Christmas Party Games

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Christmas 2020 was strange. With restrictions on celebrations I had anticipated a quiet time with a focus on my wife, drinking, eating and watching a lot of TV.

We had decided to celebrate the 24th by inviting a close friend Claire, a single mum, over for some food and games.

Claire and my wife had been girlie friends for several years and she was

often over at our flat. We all enjoyed a drink and our spare room was now known as Claire’s room.

Claire arrived around 4pm for some drinks on the balcony and we sat down for some food around 6pm already well on the way having polished off several home made cocktails.

After dinner we got out the games and had a few rounds of Cards against humanity before changing to one of our new games, Claire’s Christmas present to us.

“I have never!” is a game that can be fairly tame or as racy as you like but in essence we all discovered a lot of things about each other by playing it.

We were guided by cards that gave examples of things we had either done or never done. We took it in turns to read out the cards and whoever had actually done what was written on the card had to drink. This was going to be messy.

Once you had admitted your guilt by having a drink, it was then up to you if you expanded and explained the context of your admission to the others.

We had moved onto drinking shots by then and given we are all fairly outgoing the drinks soon started turning us from slightly pissed and chatty to very drunk and sharing far too much information.

We discovered that Claire bought her first vibrator aged 19 and my wife bought hers age 22. Neither owned a dildo.

We discovered all of us had had a threesome but I was the only one to have had a foursome.

We discovered that Claire had tasted other women but my wife hadn’t.

We discovered that Claire had never swallowed whereas my wife always swallows.

Both women claimed never to have watched someone jerk off in-front of them.

I admitted to having had a happy ending massage as a student (I have had a lot more since) and Claire admitted she had an erotic massage last week!

My wife admitted that she masturbated weekly, Claire a couple of times a week and I admitted to every other day, which made both women laugh.

The dirtiest card was: “I have never inserted or had inserted a foreign object into my arse.”

Despite being all very drunk by this stage we all paused when Claire read out the card. The silence was finally broken when Claire herself stood up and downed the shot of the vodka in-front of her. “I’m

Just mardin escort being honest.” she told us grinning from ear to ear.

Then, to my complete surprise, my wife stood up and downed her shot of vodka.

Both Claire and I shouted “No way!” as she sat back down. We demanded a story.

My wife and I don’t engage in full anal although we have both tickled and played with the others hole occasionally.

My wife was drunk defensive. Given Claire had already admitted to the same offense she protested that we were so shocked!

“What?” she protested, “I was in an experimental stage!” she protested, “anyway you like my finger up your arse! it makes you cum!!” she countered.

Claire collapsed in laughter on the floor unable to control herself!

“Too much information!” she shrieked!

Given how pissed we all were and with no expectation that another round could live up to the highs or lows of the last we called time on the game and turned on the TV. It was nearly midnight and we probably should have gone to bed then.

We didn’t.

Soon my very slurry and drunk wife announced she was just going to shut her eyes for a few minutes. Within sixty seconds she was stretched out on the sofa fast asleep.

My wife is hot. Stretched out her chest was rising and falling and her breasts were clearly defined under her top. Not quite see through but you could clearly make out her slightly hard nips and both Claire and I were aware that she was slightly on show. I was sure she was still a bit turned on from all the dirty talk and she seemed to already be enjoying a dream. She had a smile on her face and occasionally brought her hand up to her breasts and touched them enough to keep the nips hard. If she moved slightly one might even fall out which would be amusing.

“Well that’s her done!” I said to Claire, “One for the road?” I said pouring another shot.

Claire nodded and pointed out that my wife looked like she was having rather a good dream! Claire then suggested that we play cards again but normal poker rather than our earlier game. She told me she fancied her chances of drinking me under the table so loser of each hand had to take a shot.

Five hands in and Claire had downed three shots to my two and we were now at the point where more alcohol didn’t get us more drunk, just less inhibited! We were smashed. We agreed to stop drinking.

“Swap shots for items of clothing?” Claire suggested.

Too drunk to argue I agreed and five hands further in I was sitting in my boxers and Claire in her bra and van escort panties! The next hand was going to be important!

I lost!

Claire hollered her delight and demanded I remove my boxers.

