Education of Chelsea: Leashed

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I was becoming more accustomed to the little things that Master enjoyed most; lying on the ground at his feet, using my tongue over the rough exterior of his shoes to show my devotion and the comforting sound of my leash clicked onto the ring of my collar at night as I took my place between his thighs to sleep with my head on his hips, auburn curls accentuated by blonde highlights fanned over him like a light blanket and a soft pillow cover for my head. Yes, I said comforting because that was what it was becoming to me.

I loved the way he tugged on the leash once I was settled, making the leather strap taut between his hand and my collar, nudging it up just enough so that I felt it snug against my throat. It was always followed by the downward motion of his hand as his fingers slid into my soft tresses, wrapping them around his fingers. A quick tug always brought forth a soft purr from my lips followed by the comfort that I took from his hand stroking over my head accompanied by his voice laced with exhaustion speaking to me right before I drifted off into sweet dreams of my life at his feet and in his arms … “Good girl. I love you, Mine.” Nothing else mattered to me … just those two phrases. I would do just about anything to hear them slip from his lips. Honestly, I had found nothing so far that I wouldn’t do to hear them. And he knew it.

During the day, I always wore my collar. It was a pretty pink one, much like a sleek, well-pampered feline’s with a heart-shaped name tag that had my chosen name on it in cursive letters: chelsea … with a lower case letter c. I loved that collar. It was the one that I always wore around the house and in his presence. He had given it to me after I had earned my way out of the simple black one purchased at the local Petsmart. And then I had one that I wore outside of the house that looked more like jewelry. Most people aren’t too fond of slavery or girls wearing collars out and about in public and with my job as a school teacher, it wasn’t really something üvey kız kardeş porno that you went around proclaiming with a cute little dog or cat collar buckled around your throat. Master respected my position in public and had purchased a lovely silver Turian style collar with a small little ring on it that moved at will. It looked like a very cool choker and I got tons of compliments on it.

Tonight we were celebrating our first year together and the anniversary of our sixth month offline as a couple in public. We had moved in together six months ago today and it was a year since I had taken his collar online, before we had even met face to face. So we were going out tonight to one of our favorite places to eat and I was excited about getting out and being with him. I always felt so proud when I was on his arm. Even though to most people we just looked like a normal couple that was deeply infatuated with one another, I always acted in a very respectful manner and kept in mind my position with him. So I never quite walked right beside him unless he pulled me there and I always waited for him to be served first or to take the first bite and that sort of thing. His smile was enough to tell me that I was succeeding, even in public, in making him proud of his property.

But tonight he said that it was a very special night and he had a surprise planned for me since it was our anniversary. I was both estatic and nervous. I wanted to please him above anything else. So I took careful pains with my appearance. He had requested that I wear my black leather pants and high heel boots with the matching vest that showed off my bountiful cleavage that he loved to show off in a tasteful display of my clothes. I left my hair long and loose with soft curls that cascaded down the curve of my spine in a glorious display of molten fire tinted with blonde strands that glimmered in the lights. Glancing into the mirror, azure blue eyes smiled back at me with a glimmer of eager anticipation. xnxx porno Lifting my fingers to caress the silver steel of my collar, I took a deep breath and stood, turning in the mirror to smile back at the curved sexy figure looking back at me. I was ready.

When I walked into the living room, I saw him standing in the doorway, leaning against it with a playful grin on his face, my everyday pink feline collar with its heart-shaped name tag hanging from his finger. I could feel my eyes widen as he twirled it on his finger before he spoke in his sexy English accent that I loved almost as much as I loved him. “Tonight, Mine,” he began as his eyes slowly traveled down my length appreciatively, “you wear this one.”

I knew my face must have registered shock from the amused expression on his face but I didn’t fight it or comment as he pushed away from the doorway to move behind me. Instead my hand moved to reflexively pull the long mane of my hair to one side, revealing the twisted clasp at the back of my neck so he could remove the silver collar and replace it with the pink leather one. I could feel the sudden flight of nervous butterflies in my stomach as I knew that tonight he wanted everyone to know exactly what I was and the pride that he took in owning a girl such as me.

When I felt him step away and the leather collar in place with the small metal heart name tag that hit against the hollow of my throat, I released my hair from my grasp and slowly turned my head to look at him as he moved back around my side to come back fully into my view. I could feel the heat of my blush kissing my cheeks as he moved towards the door and took down the matching leash from its hook. Oh god … not that!

I suddenly felt sick from the nervous rumbling in my belly. He was going to take me out in public with my leash and I knew that there was nothing I could do to change his mind. There was that part of me that was secretly thrilled … I wanted to be displayed as his property zenci porno and have everyone know the reality of my love and devotion to this man but there was that other part of me, that part that had been raised to be an equal to men, to hold my head up in dignity with my ability to be just as good if not better than them … that part of me that had a firm grasp still on my respect and for the first time, I knew that tonight … tonight, he was going to take my experiences with him, my education in this way of life, to new heights. It both thrilled and terrified me.

“Master,” I started to say but even before his eyebrow lifted in response to the questioning gaze that I gave him, I knew that I couldn’t deny or question him. Even in this. He was testing my obedience and I was determined not to fail.

Clipping the leash to my collar, he tugged on it reassuringly, just like he did every night that I slept between his thighs and for a moment I was comforted. As his hand gently touched my face, I felt my eyes close and my head turn into his palm where I placed a tender kiss there. I loved him. I would do anything for him. Even this.

I followed him out of the apartment and down the steps of our apartment building. I could feel his excitement, his pride as he led me along on the leash. I prayed that we wouldn’t run into any one that I knew from work or school but there was also that part of me that secretly hoped that we ran into someone. I wanted them to see me being led on a leash behind the man that I adored and that I would risk humiliation like this for, just to see his smile.

We only ran into one person from our complex in the lit corridors as we moved down to the parking lot; old man Jansen. He had paused at the bottom of the stairwell as they descended, his eyes widening some as he saw me on the end of a leash, the pretty collar’s nametag glistening in the dim light overhead and as he stepped aside to let us pass, I saw a smile flicker over his lips. I followed Master but my head turned some as I saw the old man let his gaze travel down my body and then fall back on my collar and leash before meeting my gaze. I couldn’t help but grin when I saw him wink.

I couldn’t help but wonder about the rest of the reactions I would get tonight. But I knew I was about to find out.

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