Change of Plans Ch. 02

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Once he stuffed himself back into his pants and he got his clothes all situated, he grabbed the blindfold and told Billy to turn around.

“Why do I have to put the blindfold back on?” She questioned quietly. She was a little confused since they were already there and she hadn’t even taken a moment to look at the scenery as they were driving there. She knew no way to get home and actually didn’t want to know her way around his home, she wanted to know him.

He gripped her hair in his hand and yanked her head back so that he could look into her eyes. “I’ve already ignored the fact that you’re speaking, don’t start questioning me, just do as I say, that’s what I paid you for.”

She let out a small gasp at the pain, but the wetness between her legs began to flood her underwear and she dug her fingers into the leather. She wanted him to bend her over the seat and to tear his way into her body; she wanted him to fuck her like an animal. She desperately wanted him to feel her from the inside out and bit her lip against the images flashing through her mind. He brought his mouth down to her ear and asked, “Do you understand me?”

She let out a small whimper and gave him a jerky nod. He released her hair and brought the blindfold up once again and she let him engulf her in darkness. Her senses became heightened and she waited for whatever may come next. She heard the car door open and felt cool air hit her face, “open the other door please, Harold.”

“Of course sir, sorry sir.”

“It’s fine Harold, just do as I ask.”

He gripped her hair in his hand again, and when she next heard the door open it was behind her. She felt a small tug on her hair as he pulled her out the door behind him. She was nearing the edge of her seat and felt him slow down so she had enough time to exit behind him without falling.

“Take off your shoes, I don’t want you falling.” She kicked off her heels and felt her feet press against the cool smooth pavement of his driveway. “Harold will get your shoes, come on.”

He tugged gently on her hair and she turned around and followed as he led. She stumbled once or twice on her way up the stairs to the front door, but other than that she made it without incident. He pulled the blindfold off and watched her as she took in her surroundings. She stood in one of the grandest houses that she had ever seen and gazed at art that cost more than what he was paying her. Her palms began to itch and she started to feel nervous. What if he let her roam the house at one point and she broke something, she didn’t want to become indebted to him instead of hired by him. She didn’t want to piss him off, she was no stranger to being spanked, but he seemed as if he would do much more to her. She shook her head slowly and backed up towards the door, she wasn’t so sure about this anymore. His hand shot out and grabbed hers; he pulled on her and dragged her till she was fully pressed against his body. He was rock solid again, and he looked like he wanted to eat her.

She was engulfed in his smell, his clean, spicy, sexy smell. She wanted another taste of what he had to offer. She let her free hand scratch down his back slowly and she let her hand grip his ass. He growled gently and yanked her hair back and licked her lips. Her eyes glazed over and she started to pant.

“Be a good kitten and go start walking up those stairs. I’ll be right behind you.”

She began to climb the stairs with him behind her. She could feel the heat of his gaze again, but this time it was centered on her ass. She let her hips sway a little bit more and lifted her knees a little bit higher than necessary when climbing the steps. She hoped that this was getting him as hot as it was getting her because she seriously was ready to be fucked. She needed it more than her next breath. Once she reached the landing of the stairs she made to turn around but she felt his arm wrap around her stomach keeping her back pressed to his front. His other hand trailed up over her thigh, her hip, past her waist and it tickled softly against her mardin escort breast before he gripped her throat.

He left his hand there against the smooth skin of her neck and let his thumb tickle just below her ear. She started to get nervous again and tried breaking his hold on her waist. He gripped her throat a little tighter and flexed his fingers a little. The hard lump in his pants was very prominent against her ass and she sighed at the feel of him. Her nervousness changed into something else entirely. His hand around her throat made her feel primal, she began to grind her ass against him and sway her hips back and forth. His hold on her throat relaxed and he began to stroke the skin below her ear again. She leaned her head back against his shoulder and stood on her tippy toes to kiss his jaw line. She then relaxed again and began to dance the only way she knew how. He didn’t relax the arm around her waist, if anything he held her tighter. She ground herself against his pants and leaned forward slightly so that he could feel her heat. She started to lift her hips up and down and arched her back so that he could keep his hold on her throat.

