to more sexual satisfaction for us. THE best thing you can tell dad is how much more powerful your orgasms are with a black cock inside you rather than his.”

“Unbelievable, and you say there’s no jealously involved among any of them?”, an intrigued Gwen asked.

“Not a single bit. There’s no way Jenny’s mom can be jealous of her getting poked by her daddy because she’s fucking black guys, and there’s no way Jenny’s dad can be jealous of his wife fucking black guys because he’s fucking his daughter. Jenny by the way has the best of both world’s being fucked by black guys and her father sharing him on even/odd days with her mom like Mormon sister-wives.”

“It all seems to over-the-top to work, yet it does seem like in theory it would work?”

“So you wouldn’t be jealous if daddy sticks his dick in me?”

“Not if he’ll let me fuck black guys with huge cocks, Gwen laughed, “Hell, I’ll let you move into the master bedroom. So who was your first fuck? I bet it was the Thompson boy.”

“I’m still a virgin mom. I’ve blown guys and let them fuck me up the butt, but my hymen is still intact. I’ve been saving myself for the perfect man who just so happens beylikdüzü escort to be your husband and my father. After daddy pops my cherry and opens me up a little I’ll move up to bigger and blacker things. Just imagine all the mother/daughter fun we’ll be having double dating and being fucked so hard we’ll be walking like this.” Zoe laughed while performing an exaggerated bow-legged fat goose waddle.

“So you’ll take on that monster cock at Haulover with no practice after your tiny dad pops your cheery? Good luck with that,” Gwen laughed, remembering how it hurt when Greg broke hers with his little dick.

“Shouldn’t be a problem mom, Jenny was a virgin too before her father broke hers on the beach. She gave me some super good pain pills which she took half an hour before hand and like her mom she didn’t have any trouble taking the black monster cock balls deep.”

“So do you see how going black and letting daddy fuck me will be the answer to all of our prayers.” Zoe stated with a smile on her face looking like a lawyer after a successful close.

“Assuming we can pull this off and turn your dad into an IR cuckold, what does he get out of it if we go out on dates and he can’t watch.

“Good question mom, the short answer is plenty. First of all he gets the opportunity jack-off like a crazed monkey thinking about all the fun we’re having on our date, visualizing black cocks shooting seed into all our holes. Second he gets to clean us up when we come home.”

“Clean up?”

“Sucking the black cum out of our cunts and butt cracks.”

“No way!”

“Yep, that’s what interracial cuckolds live for, it’s called cream pie eating, and they love it. Now If dad can hold off and not pop his load before we come home I’m sure he’ll want to fuck us both with his blue balls after we’re licked clean. His balls will be swelling to near bursting by the sperm build up inside them and hurt like hell. He’ll desperately need release in the symbolic act to ‘reclaim’ us. It’s his white sperm up against black sperm in a competition for our eggs. Daddy’s balls wouldn’t fill nearly as much if we were fucking white guys. The bluer his balls the more sperm he produces and the bigger orgasms he has.”

“It works out really neat that we’ll be experiencing better orgasms having black cocks inside us and so will daddy.”

“Does the cuck husband ever go along on dates to watch?” Gwen asked, interested now in understanding the IR lifestyle.

“Not usually, but obviously does watch when blacks are invited to the house. Typically he’ll act as a host and record the action with video and pictures while helping his wife/daughter orgasm by participating in a whole range of sexual activities that increase the enjoyment for them and the black bull(s).”

“Do the black bulls ever ask the cuck to suck their cock, or fuck them up the butt?” Gwen asked, having aways been turned on by the thought of male homosexual activity.

“According to Jenny about half the bulls love it and the other half hate it, so it depends.” Why do you ask, mom?

“I’ve always been turned on by the thought of your dad getting butt fucked by another male, so I guess I’ll be getting my wish.”

“Indeed you will mom, no doubt about it, we best buy three good sized butt plugs not two.” Zoe laughed along with her mom.

“Does that mean I’m going to be doing black anal sex?” Gwen asked, with a great deal of trepidation since she had a virgin butthole.

“Of course you are silly. If we’re in a ten guy ganging you can’t expect guys to wait forever especially if a hole is going unused. The upside of a little pain in the beginning are tremendous orgasms once you get use to it. Jenny says her mom has turned into an anal size queen, able to accept the biggest of monster cocks in her poop shute, loving every second of it.”

“I’m starting to understand the end result of all this is that we’re doing your dad a huge favor getting black fucked.” Gwen said smiling, amazed at how well the interracial cuckolding/incest could work out so well for all of them.

“Exactly, mom. Daddy will especially enjoy hearing about how much we love black cock and how we orgasm so much harder with one than on his. After we come home from a date he’ll want to know about the all details while he’s licking our pussies clean.”


“Who fucked us, how many fucked us, were did they fuck us, what holes they fucked us in, how many times they came, what did they taste like if they came in our mouth, now much did they cum, what was the shape and size of the cocks, were we double penetrated, what did they say, what did we say, how many times did we cum, did we squirt, etc. etc. etc. his questions will seem almost never ending.”

“Why in the world would he be interested in hearing about our sexual exploits with black men when he’s not involved? Gwen asked quizzically.

“IR cuckolds get their kicks from living vicariously through what the wife/daughter does. It’s almost like they are pretending to be the black guys fucking us. I know that’s a hard concept to understand, but that’s the way they are. In a nutshell the sluttier be are getting fucked the more dad will be fucking us. Most IR cucks are happy having a ‘hotwife’ dad will be be super lucky also having a ‘hotdaughter’, Zoe explained.

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