Dashing Dishy Walter

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It was my wedding day this upcoming Saturday, today was Thursday and I was leaving work for the last time. I had of course already had my hen night two weeks ago, and we all had a blast, we had stayed in a hotel for the weekend and spent it walking in the expansive gardens, pampering ourselves in the beauty treatment room’s. Sauna’s, mud packs, stretches, massages, you name it we had it. It was a glorious time, oh and we had plenty to drink and eat on the three nights we were all there too.

I was an assistant PA to the top man in our firm; he was the object of desire for all the girls there, even the married ones, or most of them anyway. I was no different, but I was getting married so no go! Because of him though most of us girls had developed a thing for older men, if our husbands turned out the way he had, we would all be laughing for the rest of our lives. He is 58 and just so dishy.

I had shared my little two bed roomed apartment with my chief bridesmaid for the last two years. Today she was leaving and going to join another friend and live with her. I would be moving in with my mom and dad for two weeks after we returned from our honeymoon. Then on to our own home which was almost ready.

I would have the last two nights on my own, and I really was looking forward to the peace and quiet, it would be so unusual to be by myself. Everyone had tried to talk me into going home, but I had held fast. I did have to be at my moms at 7am on the day of my wedding, I was getting married at 1pm, the hair stylist was coming, last minute preparations and all that sort of thing.

I left work at lunch time and made my way home; I had a very leisurely bath, revelled in the quiet. And I reflected on my life to date. I had been lucky; I had been born into a terrific family. My mom and dad were the best, I was an only child so I got everything I ever wanted, but my dad instilled in me to strive for the better things in life, and by and large I had achieved that.

I know he was a bit disappointed I had only risen to the dizzy heights of an assistant PA but I’d been happy at work. Doing better was for the future. It would depend on if we started a family and all that, if we didn’t then I would set my stall out and go for it in the employment world. But I was only twenty so being in the job I had had, really was quite an achievement at my age.

I am JJ, yes that’s right JJ, my full name is Jeanette Janis Jaeger, I know, it was a bain when I was younger, but I ended up being called JJ by all of my friends and that is how I am referred to by all except mom and dad, to them I am always Jeanette.

I am twenty two years old, bit young to be getting married I know, but it feels just so right and Keith is all I ever wanted, even from school. He is the proudest man on earth he tells me, he is so lucky I have agreed to marry him. I am his stone wall most beautiful bride to be on the planet. Oh, and the sexiest too, he loves to tell me one day I will be in trouble because of it, so that’s when he tells me he has to marry me to keep safe and out of harms way.

And secretly I agree with him, my modesty won’t allow me to say so. I am 5ft 6″ tall. I am gorgeous and I know it. But I’m not bigheaded; I just am beautiful, not only in my own mind but everyone I meet. Sometimes I hate it, I get more stares than enough, but at the other end of the scale, my pride won’t let me ignore it either.

I have long auburn almost gingery hair but that shadows itself by contrasting with the rest of the colours in there. It shimmers and shines all of its own accord. Thick lustrous, but it light to touch, glossy, you say it, I have it! My eye brows match it, I don’t know which I like most to be honest, and underneath those are my massive wide brown eyes. Even I am surprised sometimes by how they look, and when I apply make up; I can almost give a man a heart attack!

I have a pretty and happy face; I have a smile that is honest and deceiving at the same time somehow. I have lived with the effect I have on the male population all my life. My grandpapa doted on me, my dad, boys in school, boys after school, and as I went into employment. I was never the brightest of pupils, but I worked hard to get the results I needed. And I also know my worth when it comes to the opposite sex!

I know I don’t fit a models criteria because I don’t think I’m tall enough, but I have what most of them will never have, real and not contrived sex appeal! My body is right in tune with the love, sex act, whatever I get into with my boyfriend I finish. He is scared to death of me. He already knows that after we have made love it’s always me who is ready for more. Sometimes he can accommodate me, and sometimes he can’t. But I’m okay with it normally, yet on the odd occasion I have to take matters in my own hand, as it were.

My breasts drive me mad sometimes, they are so tickly and sensitive, I put it down to the fact the love making is relatively new? When I am in that utter moment where I can go bananas, look out! My boyfriend really Avrupalı porno gets it hot, and I mean hot! His cock is fantastic, what he can get out of me is withering.

