Emma, the Office Pet Ch. 06

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The senior partners looked at Emma appreciatively. They were aware of the good work she was doing, and appreciated this new angle to her. Her confidence was striking- she stood tall and defiant, the tip of her pink tongue exploring the corner of her mouth where lay the salty, dried-in cum that fed her. Senan’s blue tie fell between her full breasts, and the shirt fell either side of her body to skim and reveal the dark nipples beneath.

Emma presented a challenge – how would they succeed in dominating her completely? Even as they assessed her, she slipped a finger into her mouth and sucked on it, her brazen eyes meeting theirs, then dragged it down the front of her body to slip it inside of her wet pussy, eager to cum again. Closing her eyes, she gave over to her self-administrations, leaning back against the table to better surrender, and display herself to the team. This was too much – this bitch patronizing them, and their inability to truly own her. She stuck two, then three fingers inside of herself, and in the quiet room the only thing that could be heard was the wet slapping noise of her cunt, and her deep-throated panting.

One of the men could no longer resist, and dropped to his knees in front of her to taste the cream slipping down her legs and coating her hands. She was lost in herself, and didn’t change her movements. He licked firmly at her clit, and at her hand when it passed in front of his mouth, his tongue a strong muscle to explore the folds of her most sensitive part. He used his tongue to penetrate her, his nose pressed into her clit to inhale her vanilla-musky-sour scent, his face wet now with her cum. His hands gripped her thighs painfully, adding another element to her mental state. She was starting to orgasm now, building in her tummy, travelling downwards and out through her body, her mind now going black but her vision clouded with a bright light behind her closed eyelids, her mouth open but now silent, a mime of ecstasy. Her hand moved to press lightly on the back of his head, and her leg trembled as she gushed onto his face, whimpering in a quiet voice. He continued to yalova escort lick at her, cleaning her now, holding her legs firmly.

Finished, she pushed him away but he would not let her go. He continued to lick her and to use his tongue to taste her. She was so sensitive, she could not take anymore of his attention, but still he continued. He was torturing her and he knew it. He held her legs tightly and painfully, his thumbs digging into her soft thighs, spreading them wider, as her body bucked over him. With her hands she tried to push him away but he easily shook her free, and slapped her thigh hard in punishment. Another man knelt on the table behind her and took a wrist in each hand, bending her backwards and painfully holding her down. She came again, a physical reaction she couldn’t control, and sobbed as pure liquid came out of her and ran down her legs, to the man beneath her where he now used his hand inside of her, to ruthlessly take control of pussy.

A third man now joined in, straddling her stomach with his cock out, resting it between her breasts, grabbing her nipples between his fingers and twisting them, pushing her tits together to make a passage for his thick shaft. He pulled on the tie like a harness, and it tightened around her throat. He leaned over her to look into her eyes. ‘You need this, bitch. Don’t you? You need to be fucked like a whore to keep you quiet.’ She looked at him but was unable to make sense, the words only adding to her fucked-up pleasure. He smirked at her, spat in her mouth, and rose to move his cock from her tits to fill her mouth. As he drove into her throat, she couldn’t suck, she couldn’t do anything but passively take it. He slapped her face without mercy now, hurting her, as a man (which one? She didn’t care. She needed it) filled her pussy with the largest cock she’d ever taken. His girth made her stretch her legs and hips to their widest, even her ass felt it as the tender tissue was stretched open. He grunted as he penetrated her, his movements shifting her entire body up and down along the table, and as edirne escort if to match him the man in her mouth increased his vigour – she was truly being fucked like a piece of meat. It was as if she didn’t exist except as a set of holes for them.

The camera clicked as Senan captured it all. From his angle, he had her in profile. Her legs, held up by the man between her legs, his hands gripping her flesh, his thumb pressed into her brown thigh, the chrome of his watch contrasting with her tan. Her back, flat against the boardroom table, the shirt open exposing her stomach and waist, criss-crossed with the remains of dried-in cum, both hers and the men who’d used her today. Moving up, she became invisible beneath the second man kneeling either side of her chest, looming over her, fucking her mouth. Senan lingered here; he enjoyed seeing Emma’s mouth stretched wide around this huge cock, her eyes wide and wet with tears. When the man withdrew, Emma’s face betrayed her longing for his cock again. She opened her mouth and angled her face towards him, begging for it. Saliva strung in bright silvery strands from his foreskin to her lips.

Holding his cock at the base, he slapped it hard across her cheek, casually. First the right, then the left, then again. Every time it made contact she stuck her tongue out, searching for relief. He was mesmerised by her need, and played with her mouth and face with a savage curiosity of how far could he push this slut. Her arms continued to be held above her head, pinned down by a third who watched this abuse with seeming indifference, his only contribution to occasionally pull on the choke chain around her neck to watch her gasp as her breath was restricted. Emma was satiated now. She felt controlled and used and owned, and was adored.

In a final humiliation, the man in her mouth pulled out and furiously jerked over her face, and she naively opened her mouth to receive his cum – but he simply sat on her face, pushing his scrotum into her mouth, and finished, pumping into her hair. He wiped his cock there too and erzurum escort cleaned himself carelessly with her hair, denying her even that. The second gentleman pulled out of her leaving her empty and sore and, calling her a worthless bitch, emptied himself on her stomach. They moved away in a tableu, leaving her spent and worthless on the table.

Emma was done. Her mind was blank, her body satisfied – she was complete, and wanted for nothing. Senan, however, was her owner, and she had not yet thanked him. She rose on the table, slipped to her knees, and crawled to him. He made no move towards her, leaving his pet work. Having watched her display, he was hard and ready to finish in her. She unzipped his pants, and released his cock, and moved to suck him.

‘No, bitch, no. Oh darling, no – you’re worthless to me now. I’m not putting my cock in your mouth. Your disgusting, filthy mouth, where you’ve let anyone finish today. You are daddy’s little cunt, daddy’s cumslut, and you deserve nothing – you only exist to be fucked’. She nodded , accepting his judgement of her – it was true, and her swollen pussy was proof of it, wet and clenching, even now. He grabbed her hair hard, pulling it back to force her mouth open and expose her throat. He pulled on his cock, careful to keep it an inch from her wet mouth, tantalisingly close to her. He gazed into her eyes, unsmiling, as he jerked himself harder. Maintaining a tight hold of her hair, he wanted her to be in pain.

He watched as her nipples grew hard, and was amused by her obvious effort in keeping her hands from her own sex, denying herself pleasure in order to serve him. He was close – he felt himself reaching his climax. ‘Don’t you dare fucking swallow’, he grunted, as he closed his eyes and emptied himself into her mouth. She was unprepared for this, but was obedient to the last and held her mouth open, his sweet-salty cum cupped by her tongue and lower lip. With a final tug on his cock, he pulled his foreskin down and carelessly wiped his hand on her neck, before reaching for the camera.

Leaning down to her level, he smiled at her obvious torture, careful to get a very clear picture of her wide-open eyes, and panting little cum-filled mouth, where she even was careful to take shallow little breaths, for fear she would spill even a drop. Her exposure final, he finally finished, and rubbed her cheek, and kissed her forehead.

‘Good girl. Now swallow.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32