Discovery Ch. 02

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For a few seconds, he couldn’t quite believe his eyes. He wasn’t sure what to think. What kind of woman invites someone she barely knows into her home? But now he was curious to know the answer to that.

That evening, after almost going bald form tugging at his hair with frustration, he took a deep breath, walked out the door, and headed straight for her place, which was about 10 blocks from his own studio. When he finally reached her apartment building, he stood outside for about five minutes. He was just about ready to turn around and go back when he heard to door click open. His heart nearly flew out of his mouth. A couple, obviously going out for the evening, walked past him, chattering and laughing about someone named Jill and her supervisor or something. They hardly noticed him standing there. He finally opened the door himself, and walked into the area where the mailboxes and buzzers where. He reached up and pressed number 14. About five seconds later, he heard a buzz and a click, and the door in front of him shifted a bit. He grabbed the brass knob and pushed the door open. After taking the elevator to the third floor, he stopped, tried to compose himself, and walked up to door number 14. Before he had even lifted his hand up to knock, the door swung open. There stood Fabianna, in a loose fitting, plain white t-shirt, and a pair of dark blue, boot-cut jeans. Again, she was barefooted. She flashed an enchanting smile, and motioned Ümraniye Grup Escort him in. “Glad you could make it”.

Aaron smiled, blushed a bit, and walked in. Fabianna walked over to the counter in the kitchen and grabbed a couple of glasses. She set them down on the coffee table that was in the middle of the living room, went back to the kitchen, opened a cabinet door, and fished out a bottle of Captain Morgan.

When she sat back down, Aaron was just sitting across from her, straight as a board, his hands on his knees.

“So, uh, nice place”, he says.

“Thanks. Do you know what you’re doing here?”

Aaron again blushed as he tried to think of what to say. This is insane What does this woman want with me? This amazing woman with long legs, beautiful eyes, wearing jeans that look like they were make especially for her ass.

After about thirty seconds of silence, Fabianna picked up her glass, took a small sip, and set it back down. “You don’t talk much, do you?” she says.

Flustered, Aaron replies, ” I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude, it’s just, I’m a little surprised to be here, is all. I, uh, well, to answer your question, uhm, I’m not totally sure why you asked me over”.

Fabianna tosses her head back and laughs gently. “Aaron, why are you so shy?”

Aaron, not expecting this question, just kind of sat there, mouth agape.

“Listen,” Fabianna says, “I think Ümraniye Manken Escort you’re really cute. And when I spoke with you, you seemed really nice. To be honest with you, I invited you over because I like shy, quite guys. I don’t’ like rowdy guys who think they need to have everything planned out, with their lines and there games. That’s why I asked you over. Because I want somebody who’s not going to spend the whole evening talking about himself and everything he’s accomplished..”

Aaron just listened and kind of fidgeted a bit. He wasn’t sure what this meant. All he could think of while she explained the circumstances of their meeting was how soft and inviting her lips looked, her thin, delicate wrists, her slender thighs. He wondered if she was a natural redhead. He doubted it. But thought who cares?

Aaron finally spoke up, “I think for the longest I’ve been shy because I used to have a speech impediment”. He went on to explain the teasing, the insecurity with talking to girls that just continued on into adulthood despite having lost his stutter long, long ago. Fabianna listened intently while Aaron continued. They spent the next hour chatting comfortably about all sorts of things. They even eventually got off their seats and were both on the rug next to each other in their socks going over CDs and laughing at some old Halloween pictures Fabianna had next to her lamp on the other side of the room. Ümraniye Masöz Escort After the laughter died down, Aaron asked her where the bathroom was, and got up to go take a quick leak. When he finished, and opened the door to return to the living room, Fabianna was standing their in the hall.

Aaron was startled a bit, and stood there staring at her. Fabianna stepped foward, put her hands on his shoulders, and pressed her lips against his. Aaron kissed her back, as he hesitantly put his arms around her waist. He could feel her tongue gently prodding at his, he wanted to kiss her forever. He gathered enough guts to slowly let his hands wander down the small of her back and toward her rear end. He wasn’t completely sure, because of the jeans, but it felt as though she had an amazingly firm ass.

Fabianna finally pulled back, took his hand, and walked him toward her bedroom. She then gently nudged him onto the bed. Aaron sat down on the edge looking up at her. She pressed on his chest till he was lying on his back on the 20 some pillows she had on the bed, which was something he always hated, too many pillows. What the hell are they for anyway? So your bed looks nice when no one is on it, or even in the room? She pressed her open mouth on his harder now, and speaking of hard…

He could feel her hands holding his own against the bed, feel her basically taking control of the whole situation. At one point he was going to try to shift a bit because she was straddling him and his dick was uncomfortably straining at his own jeans, but she actually just pushed him back down against the bed.

Suddenly he was REALLY turned. But not because she was doing her little control thing. It was because he wanted to dominate HER.

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