My best asset when it comes to having sex is my mouth and tongue; I can drive him absolutely nutty when I give him a blowjob. I can keep him hanging forever and I just love that power over him. And I get `plenty of practice too.

My dad was giving me away on Saturday and I knew how sad he was to be losing his little girl, but I tell him I will always be just that. But Timothy had also assured him that he would kill for me. Which made him feel a little better, knowing that I would be in good hands. I had never met Timothy’s dad, in fact he hadn’t seen him himself for the last 14 years.

His mom and dad had divorced very acrimoniously and she had moved heaven and earth to keep him from his son. Timothy had told me that his father had eventually given up the unequal fight and immigrated to America, after that they had lost touch. But Timothy had spent the last 18months looking for him and found him in Arizona where he was now a very successful business man.

After many fights with his mother and even threatening to ban her from our wedding she gave in and Tim’s dad would fly in on Saturday morning to be at his long lost son’s wedding. He had been so happy to be reunited with him after all these years.

So here I was, I had had my bath and was sitting on my sofa and debating whether to stay at home and have my first evening alone in an age or go for a walk. I decided on the walk. I got ready, the weather was warm and sunny, it was a beautiful summers evening. So I donned a nice dress with pleats, it was a wide one that swished around my knees, cut at the top for summer, high heels, make up and off I went.

I walked the river bank into town; I called Tim and reported in, I wouldn’t be seeing him until we were stood in the church on Saturday. I had a great time all by myself, and ended up sat outside a bistro about 7pm having a glass of red wine. I watched the world go by; across the road was the hotel where my reception was to be held in the very posh banquet hall, and marvellous gardens.

It’s a very old building and looks quite magnificent, it is also very expensive. But my dad wanted the very best for his only daughter and she was getting it! He has spent an absolute fortune on this, personally I thought he was being too extravagant but who was I to complain.

As I sat there in the early evening sun sipping my wine, I just sort of drifted away in my head. I really was relaxed; I had finally stopped talking about my wedding. It was all I had ever done for the last nine months! Peace reigned all around me, it felt amazing.

Then in the distance I heard a deep quiet resonant voice.

“Excuse me, but may I sit at your table please? The sun has moved and the only available spot in it is right next to you, may I?” It said. I looked up blankly. Not fully understanding what had been said.

“I’m so sorry,” I replied, “I was away just then, did you say something?”

“Ah right, yes, I asked if I may sit at your table please, the sun has gone from elsewhere?” The deep male voice said. I focussed on the owner, and he was an absolute dish!

“Yes yes, of course.” I told him, “I didn’t mean to be rude, please forgive me.”

“Nothing to forgive maam,” his deep voice flowed over me. He sat down; a waiter came and asked him what he would like to order.

“I’ll have what the young lady is drinking please, and,” he looked at me, “may I be so bold to ask you if you would allow me to buy you one too?” I checked my glass; it was nearly empty so I said I would be happy to have one. This broke any ice that may have needed breaking.

The waiter disappeared and I appraised my new companion. He really was good looking, I estimated him to be about my father’s age, around 45 to 50. He had very thick dark almost black hair on top, with distinguished looking grey at the sides. And a very neat moustache that suited him enormously. About 6ft tall, fairly well built from what I could see. Navy blue blazer, light grey slacks and loafers, with an open necked white shirt, he was extremely casual well dressed.

He reminded me of an older actor called Clarke Gable; he was dashingly good looking too. And he was also obviously well mannered which to me is a plus every time for sure.

“It’s a beautiful evening miss er?” he said. He was asking my name.

“Yes it is, Mr er?” I giggled, “my name is Jeanette,” suddenly deciding not to use my JJ title.

“Ah, my name is Walter, Jesnette, I’m pleased to meet you, and thank you for allowing me to share your sunshine too.” He said with a lovely even toothed smile.

He had a bit of a twang in his accent, but there was no doubting the richness in it. I had suddenly decided that my wedding would not get a mention; I was off it for the next two days or so.

“You must live around here?” he asked me.

“Yes just about Video porno a mile away, I was at a loose end so I popped out for a walk, and here I am.” I told him.

“I was the same in a way, I’m here for a few days and I’m staying over there,” he said, nonchalantly hooking his thumb over his shoulder. I almost followed that by saying, I was having my wedding reception there on Saturday, but I stopped myself.

