Confessions Pt. 04: Ramond

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


NOTE: This part will use the father’s perspective.

I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around my hips and sat on the side of the bed. I picked up my phone and tapped the messaging app. I tried to ignore the one at the top and searched for my son’s name first. I believe he’s in his 20s now, I think? Goddamn, they all grow up so fast.

I’ve been hearing disturbing things about him. Things that no father should want to see his son do, but made me feel hot inside too. I saw his name and thought of what I should say. While thinking, images of him doing those despicable things flashed through my mind and— it made me hard.

“Jason, I want you to come home. We need to talk,” I typed in.

My heart pounded waiting for his response. I tapped the back button and hovered my finger over the latest message.

The screen displayed “Alan sent a video” from thirty minutes ago.

The name made my insides quiver. It was sent while I was still in the shower. A number at the right side indicated that he had sent more. I closed my eyes and let out a deep breath in anticipation of what’s to come. I tapped to open it.

I was relieved to see that it was just some random porno. The very first video sent was two guys seemingly fucking someone between them. The other was sitting on a table while the other humps the bottom on his back. The second video was pretty dark but I believed it was in some kind of grassy area and a couple fucked on a tree. Before my mind processed what happened on the last video sent, I scrolled up to read the messages first.

“Your son had been pretty busy lately.” My heart picked up its pace once again. Surely he didn’t mean—”Didn’t you say that you would offer him to me first?”

The realization hit me hard, I looked at the last video and I immediately recognized what little bit of interior the film caught. Someone had his feet lifted up as a slim guy was over him, his cock already balls deep. I remembered the door they had at the background, it was open and I could see the same view one could see in our terrace. I quickly went out of the room and compared the one in the thumbnail to our second floor.

My mind raced as I tried to deny the truth.

“Looks like so many others got ahead of me. What I showed you are just a fucking few,” the other messages said.

I started as my phone rang. My son’s name appeared with the message, “Okay, I’m on my way. What’s going on?”

I let his message disappear. My eyes lingered on three thumbnails. I tapped on the last one. Suddenly, the two came to life. The man on top moved with such intensity that I could see the recording shaking. He pumped his tool inside and out, his balls slapped loudly against the bottom’s ass. Their angle made it hard to see their faces but I knew it was him. The one getting his ass drilled was my son. Though I couldn’t think of anyone who would have the audacity to own him right under my roof. It couldn’t have been Alan, the top in the video was way too slim.

Despite the confusion and anger swirling inside me, I couldn’t help my cock from twitching to life. I went back to bed and held it in place. I tapped the second video right above the last one. It started with the person recording fumbling his or her phone. A shaky film of just tall grass and rocks were visible at first but then it focused on someone by the trees. It showed someone humping vigorously while a pair of feet flailed by his shoulders.

“Holy shit, they’re actually doing it,” whispered the recorder; it was male after all. Though it still wasn’t Alan or anyone I recognized.

I saw some clothes unceremoniously thrown at the ground. The slacks reminded me of what my son wore in church. I couldn’t believe Jason would actually do this right after serving at the church. I felt sick at myself as my cock grew harder. How am I getting horny seeing my son get owned like a cheap whore? When he’s being used merely to satisfy and pleasure of those big, veiny and magnif—shit. The more I thought about it, the harder I became. The vid was cut short when the recorder got spooked by something, making him shake the phone and probably accidentally stop recording.

My finger instinctively tapped the very first video at the top of the last two. As if I wanted to see more. I felt very disgusted at myself wanting to see my son get fucked. However, that didn’t stop my hand from reaching under the towel and started stroking. I hoped this one video would show more than the two.

The room the video showed had long blackboards. This was definitely at school. For a moment, some uniforms can be seen at the side stacked in a neat fold. Further nailing my assumptions. From the recorder’s position, all I could see was the back and smooth ass of a well-built young man, moving his hips in a very good rhythm. Him and the smooth legs of the other one by the table a few feet from him. Thankfully, the recorder stood and walked by the side.

The Gaziantep Anal Escort two tops glanced at him then returned their attention to the one taking both their loads from both sides. There was no denying it, the one bent over enjoying two cocks penetrating his two holes was my son. My boy was turned into a girl by all these men. The boy I worked so hard to raise was now working hard to please his superiors. My cock got so hard that it hurt ever so slightly. I couldn’t believe that what Alan told me years ago would come true. My son would be more of a faggot than I am.

