Erotic Control Ch. 02

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The drive to the club was long and tense for her. Master had blindfolded her. He kept turning on the vibrator every few minutes, getting her more and more worked up. By the time she was at the club she had butterflies flying around in her tummy.

Master parked the car and walked around to open the door for her.

“Get down, lil one,” he said while giving a hand to help her up.

She got down and tried to pull the skirt down to cover her ass. It was no use. With a skirt this short nothing was going to be covered, she thought.

“That’s the idea, babycheeks,” he said.

She jerked slightly and turned her head towards the direction of his voice.

“How do you always do that? How do you know what I’m thinking about?” she whined.

Master chuckled, “Well, you are pretty obvious most of the time and the rest of it is from watching you.”

“I’m a not predictable,” she replied indignantly.

“You are adorable, lil one,” he said lovingly.

She loved him so much. She reached out to show in touch what words could never convey.

“You and that sweet ass of yours,” he declared and swatted her.

She jumped.

“Daddy!” she gasped. The endearment slipping out.

He pulled her close and kissed her slowly. Taking her lower lip gently between his teeth he bit her softly. The moan she made turned him on so much. He loved those sounds. Slipping his tongue between her lips, he proceeded to ravish her. His hands went behind her neck and pulled her even closer. She responded with such intensity, it made him want to throw all his plans and take her right then and there in the parking lot. Her hand went to his neck and trailed down his chest, slowly working on the first button of his shirt. He caught her naughty hand and pulled away from her.

“Slave, you do have a way of distracting me,” he reflected.

She sighed happily, “I do, don’t I?”

He smiled at her even though she couldn’t see it. “Come on, enough delaying. I’ve got a plan for you that has you cuming so many times that you’re going to pass out.”

She shivered.

“What is it, Master? Could you please tell me,” she wheedled.

“Don’t you trust me, slave?” he admonished.

She replied chastised, “I do. I’m sorry, Master.”

He held her hand and walked her across to the door. It seemed like there was someone at the door. Master must have showed him something and they were let in quickly.

The club was a warm place, with the temperature perfect for getting naked. If there was such a temperature, she chuckled to herself. There were a lot of people, she figured from low voices she could hear. There was low music playing, ideal for slow dancing with Master.

Master led her up a few stairs.

“Place your hands behind, slave,” he ordered.

He cuffed her hands with soft handcuffs. Leather, she thought.

He came porno close from behind and whispered in her ear, “Make me proud tonight, lil one.”

“Yes, Master,” she agreed.

And then he removed the blindfold. There were nearly 30 people there, mostly men but a few women too. And all of them were fully clothed. She felt embarrassed. The urge to step back and hide behind Master was overwhelming, but she wanted to please him, to make him proud. So she stood there and looked at each one of them.

“She is my slave and I would like to train her in something new. She is our entertainment tonight,” he announced, “You may do as you please with her as long as I am in the vicinity. I will let you know if I’m not okay with something.”

Slave was struggling to contain her reactions. She was scared. These strange people could do anything to her. She wanted to look at Master for reassurance but he was standing behind her. The only thing that calmed her down a bit was that he would always be close. Master must have sensed some of her thoughts.

“I protect what’s mine,” he reminded her gently and she visibly relaxed. He kissed her neck and pulled her in front of him. He let her feel his hard-on. She felt the excitement unfurl within her. He tugged on the chain attached to her nipple clamps beneath her transparent shirt. She drew in a sharp breath and closed her eyes. She didn’t realize what a picture she made. Her back was arched erotically backward and that look of passion on her face was captivating. She was oblivious to the attention everyone was giving her. At the moment, it was only Master and her.

He abruptly pulled his hand away and she opened her eyes in shock, not realizing she had closed them. He stepped away and she tried to reach for him only to find her hands bound. She made a helpless sound.

“Get down on your knees, slave,” he commanded.

The familiar command centered her. She got down to her knees in a graceful well practiced move. Her heart started beating slower. And she calmed down slowly. She heard Master’s footsteps behind her. He got down from the stage. She could see him walking to the front from the corner of her eye. She smiled at him tentatively. He turned away from her. Her heart froze.

“Who wants to have a go at her and see her squirming for more?” He lifted up the remote control to her clit vibrator and heard quite a few enthusiastic responses from the crowd. He looked back at her, “And by the way, slave, you aren’t allowed to cum until I say so.”

“Y-yes, Master,” She faltered.

He grinned to himself. He loved throwing her off balance. He handed the remote to one of his friends. To her, he was a stranger. And that made it even sweeter.

His friend turned the setting to low and continued talking with him. She moaned there. And nearly everyone was turned on by it.

“Spread your legs, slave,” he drawled anime porno in an amused voice, “Let everyone see that wet pussy.”

