Captain Cook’s Cruises Ch. 04

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Author’s Note: This is a five part story and, although each part might be read without reading the others, reading all parts gives a little better understanding of the whole story. I wish to express my profound thanks to Literotica’s most gracious (and lovely) Copperbutterfly for her time and effort in editing these stories to make them more enjoyable reading.


On Saturday afternoon after my cruise with Claire Davis, I caught an afternoon booking with a family on a two week vacation trip in the area. That evening when I got back, my phone service, which was comprised of two spinster sisters who ran a service for a number of small businesses from their home, informed me that I had received a call for a booking on Sunday from a Getty party.

I stayed up until nearly midnight cleaning the interior of the boat and was up at sunup mopping and hosing off the decks and then polishing the fixtures. I was pretty well satisfied with the shape of the boat by the time I heard the hail in late morning.

“Yahoo! The Lady A. Can I come on deck?”

“Yes, ma’am, please do.” I hurried to the gangway to help the lady.

“You must be the captain?”

She was different from the other three. She must have been nearer Ellie’s age than Trudi, maybe later forties or early fifties. No doubt she was the heaviest of the four friends but her weight was distributed in an almost classic Coke bottle figure. She had a heavy-looking pair of boobs, a broad round bottom and a modest waist in between. Her legs were shapely but sturdy. However when I got a look at her face, I was smitten. She had one of the most beautiful faces I had ever seen and she displayed a head full of long black hair, interspersed with a little gray, that flowed down past her buttocks. That was another feature that I found extremely attractive and sexy in a woman.

“Yes, ma’am, I am Captain Tom Cook,” I responded.

“Hi. I’m Martha Gettys. I talked to your office about a cruise today?”

“Yes, ma’am. Please come aboard.”

She walked daintily down the gangway and laughed self-consciously as she stopped in front of me. Unlike the others, she was dressed in a blouse and skirt that covered more of her than the typical shorts and tank tops. However I have always loved the way a pleated skirt flows over a pair of well-defined hips and a smooth round bottom and that’s exactly the picture she presented as she came aboard.

“My friends have told me about the cruises they have taken with you this week and … well, it sounded so refreshing that I wanted to try one too. I don’t really care where we go, Captain, so you can set whatever course you think best.”

“Would you like to see the sunset or do you need to return earlier?”

“Oh, no, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to see the sunset from the water.”

“All right. Let me show you around the boat and then we’ll get underway.”

I gave her the nickel tour of the boat and then calculated a course to the east, north and southwest to complete a day’s travel. With Martha watching nearby, I pulled in the mooring lines, backed into the traffic lane and we motored out to the mouth of the harbor. I cut the engines and set out the canvass, fascinated as always when it billowed out into the wind and the boat began to skim over the relatively flat water.

Martha accepted my offer of a glass of juice and sat sipping it on the sundeck. When the autopilot took over, she asked me to join her and we talked about the weather, the boat, living near the water … and being lonely. I was amazed at how similar the story of her marriage was to those of her friends. Why any red-blooded male would leave these four women to their own devices and not at least attempt to keep them well-fucked was beyond me.

It was early in the afternoon when Martha turned to me and asked, “Tom, do you think I’m attractive.”

“Well, no, ma’am. You’re way to pretty to just be attractive. You’re … well, you’re sexy and beautiful and very desirable.”

She smiled and asked coquettishly, “Do you really think so?”

“Yes, hatay escort ma’am, I do. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to me you are a really beautiful woman.”

“Does that mean that you would have sex with me if you could?”

“Yes, ma’am, at the drop of a hat.”

“Then could we please get started. I’m not very good at just blurting this out … “

I took her hand and led her down to the comfort of the master stateroom where I kissed her and began unbuttoning her blouse. She was very timid, as if she had not had much experience with men, but let me unfasten her blouse. When I bent to kiss her neck and behind her ear, she became a ball of pliable clay in my hands.

Carefully I unhooked her bra and worked the straps off her shoulders but she seemed to be lost in the feelings of my kisses. Even when I unbuttoned the waistband of her skirt and lowered the zipper so that her skirt fell at her feet, she didn’t seem to notice. I pulled her closer to me so that she couldn’t help but feel the hardness of my cock as it rubbed against her tummy.