I tried to think of any signs that he might be gay before but I couldn’t. The sight of him being used by so many men overcame any thoughts I had. Why am I feeling this so much longing for my son all of a sudden? I wanted to reassert my dominance over him so badly. All this time I felt frustrated thinking that all of this was so wrong. But the only wrong here is that so many other men got to breed him before his own father did. I felt very jealous but I’m gonna make it right when he comes back. I watched the videos again jerking off to seeing Jason get used.

I heard the gates rattle open downstairs. It must be him. I quickly fix the towel in place. What’s the use of wearing clothes, I’m gonna make him beg for his father’s cock. I slowly descend down the stairs, waiting for him to call out to me. I hold my cock as it twitched excitedly under the towel.

As I make a turn to the living room, I make a smug face and took one more look at the phone. I can’t wait to make him watch his slutiness and punish his loose ass.

However, the excitement drained as I immediately recognized the person who entered. Freshly trimmed hair with streaks of white, muscly swollen arms, greyish hair covering the toned chest and a beer belly that displayed lines of where abs used to be; Alan admired himself at the rectangular mirror on the wall. He barely acknowledged my presence.

“Do you think I’m getting fat, Ramond?” he said, posing his shirtless body on the mirror.

Why was he here? I knew he wanted to fuck my son too but he never just goes to people’s houses to do it. If he wanted, he’ll just call you to come at his home which was turned into a church to better hide his true works. And to lure in more men that he could use for his pleasure. Husbands of devoted women make for easy target for him as most are desperate for sex.

“Are you deaf?” Alan’s voice reverberated in the room. I whipped my head up just to see him facing front to me. He soffed and walked towards me. I shrank back, gulping. “Would you rather me call you by your ‘real name’?”

“I-I umm…”

“Remy,” he whispered in mybear using that deep rough voice.

It sent me back many years ago when I just turned 18 and just moved to the big city. I didn’t know shit about how things worked. I thought I should pay to the driver of the train itself. I didn’t know where to go most of the time and looking back, I realize I was such a fool for being proud of finally being able to taste real cake.

Eventually, I became desperate for work. I stayed at a small area in Caloocan, Manila. I met Alan there, he offered me a roof over my head, a stable income and it’s all for being a house boy. I would do house cleaning, cleanig and fixing of his car and taking care of his kids. He didn’t want to talk about his wife who was never there. His eldest, who was a very young boy at the time, told me that his mama left in the middle of the night and never returned.

“Dad was always playing with other boys,” the little boy added.

I dreaded that Alan might be a pedophile because of the boy’s words but I relaxed when I noticed the different guys visiting from time to time. Most of them were only a few years older than me but a handful of them were close to Alan’s age of 30-ish. I was taken aback thinking what they were doing in his room but he was my boss. I can’t just come barging in his room telling him about my beliefs. So I did everything he told me, minded my own business and for a while I managed to earn some money enough to send to my family back in the province. Alan and I became good friends over the years and promised to help me build my own business someday.

One day, when I was ready to settle on my own home. I found someone who was going to be my wife. He offered to double or even triple my income for my last days serving him, he just needed me to do something for him. I accepted of course, I would need it to start my own business to support my future family.

He lead me to his room and I watched him as he set up the DVD and TV. I looked around a bit and saw a bunch of leather and unusual objects hanging by his wall. A girl moaning caught my attention.

“Let’s jerk off, Ramond,” he stripped without hesitation. He sat and stroked his cock as if it’s normal to do it with a guy around.

“Umm, what do you need me to do?” I asked, trying not to see his throbbing cock.

“I want you to jerk off with me.”

“Umm, I don’t think I’m—”

“Ramond, sit down,” he said in a low authoritative tone. “There you go.”

I reluctantly sat beside him on his bed. I couldn’t get to hold my penis at all. I felt very uncomfortable doing it with a man this near to me.

“Well if you don’t want to then just help me with this,” he grabbed my wrist and directed it towards his precum leaking cock.

“What the hell, Alan!” I tried to pull my arm away but his grip only tightened.

