Christmas Party Loving

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Laura Dawson straightened her skirt as she stood up from fixing the paper jam in the copier for what seemed like the 14th time today. The men in the office loved it when Laura wore a skirt on the day when the copier had problems. Each time David tried his best to be there to lend support and encouragement to her.

“There you are again”, Laura smiled sexily at David.

“And there you are again”, David said looking over the young girl.

David entered the small copy room as Laura tried to exit. She grazed her breasts against his chest and he stood still enjoying her slow passage. Her hand stroked his arm lightly as she exited.

“Sorry about that, it’s tight in here. Have a good weekend David.”

“You too Darlin’.”

Flirting with the new girl in the office had become the most exciting thing in David’s life. He would seek out times to look at her, secretly in the beginning, but when he realized that she enjoyed the attention he became more free and easy with staring at her and flirting in general. She had touched him several times and each time he felt like she was burning a hole through his skin. She was hot and young and way out of his league, with incredible breasts, legs, hips, ass, face, eyes, lips, hair. She was perfect. He was an old married dude with a receding hairline. But they both enjoyed the game and he didn’t foresee it ending.

David had never cheated on his wife, and had no intention of doing so. Their sex life had all but died. Now and then she would let him crawl on top of her, but that was about the extent of it. Special occasions, around Christmas, his birthday, Valentine’s day. These were the only times he felt like it was a sure thing, and that sure thing was no longer exciting. She was his wife and the mother of his kids and he loved her, but there was little attraction between them.

Saturday night would be her company’s holiday party. If she let him put his dick in her on Saturday night, he would close his eyes and imagine fucking Laura. He had thought about doing this for a while, but they had not had relations since the young thing had been in the picture. He became giddy thinking about it. Would he fuck her like a whore or would he make love to her like a little angel. Maybe he could do a mixture of both. It wouldn’t matter…she wouldn’t be there when he opened his eyes, but he was still excited about it all the same.

When he arrived at home that afternoon, his wife was also excited. She had a new dress she had purchased during her lunch hour. “It’s three sizes smaller than my dress from the party last year!” She bragged.

“Good job honey, I didn’t realize you had lost that much weight.”

She had been doing a good job with her diet, or life style changes as she referred to it, and he had noticed that, but now that he was looking at her, he realized that she had made quite an improvement in her body.

“Well I have.” She kissed his head on the way to put the dress away.

The party was always a great time with free flowing liquor and delicious food and desserts, a band and expensive door prizes. Her company went all out. The people she worked with were a weird crew. A lot of them were fun, and a lot of them were fun to make fun of. So it would be a good time as long as they ended up at a good table. The party was held annually at a local hotel, and because of the free flowing liquor, the company encouraged employees to take advantage of discounted hotel rates for the group. For the second year in a row, David had agreed they should get a room. Last year Eve had made out with him at the hotel prior to the party. He felt sure that it would end with a crazy night, but when the party was finished, so was Eve. She was so drunk that she passed out on arrival at the room. He considered taking advantage of her state, but thought it would not be worth it when she realized what had happened. She would obviously be pissed and besides, she smelled like a drunk.

David and Eve arrived at the hotel at 1 p.m. which was exactly check-in time. They came in jeans and sweaters and brought their overnight bags and their dressy clothes for the evening. When checking in the hotel clerk said that the only rooms available were those with two queen size beds. David argued that they had requested a king size bed, but Eve said it was okay and did not want to cause a scene about it.

They were happy when they arrived and the room was nice with a good view of the river. It was not super cold outside and they mentioned walking around downtown for a little while before getting ready to go.

Eve stood behind David as he looked out of their large hotel window, “or we could stay in if you’d like”, she gently wrapped her arms around her husbands waist and let her hands slide down the front of him. Her hands rubbed across his stomach, grazed his crotch and stopped at his thighs, she then kissed him softly on the back of the neck.

David was shocked beyond belief at his wife’s initiation and he turned to face her, he Escort bayan kissed her and led her quickly to the bed.

“We’ve got plenty of time, the party doesn’t start till 7” Eve said.

“Are you sure, because you never want to do it, you might change your mind” David joked as he quickly began undressing his wife.

