Devious is Mischievious Pt. 01

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Author’s note: this is the first of two parts of a long story. As with my previous long story, I suggested you read through the entire thing to enjoy a rich narrative and character building, and skip right to certain specific chapters if you’re trying to get off in a hurry. On this particular story, only chapter 1 has the titillating parts, so if you wanna try to cum, that’s the part you should read. That being said, chapter 1 doesn’t have a lot of erotica, so if you’re really wanting a good spank story (literally and figuratively), look for part 2, which should appear around the same area as you found this story.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy it!


Her ass was already a rich shade of maroon by the time Devious raised her hand again.

Devious was a friend of both Alex and Nikki, but it was Alex who had requested D’s services. There was nothing technically sexual about its intent, but it definitely showed Alex how erotic it was to watch his girlfriend get royally spanked by a blond jewel with a beautiful ass.


Earlier in the year, Nikki and Alex sparked an unexpected romance. Alex had, for many years, found himself the outlier amongst his peers and friends. He was essentially the nice guy, the safe guy, everybody’s friend and nobody’s companion. He’d had a few partners over that time, but none fulfilled him or gave him hope of a shared future. It was depressing only because he was getting older and hoped to have someone who cheered him and challenged him as a person.

But Nikki suddenly appeared in his life and the loneliness wasn’t a factor any more. Alex was rejuvenated, and Nikki brought a level of insecure confidence that was both optimistic and complicated at once. She was trying to achieve, trying to be greater and better than before. She was finishing college and had lofty goals to work in the NFL’s marketing arm. And while beautiful and curvy, her new body she had gained through sacrifice and effort, a distance from the overweight persona she was in her childhood and teenage years. Nikki had never had the confidence to stand up for herself. Never had the support of family like some, and her physical appearance hid the potential from the world. But as the pounds shed and the independence grew from a tiny weed into a respectable young tree, her confidence grew to match. For once, she was getting a little of the attention of the cute guys when she was out. She didn’t have to be so open with her body to try to get someone to want to fuck her. She could be selective and still get the response she wanted. Alex made all the difference.

He was taller than her by a few inches, and in no way an Adonis. Slightly chubby, but hiding a level of grace and athleticism that a passersby would not realize and that Nikki was still discovering. His green eyes, deep forest and with a sparkle of mischievous fun, hidden behind glasses that seemed meant to be a part of his face. And even the briefest conversation with him revealed his intellect, which was piercing but not oppressive. Alex never made someone feel small with his mind, instead passing information to others in a comforting way that made them feel good about themselves, made learning fun and even, dare say, appealing. In less than 10 minutes, Nikki had started falling for this man. And something about his voice made her pussy wetter than any man had ever been able to by eating her, saliva included.

They made plans to meet up again and again, and the friendship turned to dating and love making in short time. He built her up. Gave her additional confidence. Reassured her like a lover should, like a best friend should. Nikki found herself dressing more attractively, whether Alex was around to see it or not. She’d go to class and realize that the extra few minutes to dress and touch up her makeup was attracting more than a couple of glances from men in the rooms. And from handsome men. She began getting messages from old high school guys who made fun of her weight then and found her extremely sexy now. Naturally, she turned them down. She would never forget her past.

She remembered where she came from. The rough patches. The doubt. And she was never going to become a success and forget her origins.

Alex had someone he could finally look forward to. Plus, she was always in heat.

He’d never met someone so frequently horny. Nikki could spend an entire day just fantasizing about a hard cock filing her up. She’d be in town, just getting groceries and as she walked by a banana, the idea of a long, hard pecker stuffed inside her would dampen her pants. By the time she was done shopping, a small darkened spot of moisture would be spreading on her jeans. She’d sat in classes, daydreaming about having some random guy licking her pussy, and left the class with an even more prominent wet patch between her legs.