“That must be nice it’s a very exclusive hotel.” I answered instead.

“Yes it is, but a hotel is still a hotel, and can be a bit humdrum when you are there by yourself,” he said, but with no hint of anything else in his voice. I decided that he was just a man having a quiet chat with someone he didn’t know.

“Yes I suppose so,” I said. I then made a comment. “Where are you from Walter, you have a slight accent that I can’t place?” I told him.

“Well I am English born but I moved abroad a few years ago, and I’m just visiting, having a look round, that sort of thing.”

“Were you born here?” I asked, a bit nosey I know but I am a woman?

“No no, I was born in the south,” he said.

We chatted for ages; I had two more glasses of wine with him. I looked at my watch,” Hmmm its almost 8 o’clock, I had better go,” I ventured.

“Oh that’s a great shame, I was enjoying your company immensely,” he said a little sadly. His voice was haunting; I liked him he was such a nice unobtrusive man. As I had said, he was very good looking and nice too. Now that’s a combination rarely found in a man.

“Well,” I told him, “I don’t really have to go, I just thought you might want to get on. And not have to sit here with me because you felt you had to, if you didn’t want to?”

“I am having the best time since I arrived in England Jeanette,” he said, “I would be more than delighted to stay and spend my evening with you, you are such a pleasant girl. I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but you are extremely beautiful young lady too.”

I blushed at that, prettily I hoped! He was a very charming warm person and I felt more than comfortable with him. What ever my flat mate would think about this, I thought. I was sat here being chatted up by a gorgeous older man. We had always focussed on Mr Jacks in the office. And now I was here with my very own Mr Jacks, Walter! She would be green with envy! I smiled at the thought.

“I hope you don’t think I’m being inquisitive Jeanette, but you don’t wear a ring. I would have thought that you have been snapped up a long time ago,” he laughed.

“Oh there’s plenty of time for that sort of thing Walter.” I said, “what about you, where is your wife?” I asked that rather pointedly. He saw my slight irritation. I didn’t have my engagement ring on because it was at the jewellers being cleaned for Saturday.

“I’m sorry,” he said apologetically, “I shouldn’t have said that, please forgive me. It must be the wine.” I was a little surprised by his contriteness.

“No problem Walter, I assure you I wasn’t offended.” I put him at ease I hoped.

“I’m happy to hear that, as for me,” he told me, “I have been divorced for about 15 years, it’s a long story, and I’ve never felt the inclination to go through it all again.” There was a definite tinge of either sadness or anger in his voice; he must have been very hurt by it.

“Well,” I said lightly, “we seem to know a lot about each other, for strangers don’t we anyway?” I laughed. He was such an easy person to talk to. I liked him immensely. I even thought to myself.

‘Tim, you could have been in trouble here if I had met this man a few months ago!’ What a fab dish he is! I caught his eyes then, deep brown, penetrating and keen. I immediately thought to myself, this is a woman’s man!

He gave off an aura of self confidence, assuredness, and a level of knowledgability. I was impressed by him, very impressed. I had always been able to decide shortly after meeting someone what kind of person they were, and I was usually within a hairs breadth of being right.

We were compatible when it came to talking, without actually telling each other anything about ourselves. I realised that while we were in deep but light conversation I didn’t really know any more about him than I had gleaned from the off. And I, because I didn’t want to talk about getting married for a change, had made a conscious effort to be frugal with what I released to him about me.

My next glance at my watch told me it was past 9pm, I told him I really had to go. He acceded to that, and told me he was thankful to have met me, and if it were possible he would love to meet me again sometime. I knew that wouldn’t happen but said.

“Well maybe, you never know Walter hey?”

I stood to make my way home and staggered when I did.

“Wow,” I muttered, “how much wine have we had?”

“Maybe too much Jeanette, I’m sorry that’s my fault.” He said.

“I had better be careful going home hadn’t I?” I giggled to him.

“I’m walking you home, I simply can’t let you go by yourself.”

“I’ll be alright Walter, but thank you anyway.” I told him.

“I won’t hear another word, I am escorting you all the way, come along young lady.”

His deep masterful voice was enough for me to give in. And off we went, I wasn’t drunk not by a long way, I think the sun must have got to me a little too.