“I’m sure, and I’m also sure that you need to slow down”.

David ignored his wife’s suggestion. His mind started racing with images of Laura, the black short skirt, she had worn that several times, the hot pink blouse that her breasts were bursting through two Thursdays ago, the red heels that she wore with the tight black dress last week, her puffy lips with the clear shiny lipgloss and those sparkling eyes. His cock was enormous with excitement as he researched the memories of the hot woman that had pressed her tits against him and had stroked his arm less than 24 hours ago.

He had removed Eve’s black bra and her black panties. Did she seriously wear a matching set for him? What was going on with her? Back to thoughts of Laura as he closed his eyes while kissing Eve. He kept his eyes closed as he reached between her legs and roughly planted his middle finger into her slit. Keeping his eyes closed he found her nipple with his mouth and suckled it while fingering her pussy. “Do you like that baby? Does that feel good?”

Eve didn’t respond.

He pulled his finger out of her and spread her legs, he positioned himself on top of her and guided his stiff member to her slit. He kissed her again, never opening his eyes. He could see Laura bent over the copy machine. He could see her smiling at him with those gorgeous eyes and mouth. He could feel her beneath him. He was pumping his cock into her. He was in her pussy. He came. After less than 2 minutes of fucking his wife, he came, even though she laid there still and cold.

“Wow” said David, exasperated, as he pulled out and rolled away from Eve.

“Wow? Are you kidding?”

“What’s wrong? I thought that was amazing, you didn’t seem to enjoy it very much.”

“I didn’t enjoy it at all David, there was nothing there for me to enjoy”.

His wife had never been that brutally honest with him before. She always said it was good, even when he could tell that she didn’t mean it. Now she laid here in front of him with a disappointed and disapproving look about her. Disgusted. That’s what the look said.

David felt guilty about thinking about the other woman. Is that what made it bad for Eve? Did it really make that much of a difference? That’s certainly what made him cum so fast. Thinking about Laura was amazing for him. He thought about this as Eve got out of bed and into the shower. If she had stayed in bed he would have tried to make her cum too. She certainly was in a bad mood suddenly. He went back to his thoughts of Laura and the intense orgasm that he had just experienced and quickly went to sleep.

He could hear his wife stirring in the hotel room. He opened his eyes to see her completely dressed and ready for the party. She wore the new black cocktail dress and it actually looked amazing on her. It was well fitted to her curvy form and she looked really sexy. The neckline plunged and showed quite a bit of her breasts. The hemline was shorter than usual, showing her legs that had been busy on the elliptical trainer. Eve’s dark hair was swept up and clipped with a black rhinestone piece. Her make-up was pretty and sexy and she had fire red lips.

“I’m ready”

“I can see that you are honey, you look beautiful. I’m probably going to want to do you again.” David joked.

Eve rolled her eyes and smiled and seemed to sincerely appreciate and believe the compliment. She knew her husband could never be very serious for long.

David quickly showered, shaved and dressed so that they would not be late for the festivities. They arrived fashionably late at 7:20. The cocktails were already going strong when they arrived and David quickly served a drink to his lovely bride.

A man that David had never seen before approached his wife with a red rose he had removed from one of the centerpieces. “You are the belle of the ball Madam and you need this”, he handed the rose to Eve, “you look amazing”.

Eve hugged the man, genuinely appreciative, “Edward, this is my husband, David”

“Nice to meet you David”, as he extended his hand.

“Likewise”. David did not offer his hand to Edward.

David walked toward the bar for the second drink, and he was fuming. The nerve of that man, giving his wife a rose right in front of him, right in front of the rest of the office. He felt like fighting and crying at the same time.

“Are you Eve’s husband”, said another man that David had not met before.

What the hell was going on with all these people? “Yes, I am David, Eve’s husband, who are you?” He said unfriendly.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Allen”, he extended his hand and David shook this time. “I have worked with Eve on several projects Bayan escort lately. She is amazing. Such a hard worker, and besides that she’s a beautiful person – inside and out. You are a lucky man.”

“Yes, I know.”

Actually he didn’t know. David had never considered himself particularly lucky in the wife department. She had been a good wife. But was he more lucky than she? It had never occurred to him until this minute.