When they finally got alone together the first time and he showed her what he could do, Nikki couldn’t even fantasize about Ümraniye Fetiş Escort fucking another man. Alex’s talent laid in his mind, listening and learning what worked best, which move inspired the strongest reaction. His cock was average, but what he could do with it was something else entirely. Even before he ever entered her, Alex used his fingers to tease her most sensitive parts. Her nipples were ripe and sensitive, dark and firm. The touch was electric, and she felt nearly orgasmic by his pinch. When one hand went down, separating her lips and teasing her entrance, she shuddered and came. He kissed her lips and forehead, tasting the beads of sweat that formed and never speeding up his actions on her.

Nikki lifted her hips to encourage him, and when he went all the way, filling her and hitting her g-spot, the pressure she felt was the first she’d ever had. Alex whispered in her ear the best question she’d ever been asked.

“Have you ever squirted before?”

She bit her lip and grunted. Nikki hadn’t had this feeling before, and while she’d been especially wet and turned on, her pussy juice dripping a river down her leg once she recalled, she had never squirted. “First time for everything.” His breath was warm and the surge tickled her ear and the pleasure center of her brain together. Her knees bent, legs spread wide, her body’s instinctual response to his wonderful fingers. He sped up and pounded her pussy, and the intensity was unreal. She felt the clenching of an intense orgasm building, the sensations so overwhelming she couldn’t breathe. Her pussy was her nexus, and she could feel the hot liquid exiting her. She looked down between her legs to see the clear fluid shooting from her pussy with each squeeze of her pussy on his masterful fingers. She was coming so hard that all she could think about was the drowning essence of wonderful bliss as she came so hard her back spasmed.

Alex stopped thrusting inside her, instead rubbing her pussy lips roughly and spreading the spurting cum all over her belly and inner thighs. Her chest was tight, little gasps of air as she tried to come back from the blinding power of the best orgasm she had ever had.

“That was a lot! You okay, baby girl?”

He had, on the first sexual act with her, in less than 10 minutes, risen to the top of the list. Alex had already become the best fuck she’d ever had.

And he hadn’t even fucked her yet.


Devious was also not an expectation in Alex and Nikki’s plans. Nikki had met her in passing at school, and Devious had the look. She was naturally beautiful, 5’5″, long blond hair and blue eyes. Her ass was heart-shaped and filled a pair of shorts like they had been painted on. Her breasts , full and round, matched her body perfectly, large but not enormous and ungainly. Her beauty was unquestioned, and while she knew she got the stares of hungry men and dogs, she never lorded her blessings over others. She was equal parts kind and fine.

She had no limits to who she could seduce, and had favor to her own gender equally. The girls she had shared were stellar, models with beautiful tits and firm asses. She’d shared a couple of significant relationships with girls, but she found that the drama was more common in them. Not that any men she’d dated had been better. Those times she found filled with controlling assholes. After enough failures, D had finally found her happy zone, away from a relationship for her mental health, and fucking whomever she pleased for her physical gratification.

Devious had a tendency to be submissive when with a man and dominant with a woman. Some control was a fun way to own a bitch. Her longer lasting lesbian interludes included some good BDSM routines, and she was an excellent master. Though she’d use a belt or a crop to leave red welts on the asses of her subs, she favored her own palms. The intimacy of a spank was not in the pain induced or the rush of excitement from the spark of pain but the closeness that the two share in that moment. Her hand would sting a little while the girl on her hands and knees would sting far more. In either case, she felt it as much as that sexy ass did. Every red hand print would be an echo shared between the girls, and Devious loved that feeling. Her hand would be nearly as raw, though she could easily use her fingers later—unlike the girls, who’s backsides would be reminding them for a day or more of their fucking every time they sat down.

It always made her smile when she sat at the table the morning after, watching her latest gingerly sit down, a small wrinkle form along a brow, tenderly adjusting position. She’d bruised a couple of the girls, and even if the pain faded, she knew in a mirror they’d see the leftovers of D’s gifts. A couple of the girls were bisexual and got laid frequently, and she loved the idea of another man ramming them from behind but having to look at those bruises she gave them. Deep down she hoped they’d ask Ümraniye Gecelik Escort where the girls got their love marks, just so her spanking reputation would spread. The power of knowing that she could give these girls better orgasmic bliss than some guy and his 8 inch cock thought he could do. She’d even been told such things from a few of the girls, and she relished in her command.