“Ramond,” he looked me straight in the eyes. Suddenly I felt lightheaded. I let him wrap my fingers around his towering shaft. My breath became short and shallow. I can’t what happened to me. He guided my hand up and down slowly. “Just help your friend, eh? Uggh fuck, that’s it.”

I felt disgusted, holding another man’s cock. But something about his deep moans and commanding voice made me want to continue. I maintained a steady speed and watched him pant in pleasure.

I shifted my eyes to his cock. His juice leaked onto my hand already. My own dick twitched to life.

“Suck on it.”

I couldn’t tell if it was Alan or just my mind being very horny. I continued to look at it. Something about it mesmerized me for the first time, I never thought the penis could be this beautiful. I felt his hand hold my the back of my neck and pushed me towards his cock.

“I said suck on it, Remy-bitch!”

I snapped back to the present, I gagged as Alan’s stiff rod suddenly slid in my throat.

“Fuck yeah, gag on it!” he bit his lip as he used my throat. He pulled his cock out then pulled me on all fours to the feet of the couch. While I crawled, the towel on my waist untangled and soon I was naked. He stretched his arms as support and leaned forward, fucking my throat with the seat making escape impossible. Years of practice enabled me to endure his almost seven incher even though I could only reach about maybe only five.

In between my gagging and Alan’s cock sloppily coming in and out of my mouth I heard something—was that rattling? I ignored it as Alan shouted as his hot load streamed down my throat. He slumped down as I slurped all of his cum.

“Fucking—Ohhhh yeahh,” he let me on my own even though he must be very ticklish by then. “Don’t waste a drop.”

As his legs shakily straightened to pull his delicious cock from my mouth, I felt another presence near us.

“You haven’t lost your talent, Remy.”

Before I could say my thank you we heard someone by the door.


To my horror, I saw my son standing out there with a full view of his naked father, drool spilled all over his chest while an older man with a wet hard cock stood over him. I rushed to grab the fallen towel as if covering myself would make this better.

“Well, well, well…” Alan laughed. “The son arrives. Come in, boy.”

Jason hesitated. His confused eyes as he recognized Alan changed to that of—what is it? I couldn’t read his face clearly. He stared straight at Alan even as he walked in and rested on a chair.

“You look like you’re gonna eat me,” Alan chuckled. He’s gonna make him do it eventually. “You still mad about it?”

i wondered what they could be talking about. I’ve never introduced Jason to Alan before. Have they met before?

“Fuck you,” Jason cursed with such venom.

I was still coping with the fact that my son turned out to be a faggot all these time but hearing him say those words with such toxicity made me ponder if I even knew him at all. He never showed any sort of sign that he was gay or lashed out that he just cursed like that. He was such a good boy. The videos of him getting fucked emerged on my mind again. He was a good boy.

“Oh my dear boy,” Alan pulled my hair and made me stand up. “I will fuck you as I have your dear daddy.”

He then proceeded to kiss me. I pushed him away but he hugged me so tightly that all I could do is surrender to his strength. His tongue probed the inside of my mouth and he made sure my son could see clearly how his dad get owned by a stronger man.

I lost myself in the kiss and applied pressure back. I moaned and pushed my tongue into his. Alan pulled back and turned towards Jason.

“See where you got your…desires from?”

I wondered what was running into my son’s mind. Did he feel disgusted? Or is he turned on? I subtly turned to him but he didn’t change his expression. Alan pushed me back and he picked up his phone from the pocket of his discarded pants. He tapped a few buttons on it then hands Jason the phone.

“You see, your dad made a promise to me years ago,” Alan turned to me smirking. He approached me and gestured for me to kneel. As I opened my mouth, my eyes darted to Jason who seemed to be watching something. “Turn the audio up so your dad can hear.”

A familiar voice increasingly came from the phone. My heart sank as I recognized it to be mine.

“—Ramond, am a faggot who lives only to serve my master.”

It was just after Alan first used my mouth. He cummed so much and so sudden that I spat it all out, some hitting my chest and legs. The salty taste overwhelmed me. He then revealed that he was recording me.

“Look, I trust you but I can’t be too sure,” he aimed the camera at my face. “You can’t tell anyone.”

“Of course, I won’t.”

I covered my face with my hands but he gently pushed them away. Still aiming the lens at me.