“She used to keep to herself and we didn’t know what she was capable of until recently. She has really made some big improvements in the department and in the overall office. We’re lucky to have her too.” Allen smiled. “It may be out of line to say this – but it seems like she came out of her shell a lot after losing some weight. She’s more involved, working harder, more friendly with everyone. She’s improved in all areas.”

This was shocking. She lost weight to be more friendly with everyone? David started to feel a lump in his throat. He was pissed. He wanted to punch this guy and he wanted to yell at Eve. Instead he would just have another drink. As the night drug on it seemed like everyone wanted to be near Eve, both men and women. The men were making David increasingly jealous. But he was starting to look at his wife in a different light. He didn’t know if he liked it or not – but she was different. More intelligent, sexier, friendlier. When the fuck did all of that happen? Maybe while he was thinking about Laura.

The night was drawing to a close and Eve was lit. Again. She had acquired a side kick about an hour earlier, Nicole, and the two were laughing and doing shots at the bar when “last call” was announced. Nicole was Eve’s new Assistant in her department. She was in her early 20’s, a small framed woman, slender legs and small breasts. She had a nice body, but she wasn’t exactly pretty. There was something about her face that David did not like. She wore a red cocktail dress and red pumps. Her hair was very short and dark. He liked long hair. David noticed that she had petite, pretty hands with nicely manicured fingernails. He liked that very much. Her nails were painted red to match her ensemble.

David approached the women at the bar as two other male co-workers walked away.

“I heard you were bein’ gruuuumpy with everbody”, slurred Eve, “I work with these people, so you’s gots to be nice.” Eve and Nicole both laughed hysterically at her scolding her husband.

“I think we need to get you to bed”, David steered Eve toward the door.

“I’m thinkin’ you already got me in bed once taday and that didn’t go sa good did it? DID IT?!?!?”

David was mortified at this announcement.

“I told Nicole she could stay with us, we got two beds, she ain’t got a room of her own”

“That’s fine sweetheart, let’s just get you out of here before you cause a scene.”

“I ain’t causin’ no scene”

“David, I will help you get her to bed”, Nicole put her arm around Eve.

Both David and Nicole helped to steady Eve down the hallway. Several other employees were out in the hallway. People were yelling back and forth with jokes and innuendos.

“Good luck with those two” Allen said laughing to David as they passed each other in the hall.

Good luck with those two? Two? David had not even considered that possibility. Was that a possibility? He wished he had been more fun all night and not so grumpy as his wife had just pointed out moments earlier. Nicole was actually coming to his hotel room. David’s heart began to race.

David wrestled the door open while holding his wife’s left arm. “Here we are” he said lightly as he opened the door.

“Yay, we made it” said Eve. She went inside quickly and pulled Nicole to the window to look at the view.

The women stood in front of the window, Nicole’s arm around Eve’s waist, holding her steady. David began to feel himself stiffening as the women stood there in the window. Nicole did not remove her arm and she lightly stroked Eve’s bare back with her red fingernail tips.

Eve turned to face Nicole and she wrapped both arms around her.

Were they about to kiss? Was Eve about to undress Nicole?

“I don’t feel so good” Eve whispered loudly to Nicole.

David’s heart sunk. They were not about to kiss or to start getting naked. Hiw wife was going to be sick. He knew it.

Nicole led Eve to the bed and let her sit down.

“There there”, Nicole rubbed Eve’s head and asked David to get a cold wash cloth.

When David re-entered the room, Eve was lying down and Nicole was on her knees next to the bed stroking his wife’s head lovingly. She took the wash cloth from David and began to wash Eve’s face and neck. She let the cloth settle on her cleavage.

“Does that feel nice?” Nicole asked.

“Yes, thank you so much for taking care of me”

David watched intently, wondering if the women were thinking the way he was thinking. Were there sexual feelings between them. He truly believed they wanted Escort to kiss. He could feel it.