When Nikki had met Devious, it wasn’t a matter of sexual desire or drunken party hookups. Devious was also a student, nearing completion on a business degree. A prerequisite course for her, an elective course for Nikki. They sat near one another and small talked, which advanced to hanging out after class for coffee, to meals together. Nikki shared many interests with D, and when she started talking about her new man, Devious learned of their similar desires.

Nikki was a pet, a baby girl, and a brat.

Devious was a domme, for the girls.

Their conversations would lead toward risqué stories, activities they’d both enjoyed, and in Nikki’s case, the latest ways her new man would change her world.

Nikki was so different to Devious compared with her sexual conquests. Nikki wasn’t unattractive, physically speaking, but she wasn’t exactly the model type that her other run-ins had been. The girls large breasts were a delicious tease, and she had a decent ass. But she found herself more and more attracted to her by her bubbly personality and blunt way of addressing a problem. She spoke her mind when she had an opinion and cursed more than any man she’d known. In short, she was the full package, and Devious found herself alone at night, fingering herself to the image of Nikki being ordered to eat her pussy.

The jealousy was small, but had a loud voice. In the midst of every story about how wonderful her boyfriend was, how amazing Alex was in bed, she kept imagining her domme personality taking over, becoming a master, and tying him up and forcing him to watch as she pleasured his girlfriend better than he ever could, rubbing his face in her superiority. It was not her usual way of addressing men, as she liked the role flip of being more submissive to her male exes, but this new, more heightened role had arisen and warmed her fantasies…and her libido.

The image made Devious wet at the most inopportune times. She drifted off to the fantasy in a couple of classes, and once she had been wearing a skirt with a g-string. When she stood, the juices flowed quickly south, and she walked out of the room fearing that the stream would be seen. She could smell the aroma of her desire and was certain others could as well. She made a self pledge not to let her mind wander in public in the future. And when she dedicated herself to a cause, she never failed.

With each day she favored Nikki her company, D’s own beast cried out for attention. But she still had a grasp in reason, and her appreciation of Nikki and the way her friend also made her feel—trusted? Loved? Appreciated?—she would never suggest that she ruin her friend’s relationship with Devious’s carnal wrath.

So it was difficult to shove that little demon into a box and lock it up, hidden and buried, when the suggestion of spank therapy had been given. And by Alex, no less!


The tendrils of fall had started tickling the summer grip from the air. The temperatures had lingered. The humidity was still awful and the sun still burnt the land. The trees weren’t exactly giving up their green leaves in favor of orange, yellow, and red hues, but dried and sun crisped fragments as the season had become baked, with little rain to tease their roots. And the smell had come. In the mornings and right around dusk, the hint of the latter seasons nearing had begun to call.

Alex and Nikki’s relationship was still as hot as the Indian summer, and as Devious had watched their interactions she had to admit that their coupling was a nearly perfect fit. The love was still new and exciting, but they interacted like old friends and gazed upon each other like teenage sweethearts alike. D found she both wanted to destroy it out of jealousy and protect it from invasion at the same time.

The attraction she had toward Nikki was pulling on her, but whenever she hung out with Alex and talked to him alone, she loved the fact that he didn’t spend their discussions trying not to stare at her tits and constantly talked about how much he cared for Nikki, seeming to sense her moods and needs the moment they appeared.

To him, Nikki was everything. The power Devious’s beauty had over everyone didn’t seem to affect him. He treated both of them with respect and had openly stated that D was gorgeous, but her appearance gave her no power over him. It was puzzling and, she had to admit, somehow sexy. His confidence made him an unshakeable knot to her mind, and finding out that there was someone who she couldn’t shake her ass at to make them drool over her made her feel smaller Ümraniye Genç Escort and less capable.

It didn’t help that his voice held a sexy tenor. It reminded her of Nikki’s early stories about him, and Devious admitted that her friend had been right. Listening to him have a conversation about anything was like soft butter melting over a freshly cooked ear of corn, sliding gently over the yellow kernels, deliciously creamy over the niblets. Creamy…so creamy…

The second week of October arrived, and Devious caught up with Nikki on campus. Nikki had a later class, but the two decided to meet for lunch. D had received a text just as she was getting up from her desk.