With one more sweep of my right hand, her panties floated down her legs leaving her naked. I scooped her up and laid her carefully in the middle of the queen-sized bed to wait while I shucked my shorts, T-shirt and shoes. I climbed in beside her and hugged and kissed her for a long time before I let my fingertips begin to explore her body. She reacted slowly but surely until she was begging me to slide my cock into her pussy.

“Oh, honey, that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen,” she said, spreading her legs and pulling her cunt open with both hands.

She was tight too and I had to work my way into her slowly, wetting my cock bit by bit with our mixed pre-cum and working her muscle until it gradually relaxed. When I finally rubbed my pubis against hers, she was tugging on my buttocks with both hands and moaning “Oh, yes, baby … oh, yes, baby … oh, yesssss, baby!”

I worked my cock around and around, rubbing lightly on her mound, and it took her maybe all of 30 seconds to cum the first time … not a super strong orgasm but a climax nonetheless. She said that she was “so full” but asked me to go deeper so, one at a time, I pulled her legs up and showed her how to capture them behind her upper arms, raising her ass and making it as deeply accessible as possible.

I worked my cock around and around and in and out of her hot velvet glove until she gasped and shook through a much stronger climax. After she relaxed, I sucked on both of her nipples and then her lips and began pumping her pussy harder, making sure I included her clitty in the process. It took several minutes of work but her face was my reward when she hit her next orgasm.

Since I had not cum yet, I resumed my in and out and around and around motion after she had recovered. Then a few minutes later, working toward my own pleasure, I picked up the pace, pounding her sweet ass with abandon. I had been hard at it for just a few minutes, mostly with my eyes closed in concentration, when my ears were assaulted with a high-pitched keening that sounded like, “iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOO!”

Just as I realized it was Martha in the throes of her most explosive orgasm yet, my balls contracted and began expelling shot after shot of hot fresh sperm. Her reaction was to pull on my ass harder than before, as if trying to pull me inside her. Her legs popped away from her shoulders and moved stiffly toward opposite sides of the bed, her toes pointed like a ballerina’s.

It took most of a minute before the feelings eased and her muscles began to relax, although I was finding my knees and arms a little shaky myself. Martha slid her hands up along my side and curled her arms around my neck, pulling me down for a long kiss.

Finally she spoke, “I didn’t know anything could feel that good, honey.” And she kissed me again, her tongue freely probing my mouth.

After a period of recovery, I invited her to go with me topside for a check and she rather sheepishly followed me, although I had to talk her out of putting on any clothes. Once on deck, it was obvious that no one was going to see us anytime soon and she relaxed, sitting in one of the chairs beside the pilot station and talking to me about the wonders of sailing.

I fixed us some sandwiches and chips for lunch and while we ate and talked a group of four or five dolphins joined us for several miles, cavorting alongside the boat as if putting on a planned show. Martha gushed over the beauty of the creatures as they gracefully kept pace with us. I on the other hand gushed over Martha’s beauty and when I requested that she let me fuck her again, she acquiesced.

Since the dolphins were still with us, I got her on her hands and knees and entered her from behind. While my hands massaged the curves of her luscious body, she talked about the dolphins … and how much she liked the feeling of my cock in her twat. With her puckered opening right before me, I was tempted to switch orifices but decided that, since she had given no indication of anal interest, I would have to work up to that. Slowly I moved in and out of her wet pussy, loving the contact with her broad round ass at the end of each cycle.

Somewhere along the way as I fucked Martha, the dolphins disappeared and left us to our own devices. Martha dropped her breasts to the warm mat and soon had a hand between her legs fondling my balls. It felt so good that I grew concerned about cumming before I could get her to another climax. So without dislodging her hand, I worked a finger into her crease and began to tease her clitty. The result was that both of us exploded almost simultaneously and both quite spectacularly.