Drunk and uninhibited I removed my shorts and sat back down opposite Claire with my wife next to us on the sofa. I was naked and my cock was hardening. Claire admired my growing cock, laughed and started to pack up the cards.

“No you don’t!” I said grabbing the cards. “You are not getting away with me being the only one naked!”

“Well you have nothing left to give.” she countered.

I thought about my situation and feeling drunkenly confident that I would win the next hand told Claire she could choose my punishment.

“Deal!” Claire said shuffling the cards.

I was looking forward to seeing Claire’s tits in all their glory and hopefully her pussy if we carried on. My cock was still hard and on show.

I looked across at my wife – still sound asleep.

Claire dealt the cards.

I lost.

Claire laughed and said she needed to think about my punishment.

After a couple of minutes I pushed for an answer.

“I want you to jerk off!” Claire said.

I was already semi-hard, I was hammered and Claire was sitting in her underwear. I asked how far she wanted me to go.

“Just don’t cum.” she said “yet.” I thought she muttered after.

I started jerking off and soon I was fully erect – about 8 1/2 inches and leaking pre cum.

Claire licked her lips and gave me the thumbs up as I stopped jerking and slowly let my cock soften a bit.

“One more game?” she suggested cheekily.

Slightly more nervous than before, not knowing what would happen if I lost, but thinking my luck must change I nodded agreement.

Claire dealt the cards.

I lost.

Claire was again ponderous. She got up and came over to where I was sitting and bent down to whisper in my ear.

“You know what you admitted to earlier?”. Claire asked “I want to do it!”

My mind raced back – which dirty admission was she referring to?

Claire pulled me up off the chair.

“Get on all fours!” she commanded.

I got on all fours and Claire walked behind me. She then asked if I had any lube.

I suddenly understood and explained that I didn’t. “Not to worry!” Claire exclaimed and put her hand inside her knickers before inserting her fingers into what was clearly a very wet juicy hole.

She pulled her fingers out and added “No worries, I brought my own!”

Claire then proceeded ankara escort to massage the top of my arsehole and as I relaxed she slowly entered the tip of her finger. She then spat on my arse and used that to further ease the passage of not one but two fingers until she was finger fucking my tight hole at a good pace. My wife was right next to us. I was so fucking hard.

Claire whispered some more.

“There was one thing you didn’t drink to earlier.” she said. “Do you want to change that?” she asked.

I still had two fingers up my hole and didn’t feel like saying no to anything so I nodded, not sure but slightly excited by what she was about to do.

Claire disappeared for a minute and I heard her foraging around in the kitchen.

“Does this work as a foreign object?” Claire asked, holding a small pestle she had found in the kitchen. It looked like a mini dildo and despite my eyes opening wide I simply stayed on all fours.

Claire put the pestle in her mouth to wet it and then into her own knickers. She put it up her pussy and started to move it faster and faster before pulling a now glistening wet pestle out for me to see. I nodded.

Claire moved behind me again and put the tip of the pestle against my hole. She pushed it in. It was so tight but after a minute my muscles relaxed again and Claire started to fuck me with the pestle whilst I wanked my never harder cock, It felt amazing. I was close to cumming.

She pulled it out and burst out laughing, a bit too loud.

At that moment my wife stirred. When she opened her eyes she saw me sitting naked on the floor, hard and a bit out of breath.

Claire quickly explained.

“We were just playing poker and your husband lost.” she said.

“No worries.” came the quick reply. “He has a nice cock doesn’t he?” added my still drunken wife, barely awake.

Taking advantage of the situation Claire then suggested to my wife that they fulfill one of their missing accomplishments from our earlier game.

“Can we watch him jerk off?” she enquired.

My wife laughed and woke up enough to say that it was entirely up to me!

I was naked, horny as hell, had just been arse fucked by my wife’s friend and now I was being given my wife’s permission to jerk off in front of both her and Claire.

“Fine by me.” I said and stated to wank my cock. I was fully erect almost straight away and within minutes I was ready to cum.

Both women watched intently.

“Where do you want it?” I asked no one in particular.

My wife looked at Claire and nodded. “One more missing accomplishment to tick off.” she said.

Claire opened her mouth and swallowed every drop.

My only concern now is that I am not quite sure how I am going to explain to my wife why I down a shot next time the question about foreign objects if it comes up, which Claire mischievously assures me it will.

True story!

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