“Meet me at the SU ASAP! Need someone to talk to!”

Devious smiled. Nikki was not overly dramatic, but her past occasionally gave her anxiety. She often relied on Alex to calm her down, but too many bad ex boyfriends had made her second guess going to him for support still. In Devious, however, she had a good friend and was far more comfortable trusting.

D texted her back. The walk across campus was pleasant for once, a breeze and heavy white clouds had lowered the temperature from sauna to warm clothes fresh out of the dryer. She made it to the lobby where Nikki was sitting in a large brown chair, her arms folded and her head lowered, looking down at her shoes. Devious took the seat beside her after sitting her bag on the ground.

“Are you okay? What’s the matter, Nikki?”

She looked up at her friend, eyes red, but dry. “I’m so behind,” Nikki started. “I’ve been keeping up well in all my classes, getting assignments done in time, but then…” She shuddered, stuttered. “I have a project due Friday! I didn’t realize it until today! Plus the exam for my other class on Thursday, which I’m gonna have to study for on Wednesday, because it’s a lot of stuff that I don’t have memorized yet, so I can’t even devote my energy to finishing the project! And you know how my brother’s been lately…ever since he got home he’s been at my place, keeping me up at night with fucking TV and stupid projects and whatever fucking girl he’s brought over. I mean, I get it. He’s back from overseas and discharged, and he needs a place while he tries to find his next job, but I’m tired of being walked over while I’m busting my ass! And Alex…”

She stopped again, took a deep breath, and in that gap Devious couldn’t help but imagine that she caught him in a lie, or he cheated on her and she found out. Her realization that Alex would never do something like that slapped the thought from her mind and she earnestly hoped it was something minor. For once, she fucking hated that jealousy demon.

“He’s…he’s just so busy. Always working, and we need the money, so I totally understand. But I wish I could just keep him around more! He’s been so helpful for me, so encouraging, but I just don’t have enough time with him! And I’m anxious and nervous and now with the classes I’m overwhelmed and don’t have enough time to do anything and I don’t know what to do!”

Devious placed her hand on Nikki’s thigh. She squeezed, and Nikki just looked into her eyes. “Girl, it’s gonna be okay. I only have one class Thursday, and my Wednesday class was cancelled. I can help you study, and then we can kick some ass on the project before time’s up. What are you doing tonight?”

Her brown eyes, still raw, stared blankly at D. “I dunno…I just…I can’t right now. I can’t think…I can’t do anything. I need to go home…”

“What? Why? Don’t you have another class in an hour?”

Nikki already shouldered her bag and put her hands in her pockets, head down again. “I need to rest or something. I just wanna lay down and get away for awhile. I can miss one class. I’ll be fine.”

Devious stood up as well. She didn’t like the defeated tone her friend had, and didn’t like the resignation in her appearance. “Is there anything I can do for you? Even strong girls need to have someone to be there for them once in awhile!”

“I’ll be fine. I’ll text you later.”

A hug seemed like a good idea, but when Devious offered, Nikki shrugged it off. “Text me when you get home, okay? I have to do some laundry, but maybe we should meet up tonight. Work on your flash cards or something.”

Nikki offered a grunt and turned. She walked with determination, but not with the confidence D was used to. She grabbed her bag and headed to the cafeteria.

Midway through lunch she received a text, and was surprised when it wasn’t from Nikki.

It was from Alex.

-D, you busy?-


Her brow furrowed. He rarely texted her except if Devious and his girlfriend were at the club together. This was coincidental, or convenient, or fate. Or…

Fuck it. It is what it is.

-Not really. What’s up?-

She took a couple bites of her sandwich as she stared at her phone. The anticipation was awkward, and she despised the delay. D was eager for a guy to text her. Ugh…

-Did you meet with Nikki? I hope you did. She mentioned wanting to catch up with you.-

She took a draw from the straw, wiped the breadcrumbs from her fingertips and grabbed the phone.

-Yeah. Said she got blitzed by some assignment she wasn’t prepared for. And some test. And

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