CFNM Adventures in India Ch. 03

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Ramesh was finally ready to swim. He wanted to show off his skills to his sister. He was in a speedo, while Nanda was in a girl’s speedo. It was modest, covering her from her vagina to her breasts. It accentuated her curves, making her sexy. In the back, there was a triangle over her butt, squeezing it and enlarging it. Her entire back was exposed, with very thin straps holding her modesty intact. Ramesh wanted to pull them apart and see her magnificent breasts. He knew they were big, and he knew they were soft. He had brushed up against them before, and she never seemed to be able to divert attention away from them. They were massive for her skinny body. On a regular girl, they were normal, even small, but on such a petite girl like Nanda, who wasn’t even five feet tall, they were enormous. Ramesh knew he desperately needed to marry her. He needed her. She needed to be the mother of his children. He wanted to see her nursing their kids with her ginormous breasts.

And her butt was nice, too. He felt a strong urge to grope her butt, but he knew he had to resist it. She would soon be his bride, and he would be able to do all the things he wanted. Her breasts, her butt, her curves: it would all be his, and all he had to do was put that wedding band on her finger.

He knew he would ravage her their first night. He would stick his massive penis up her vagina right up to her cervix, using her like a whore. He would ejaculate like he never had before, and Antep Escort Bayan it would spill out of her vagina. She would give him kids, no matter what!

“Hey, you have a hard-on. Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

“Sorry. I…just…will you be my girlfriend?”

“On the first date?”

“Nanda, I can’t live without you. I love you.”

“Well, I love you too, Ramesh.”

“So you’re my girlfriend?”

“And you’re my boyfriend. Congratulations. Hey, how about I give you a handjob when we get home?”

“Can i see your tits?”

“No, Ramesh! I’ll be wearing clothes. I don’t feel comfortable enough to be naked around you. I just want to see for myself how much you cum.”

“Well, I’ve been naked around you plenty of times! How is this different?”

“You’ve been contaminated by Western ideas, Ramesh. Women need to be protected. If I show you my body, you may…hurt me.”

“I would never do that; I love you.”

“That’s what they all say. Anyway, how’s your swimming? Show me those strokes, hot stuff!”

Ramesh began swimming, gracefully cutting through the water. He swam for an hour nonstop, and Nanda, who took frequent breaks, still could not catch up to him.

“You’ll be a great boyfriend, Ramesh. I know you can protect me.”

Ramesh got a raging erection and continued to swim, but something felt a little different.

“I’m going to the bathroom, okay? I’ll be right back.”

Ramesh kept feeling strange, but he couldn’t tell what it was. The people around him began to stare at him. He was so confused.

“Hey, I’m back! Notice anything different?”

“Yeah, I do. What is it?”

“Check your speedo, dumbass.”

Ramesh discovered he didn’t have a speedo on. He was absolutely mortified!

“Hey, where’s my speedo? Give it back!”

“I hid it in the women’s locker room. You can’t go in there, and I’m not giving you your speedo until we’re done swimming.

“But… I’m naked!”

“You didn’t seem to have any problem at the temple.”

“That’s different! Everyone else was naked too!”

“Not the women. Girl power!” Nanda began to laugh, making Ramesh angry.

“I swear I’ll beat your ass when we get home!”

“Yeah, and then I’ll call the police! There’s nothing you can do! Besides, I thought you liked CFNM!”

“I do, but this is so weird!”

Ramesh realized swimming naked was freeing. He could swim faster and it felt much better. His family friend, a girl that had just turned 18, was staring at his penis. Enjoying the attention, Ramesh stood up, letting her behold his manhood. She gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. She told her friend about him, and they both started giggling.

Ramesh began to think Nanda was right. It felt better to be naked. Why did he need clothes? Men should be naked because it would make them happier. Women could enjoy their bodies too. However, women needed to stay clothed because men could abuse them. Once he received this epiphany, he finally understood Nanda.

He walked out of the pool, bare, showing off his body. He loved it, and he knew Nanda loved it. Nanda finally agreed to give him back his speedo, and they went home.

“So, you’ve finally understood CFNM, huh?”

“Yeah, it feels great! I never want to wear clothes again!” Saying so, Ramesh stripped down to nothing.

Ramesh and Nanda looked in each other’s eyes, feeling the sexual tension between them. They began to kiss, uniting their tongues. They were also hugging and moaning, with Nanda still in her swimsuit, running her hands over his chiseled chest and toned shoulders. Ramesh was a tall, strong man, but he loved this petite, skinny woman. He was powerless to her infinite femininity. He squeezed her breasts, feeling the softness of a thousand tons of cotton. He knew she was his, no matter what. He squeezed her butt, feeling the curves that would push out their child; the curves that would pleasure him in bed. Eventually, they let go of each other, and they heard a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Nanda called.

“Your very own mother, Nanda!”

“Shit, I’m naked! I know I was supposed to be a surprise, but not like this!”

“You said it yourself: men should be naked and women should be clothed. After all, isn’t she entitled to seeing you cock and how much it’s grown? She is your mother, after all.”

Ramesh, realizing she was right, opened the door.

“Oh my God! Ramesh! Why are you naked?”

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