“That wine makes you thirsty doesn’t it?” he said, and laughed softly as we arrived at my building.

“Yes it does,” I replied. “Tell you what Walter, why don’t you come up for a coffee or a cup of tea before you go back?”

“Jeanette, thank you, I would like that.” He said. So up we went. I unlocked and we stepped into my small two bed roomed apartment that I would be leaving for good soon. He took his jacket off after asking my permission. I could see now how well defined he was, I felt a flush in my cheeks. If only I wasn’t betrothed I mumbled to myself, he wouldn’t be getting away tonight. I giggled as I went into my small kitchen to make our drinks.

I smiled broadly and sniggered as I went in, ‘you hussy,’ I told myself, ‘you wanton bloody hussy!’ My sweet spot was hot! ‘I might call Tim and get him over here to take care if you?’ I told my warm tummy. As I was stood there I picked up my hair band, pulled my hair up and tucked it into a pony tail while I messed about.

That’s when I felt a pair of hands, Walter’s hands on my hips, and then he kissed my neck all in the same instant. I didn’t register what was happening straight off, I know my eyes closed because it all went black. I heard myself moan a little, and that warm surging feeling you get when some thing like that takes place ran right through me.

But I came to my senses; I jumped from him, spun around and shouted.

“Walter what the hell are you doing? Get out now, leave immediately!” I rammed my hands onto his chest and pushed him forcefully back from me. He looked stricken.

“I’m sorry Jeanette, I don’t, er I mean I, oh hell I’m sorry.” He told me sheepishly and sadly.

“Out now Walter, go!” I almost yelled at him and pushed him again. “Do you think I am some sort of slut, an easy target?”

“No no of course not,” he said, as he picked up his jacket, “you just looked a bit lonely, please forgive me?” He was right I knew that, I was a feeling kind of lonely, and fucking horny too! I had just had lewd thoughts hadn’t I?

I had almost backed him to the door, he had put his coat back on by now. “You are old enough to be my fucking dad!” He looked defeated. I somehow felt sorry for him, I was being cruel I knew that. Then what I did next stunned shocked and bewildered me completely. I grabbed him by the lapels of his coat, pulled him to me and I kissed him full on the lips.

I was in full flight, in one moment of time I had gone from angry to fully heated up and sexually ready for sex, to be fucked, and I didn’t care who fucked me either. I was as aroused as I had ever been in my life. I could feel my honey pot bubbling; my nipples were like red hot pokers in my dress. I kissed him hard and long, his arms found there way around me.

I dragged him to my sofa, literally threw him down on it and took up position. I had him down; I was on top and taking charge. I broke the kiss and reconnected to get a better vacuum seal. My hands went inside his jacket and my fingers worked away at him, I got his shirt out and up so I could feel his body. It felt wonderful adding more kindle to the fire blazing away in me.

He was holding me tight, kissing me back, his hands roaming my back, up and down, over my ass. I pushed my hand down and found his cock. I was in such a hurry, I just wanted sex and I wanted it now. I felt out of control but didn’t care one fucking jot! I got it in my hand and crushed it, squeezed it and rubbed. It felt fantastic.

I got to his belt and fumbled but undid it, pulled the button free and tugged the zipper down. Now I was in, I got hold proper, and that as they say was that! I moved right over him. I was completely in control of him, he was just lying there at my behest, this crazy woman was going to fuck this lovely man. I had just met him mere two or so hours ago!

And he was the older man I had secretly longed for, well Joanna knew my secret as I did hers, and they were both the same. But I was about to fulfil mine though. I lifted my foot and stuck it into his slacks and started to push them down, I wanted them off so I could get his lovely cock in me where it was needed and belonged now.

Walter assisted me in everyway, they went down and he kicked them off. I let go of the meat weapon in my hand and yanked at my panties, I ripped them away. I wasn’t messing about, I had cock to get and sooner rather than later. He was at full and ready status; I didn’t have any worries about him at all. I got over him properly, took hold of him again and guided it to my wet and now sloppy slit.

I bobbed the smooth dome of his prick and pushed him in me. That’s when I sighed in real contentment. I got high on him and sank down, I had him all the way in, and then I came in a lightening strike. It took me by total surprise. I must have been more ready than I thought. Bolts of lightening hit me one after the other. BANG BANG BANG I went.

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