She hesitated slightly. And then did what he’d ordered her to do. Her hesitation didn’t go unnoticed. His eyes narrowed at her. She shivered. She knew that he was going to punish her for it later. Right now, all she could think about was that her pussy was bare and exposed for anyone to see. And she was dripping wet.

An old balding gentleman stepped forward and sent a questioning glance at Master. Master nodded his head. He came close and gently tugged on the nipple chain. He bent down and sucked on her nipples. She nearly came them. Only years of practice had her breathing slowly and controlling her orgasm. Master looked at her proudly. And in that moment she felt proud too.

The gentleman gave equal attention to both her nipples and then stepped back. She was kneeling at the edge of the stage. It was just the right height for him. He licked two fingers and had her open her mouth and lick them as well. He gently trailed them down, leaving a wet trail till he reached her pussy. He circled her clit. Just then Master’s friend turned the setting on the vibrator higher. Her hips bucked forward involuntarily. The man in front of her chuckled.

Master ordered, “Stay still, slave.”

She immediately stilled her movements. He continued playing with her pussy lips and slowly slipped one finger inside. Then two. He explored her thoroughly and made her a quivering mass of nerves. She was quickly reaching the point of no return and it didn’t look like Master was going to give her permission to cum anytime soon.

She looked at him pleadingly. Master just gave her a wicked look. He caught the gaze of the man with the remote and communicated something silently. Suddenly, the vibrator was at full speed. The man in front of her was now fucking her earnestly with his fingers. She looked up and saw everyone watching her intently. So many sensations crossed her mind and body. But most of all she was embarrassed that everyone was seeing her most private moment and that she was getting off like a slut in front of them all.

He bent down and sucked her nipples again. Like nothing tasted better. And his fingers found her knot of nerves inside.

Just when she thought she was going to break a rule, “Cum, slave,” Master ordered her.

And she came so beautifully, he thought. Her mouth opened in a silent scream. She made no noise but her pleasure was so evident. Everyone was enthralled by her.


Master was slowly cuddling her close and laying tiny kisses all over her face. They were sitting on the bed or rather Master was. She was on his lap, snuggling. They were both naked and fresh from a shower.

“You did well, love,” he said. “Well, mostly,” he added.

She looked up at him lovingly, arap porno “Thank you, Master.”

“Are we going back there?” She asked hesitantly.

“Maybe. What did you think of it?”

“It was hot. I was so turned on. And…,” she trailed off.

“And?” he prompted.

“And I don’t think I’ve cum so hard before,” she mumbled.

“What was that? I don’t think I heard you. Speak up,” he said teasingly.

“That’s the hardest I’ve ever cum,” she said louder.

He laughed. “Hmmm, maybe I will take you back. I just might step up the notch a bit.”

She looked stricken. “S-step it up a bit?” she sputtered.

He just gave her a wicked grin, “You’ll have to wait and see, love… Wait and see.”

He kissed her hard and deep. His hands moved all over her body. Pinching her nipples. Bolts of energy centered down on her clit. And she was wet all over again. With his left hand, he held both her wrists above her and laid her down.

“Keep them there,” he ordered. And she felt the invisible bonds his words left on her.

He spread her thighs wide and proceeded to lick her pussy. She writhed under him. He continued mercilessly. His tongue went deep and he fucked her with it. He was so hard from having watched her at the club. It didn’t take long for him to bring her to the brink. And then he stopped.

“Master…,” she whimpered.

“Shhhhh, lil one,” he hushed.

He went up to her lips and left them swollen. She tasted herself on his lips.

“Mmmmmm…,” she moaned.

He then positioned his cock over her pussy and pushed in with a single thrust. She bit him. He growled and bit her back at the crook of her neck.

He proceeded to fuck her senseless. He hammered her with deep thrusts. Her hips moved up to meet his strokes and match his rhythm. They moved in perfect synchrony. Her legs were wrapped around him and he nearly lifted her off the bed for a better angle.

She lifted her head up trying to reach his lips. He moved down and kissed her passionately without a change in his rhythm. She was struggling to keep her hands up. She wanted to hold him, run her hands through his hair, scratch him… and maybe get off with one hand too, she thought longingly. But they stayed up, bound by his words.

He saw this and smiled through their kiss.

“That’s right, lil one,” he said. “You’re mine. All MINE,” he shouted as he ordered her to cum along with him. And they both did so spectacularly.

He fell on her exhausted. After a few minutes, he made a move to turn to his side to keep from crushing her. She held on with her legs. He looked at her eyes and laughed softly. She was adamant.

“Can I move my hands, Master?” she asked.

“Yes, love,” he said.

She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him down for a long kiss. She kissed until they were both breathless.

Breathing heavily, she said, “I”



Another pant.


He smiled at her and before he could reply, she pulled him down and continued to kiss him.


More to come. Hope you liked it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32