“Say your name.”

“My name is Ramond.” My insides turned as I kept obeying him. Strange, I felt more sickened following these orders than the ones earlier as he called me names that would’ve offended me if I wasn’t so enamored by his hypnotizing cock.

“Ramond what?”

“Ramond Nelling.”

“What are you Ramond?”

“I, Ramond,” I gritted my teeth as I uttered the next words. “Am a faggot who lives only to serve my master. To be a hole for the pleasure of men. A property for cocks.”

“Good boy. From now on, your name is Remy, okay? Remy the Bitch.”

“Yes master,” Why was I so submissive to him I don’t know. All I know is that I deeply wanted to please him. I even wanted my first son to be fucked by him.

“I want you to fuck me and my future son!” I suddenly blurted out. He was about to turn the camera off but paused as he processed what I said. Suddenly he broke into laughter.

“You fucking bitch!” he set the camera by the bed, still facing towards us and kissed me. “I bet your son will be much more of a faggot than you ever were.”

Once again I revert back to the present. How I’ve regretted my words. I tried to raise my son making him avoid all sinful acts, making him be a worker in church but I failed. I looked at him and he seemed like he wasn’t shocked at all. I bobbed my head back and forth Alan’s crotch.

“Your pops failed to do his job,” Whether he was being ironic or not, I didn’t care. My worries slowly melted away as I began to taste leaking precum. “But look at him showing you your responsibility to me now.” He pushed his cock deeper, making me gag, and deeper, I couldn’t breathe, and even deeper, drool and spit and more bitter tasting goo lurched from inside me coating Alan’s shaft in thick sticky goo as he pulled it out. I coughed out lots of excess spit.

“This is the fate your father wants for you boy,” Alan pulled on my hair forcing me to face my son, sticky drool still connected to his cock. “He wants you to follow his footsteps to being a whore. Quite frankly, you’ve followed quite well after that incident with your girlfriend. Oh sorry, ex.”

I must’ve looked so damn pathetic and dirty being pulled around like a drooling dog. My own cock stood straight as if proud of what I look in front of my son. “Please, son. Just do what he wants.”

“And if I don’t?” Jason said defiantly.

“Then you will lose all that you have, my boy. I need only to click a button on my computer and your father’s and your faggotry will be shared all across the city.” Alan said smugly. He released me and headed towards my son. “I have connections, Jason. I will ruin your chance to graduate college.”

I looked at my son. The unwavering resolve I saw in his eyes seemingly dissolved as they closed.

“That’s it. Accept your fate as my whore. This shouldn’t be any different with your friends.”

Jason silently stripped off. I remember myself quite well in him as my eyes sipped every bit of his body. The natural tanned skin, darker thick cock and that sexy mouth. I grew jealous as he licked around his neck. Then moved onto his nipples and kissed his way to his crotch. Alan turned to me.

“Your son knows how to foreplay, how about that?”

I should be the one being serviced by my son. I should be able to reassert my dominance over him. My heart pounded as I considered fucking my son in his ass. After he saw me get fucked in the mouth, I, at least have to fuck him to show him I’m still above him.

I cursed at myself as I stood up. What was I thinking? This was my son! I should be teaching him how to be a man but here I was, letting my fifty year old hunk of a master fuck him like the cheap bitch he really—shit. I kept losing myself in this lust. When I stopped moving, I realized that I’ve positioned myself behind my son. As if on cue, he lifted his ass giving me a clear view of his hole.

It looked like it was recently used. Who was he with again? Oh it doesn’t matter. I pointed my leaking cum on his hole. I spread the clear liquid around around with the head and tried to push.

“Father fucking his own son,” Alan said, smirking again. I felt my cock go harder as I watched his hips slowly fuck my son’s throat. “Maybe my son could use Jason instead. So I can spend the rest of my days pumping you, Remy-bitch. While my Vic use your whore of a son.”

I could’ve sworn he was doing something to me. Something in his voice or the look on his eyes keeps me from objecting. “Sure, use both of us like fuck toys anytime you want.” I moaned as my cock slid easily in my son’s pussy. We all grunted in unison as if being one body.

It was so tight and hot and his insides squeezed my cock so good. I could feel his guts pushing back while I trusted deeper and deeper.