“Let me help you get undressed so you can be comfortable”, Nicole helped Eve back to a sitting position. Eve rested her head in Nicole’s bossom while Nicole reached back to unzip her dress. She unzipped slowly and thoughtfully watching the skin that she uncovered. Nicole pulled the dress down off of Eve’s shoulders to expose her red bra. “That’s very pretty, you told me you bought some new sexy things”

David went fully erect hearing those words come out of Nicole’s mouth. They had talked about Eve’s new bras and panties? He stood frozen. He felt stupid just watching and not helping, but he didn’t know what to do. He sat in a chair where he could see both women.

Nicole continued undressing David’s wife right in front of his eyes. The dress was hanging loose in the front and Nicole went back to her knees to help pull the dress down and off of Eve’s legs. His wife sat on the side of the bed in a beautiful red bra and panty set and her tall black heels.

All of Nicole’s moves were slow and diliberate. David wondered if she had ever done anything like this before.

Still on her knees in front of Eve, Nicole ran her hand down Eve’s calf and removed shoe number one. Eve let out a soft moan at Nicole’s touch. David imagined the electricity that her touch must have sent through his wife’s body. Nicole placed her hand between Eve’s thighs and made the journey down her leg longer and slower this time. Eve’s head went limp and she sighed with pleasure as the woman removed her second shoe. Eve laid back on the bed. Nicole climbed onto the bed on all fours above Eve. She picked up the wash cloth and began washing Eve’s face, forehead and chest with the cold rag again.

“Eve, are you comfortable? Would you like for me to remove your bra? It looks like it might be itchy. Eve? Eve?” Eve had passed out.

David waited to see what she would do next. He wished she would remove his wife’s bra even though she was out cold. He wished the show would continue. Why oh why did she have to pass out? He felt sorry for himself as well as Eve. She had to be getting so turned on.

Nicole looked at David and smiled. “I think she has passed out”.

He couldn’t think of one thing to say. He wasn’t sure if he could speak even if he could think of something.

Nicole kissed Eve on the cheek, she parted her lips and allowed her tongue to graze the sleeping woman’s chin, down to her neck. She kissed her neck gently and slowly and moved slower still down toward her breasts. David watched as Nicole lovingly licked Eve’s cleavage, up one side, down the other. She unclasped the front closure of the bra and let her breasts fall loose. She looked surprised and gazed long and hard at each tit. Nicole circled Eve’s areoles with her tongue. She went around in a circle several times slowly with her tongue and then kissed directly on Eve’s nipple. She moved to the other breast and again, circled the areole with her tongue several times, then she kissed the woman’s hard nipple. Now and then Eve would moan from her unconcious state.

“I think that bra was probably itching her, so I removed it”, Nicole said innocently to David, almost as if she thought David had not just witnessed the beautiful scene that had just taken place.

David stared at Nicole.

“Are you okay?”, she finally asked.

“Yes, I’m fine, thanks”. What a stupid thing to say. What was he doing?

Nicole stood up and walked around the room, playing with the lights and the TV. She found a station that played all music, and she left it there.

Nicole walked to David’s side and held out her hand to him, “come with me”.

David’s heart sank. He wanted this woman, but he could not have her. His wife was right here, if she woke up and found him with her Assistant, that would be the end of his marriage.

He took Nicole’s hand and she led him to the bathroom.

“I can’t cheat on her”

“I wouldn’t ever want you to”, the girl said, offended.

Nicole motioned for David to sit on the sink, and he obeyed. She shut the door and leaned against it looking toward David. She slowly raised her dress to expose sexy little white panties. They were lacy with a bow made from tiny little pearls. Her legs were shapely and small and she still wore her red pumps. The red fingernails that had gained David’s attention earlier were now hooked into each side of her pretty little panties.

“Do you want me to pull my panties down?”


“Ask me nice”

“Nicole, will you please pull your panties down for me?”

Nicole slowly tugged at each side of her panties, painfully, playfully slow. He watched every move that she made. Her moves were sexy and she was pleasing him just by the way she looked when she was putting on this show. The panties hit the floor and he realized that he had not even looked at her pussy. He had been mesmerized by the enjoyment that she was getting from touching the panties and moving them down. Her pussy had to have been exposed, because her panties were now on the ground. But as her hands had moved down, so had her dress. She was panty-less, but she wasn’t holding up her dress anymore.

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