Soon she wasn’t dancing by herself anymore; his hips began to grind into hers. Her breath came in quick pants and his hand let go of her throat to take possession of her hair again. She leaned over more and pushed back into him even harder and felt his cock rub across her clit. It was like lightening through her body. She let out a long breathy moan and started to push back even harder and her movements became erratic. She felt him take a step back and followed him to keep applying the same pressure. He took another step back and followed him again, she felt his body jerk and heard him gasp as he took another jerky step and let go of her hair and her waist. She was confused at the loss of his body heat and turned around to see him fall flat on his ass on the stairs, one hand out to brace himself and the other gripping the handrail.

The look on his face was priceless, his hard, cocky mask had cracked and he looked bewildered and frightened. His knuckles were white against the handrail and he was panting from the rush of adrenaline and what they had been doing on the landing.

She giggled a little at his face and extended her hand out to him.

“Sorry about that,” she giggled. “Lemme help you up.”

He remained where he was a second longer and rolled over as gracefully as he could. His stomach was pressed to the stairs and got a perfect view of his fine ass in those damned pants. He swung his legs around until he was sitting on the step and then lifted himself to his feet. He stood up and turned to look at her, with a cocky grin on his face but the hardness was back in his eyes.

“Let’s go.” He strode past her and made a right turn to go down the hallway. She followed him without a word, her body was on fire and she would’ve bet all the money he was giving her that he felt the same way.

They came to the end of the hallway where there were large double doors that took up the entire wall. He turned to the wall just on the right of those doors and opened a single small door. He walked into the room first and held the door open for her.

When she walked in he shut the door behind her and gave her a second to take in her surroundings. This room was twice as large as her small apartment with a bed that was just as big as her bathroom. There were large bay windows that looked out over the land behind his house and a vanity with a small wooden stool. The walls were a rich purple and the ceiling and floor were a pristine white.

She walked around the room quietly and took in her surroundings. There was a bathroom attached to her room and that was just as expansive as the room itself. The floor was white tile and the counters were made of white marble. She walked over to the shower and gazed at it through the clear glass door.

Both the shower and the deep garden tub were made of black marble. The shower had a van escort detachable showerhead and the tub had jets all around it. On the sides and under the faucet, she raised her eyebrow at that. If things didn’t play out the way she wanted she might test her flexibility later with that jet. Vibrating showerheads were so last year.

Attached to the bathroom was another smaller room filled with shelves and racks. He came up behind her and spoke.

“This will be your closet.”

“I don’t think I’ll be here long enough to fill this room.”

“You may never know; I might want to pay you to stay the week instead of the weekend. We’ll see.”

Her heart started to do a two- step in her chest and let her mind wander. Images of endless fucking flashed in her mind, but that wasn’t the only thing she wanted out of him. She had images of dancing and intimate dinners, but she knew that that might never happen. She may just be a hooker with a dream.

He grabbed her hand and led her out of the bathroom and brought her to another door in the bedroom.

” This door leads to my bedroom,” he explained.” You are never allowed in my bedroom, but I will come into your bedroom. No matter what we do, it will always be in your bedroom. Understand?”

She nodded in agreement.

“Say it. I want to hear you say it.”

“I understand.”

“You understand what?” He questioned.

“I understand that all business conducted will be in my room and I am not allowed in your room.”


She walked away from him and approached the bed. For a moment she just stood there and took in the large, towering four-poster bed. She climbed up onto the bed and dipped her back so her ass pushed out. She knew she had his attention at that moment. He let out a hiss of air and his visual fingertips grazed down the back of her bare thighs.

She got to the middle of the bed and let herself collapse. She pressed her face into the plush pillows that were encased in the thick comforter. She breathed the fresh smell of fabric softener and let out a deep moan. The pillow top mattress conformed to her body and she felt herself sinking into the bed. She let her body relax and was completely calm, if a little sexually frustrated.

She felt the mattress dip a little around her feet and felt hands touch her. Instead of feeling the heat of his visual fingertips she felt the heat of his real ones. They trailed up the back of her calf and massaged into the back of her knees. Her leaky quim began to quiver at the feel of his fingertips on the back of her knees. That wasn’t her sweet spot, but it was damn good enough at that point.

He let his blunt nails scratch at her temporary sweet spot and then he leaned down to lick that sweet spot. Her entire body was on fire. She jerked when she felt his teeth gently graze her right sweet spot and his thumb kneaded her left one. He soon switched to doing vice versa. His hand began to trail up the back of her right leg slowly and he lifted his head from her left leg and blew gently across the wet spot.

The cool feeling of the spittle evaporating was soothing compared to his fingers trailing up to her thigh beneath her skirt. Her thighs touched together right in front of her dripping apex. Once the spit was fully dried on the back of her knee he leaned back into an upright position and let his left hand follow a similar trail as his right hand moved up the back of her left leg. Once they reached the same position as his right hand he forced both between her thighs and forced her legs apart.

She was breathing in quick gasps and could feel a small knot in her stomach. She felt like she wanted to scream out in pleasure, but he hadn’t gotten her to the point where she absolutely had to, but he would.

She let her legs relax and spread her thighs apart to reveal her soaked panties. He brought his right hand up to her soaking opening. He pressed two of his fingers into the fabric of her underwear and stroked his fingers down until he found ankara escort her hard button. Her body jerked in pleasure and he pulled his hand back. Soon she no longer felt his heat above her feet and she felt the bed decompress.

“Hey! What-“His hands wrapped around her ankles and he pulled her closer to the edge of the bed. His hands trailed back up her legs once again, this time without pit stops, and he made it back to her wet quim. He pushed his fingers into fabric again and zoned in on her clit. She let out a small gasp and gripped the sheets in her hands.

He traded his fingers in for his thumb and rubbed up and down on her clit in quick little strokes. Her legs curled up next to her and her fingers clawed into the bed.

His hands disappeared again and then his mouth was upon her. It engulfed her and she felt his lips lock around her mons. He sucked her deeply into his mouth and she could feel his teeth scrape across her pussy lips and his tongue press into the fabric. It licked up and down her slit until he found her hard nub waiting for him. He pressed his tongue against her little clit and listened to her breathy gasps and moans. He pulled back and grabbed the waistband of her underwear and told her to flip over. She readily complied and raised her hips off the bed and let him yank her underwear off.

“No underwear.”


He cut off her sentence by dipping his head down between her thighs. She shot her hand down and tangled her hands into his hair; he stopped.

“Please, don’t stop,” she begged.

“Take your hands off my head,” he ground out.

She looked down at his face and blanched at the look in his eyes. They were like simmering coals in his head. She untangled her hand.

“Grab the sheets if you must, but do not grab me,” he stated coldly.

She swallowed loudly and nodded.

As soon as he saw her assent he dipped his head down and got back to work. He no longer teased her. His tongue lashed out and dug its way into her dripping hole. His hand came up and his thumb strummed her clit like a guitar. Her hands dug into the sheets and she started to pant harder. She could feel the knot break in half, one half going up towards her mouth and the other down towards his.

He took his head away and brought his hands up again and abruptly stuffed two fingers into her dripping hole. Soon his fingers were pistoning in and out of her with a sucking sound. His thumb was above his fingers drawing circles onto her clit. Her breath came out harsher and her hips began to buck up and down. Her grunts and groans filled the room with the sounds of her pleasure.

“UGH! God yes, please don’t stop,” she ground out between tightly clenched teeth.

He started to piston in and out of her faster and then he felt her begin to contract around his fingers.

“Oh! O God yessssss,” she hissed out as her body spasmed and her pussy contracted around his fingers. He turned his hand palm up and stroked the small ridges in her pussy causing her hips to thrust up into the air and for her to just scream.

Once she was calmed down he pulled his hand away from her dripping quim and looked at it as it glistened. He locked her gaze to his and licked the tip of his middle finger. Her eyes widened and if she weren’t spent her body would’ve heated up all over again. The corners of his mouth lifted and he extended his hand to her.

“Clean me,” he ordered.

She pulled his hand down to her mouth and sucked her juices off his fingers. She saw that there was some on his palm and licked there as well. His eyes took on a hooded look while he watched her while his free hand went down to the front of his pants. Once his hand was totally clean she extended her hand out towards him and his aching member, she wanted to help him relieve some of the “pressure.”

He let her hand touch the front of his pants and stroke him a little then he stepped back. She looked at him in confusion and with a small pout on her mouth. He looked at her for a moment longer then turned and walked towards the door connecting their rooms.

“What about you?” She called out.

“What about me?”

“Don’t you need help with, you know?”

“Not from you.” He walked through the door and closed it without a backwards glance.

“Not from me? What the hell does that mean?” Billy wondered out loud.

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