During the time we were screwing, the autopilot had adjusted our course to the second leg. Again we relaxed on the mats of the sun deck and watched the snow white clouds scudding across the deep blue of the sky. I suggested to Martha that the shady sunlight could be deceptive and that it would be a good idea for her to put on some sunscreen. When she agreed, I retrieved a bottle and volunteered to put it on for her. She coyly said that she would like that.

With Martha lying on her stomach, I got on my knees straddling her legs and poured a generous amount on her back. Slowly I rubbed the lotion into her arms, shoulders and back. Then I poured more lotion on the upper portion of her bottom and proceeded to rub it into her buttocks and thighs. I took the liberty of smearing it well between her legs, even ensuring that her anus and outer pussy lips were well covered. In fact I may have made a foray or three inside her wet cunt … okay, okay, I DID!

Reluctantly I moved off her legs and smeared lotion on her lower legs and then rubbed it into here calves and all around her feet. It turned out that she was rather ticklish around her feet but I managed to work through it until she let me massage her toes. When I got to the soles of her feet, she moaned and started humping the mat. A couple of minutes later she jerked her legs out stiffly and shivered through a climax under my hands.

When she came down from her high, I turned her over and again straddled her, this time squirting the lotion all over her big breasts. It was a real pleasure to smear the slick liquid into the smooth skin of her boobs and watch her face as she luxuriated under the attention. I worked my way down to her stomach but then bypassed her abdomen to cover the top side of her legs first. Making quick work of them, I moved back up her inner thighs and then surprised her.

Moving quickly, I lifted and spread her knees, dropped my face between her legs, and feasted on her pussy. I could still taste my own cum in her but to my lust-filled brain, it didn’t matter. All I could think about was how great she tasted, how desirable she was, how much I wanted to devour her and make her feel the things she had missed out on. Before long I had sucked up all of my own cum and was tasting vintage Martha Gettys.

When I first dropped my face to her pussy, I heard her frantically asking what I was doing, where I was going, what was going to happen … all of which I ignored because my mouth was already engaged in covering her sweet opening and my tongue was as deep into her as I could reach. Fortunately it didn’t take her long to decide that whatever it was I was doing it was pretty good.

Martha started making a noise that sounded like a cat purring, a short of humming sound from deep within her. Her hands found my hair and with one of her thumbs in each of my ears, she began to let me know what she liked best and one of those things was when I sucked on the mound around her clitty and teased her bud with the tip of my tongue.

She began to have a series of small orgasms where she clamped her thighs around my head and shivered for several seconds, then opened up for me again. I would go back to licking her cunt and sucking her clitty and maybe a minute or two later, she would have another of the little quakes.

They just kept going and going until she begged, “Please! Fuck me again!”

That was supplication enough. I climbed up between her spread legs, guiding my raging erection into her steaming hot pussy and this time it bottomed out with the first thrust.

Martha looked at me with lust in her eyes again. “Fuck me hard, honey. Please!”

She was begging for a pounding and I gave it to her, slamming into her bottom over and over as she gritted her teeth and hissed about how wonderful it felt. When she climbed to the mountaintop, she bucked and pitched so hard she nearly threw me off her sweet body … and did momentarily break the connection but I guided it back in and picked up my pace once more, ramming my rock hard cock into her over and over before my balls quivered and then flooded her pussy with more hot cum.

While we were skiing down the mountainside, I curled around and sucked on her titties. Martha whispered sweet nothings in my ear and helped me with my goal by holding her large jug up to my lips.

I couldn’t believe how quickly our time was passing. The autopilot turned us onto the homeward leg before I knew it so I got up, asking Martha what she would like for dinner. She opted for a grilled fish steak, one I had purchased fresh from one of the commercial fishermen who docked on the other side of the marina from me. Along with a tossed salad, we had an excellent meal and were soon on the sundeck in the late evening rays, sipping a glass of wine and watching the beginning of the evening’s sundown light show.

I was surprised but pleased when Martha put down her empty glass, came to me and sat in my lap with her back to me. With her squirming her bottom and my hands roving over her body, my cock was fully inflated in just a few minutes. Martha lifted up and guided my purple head into the opening of her cunt, then slowly sank back down on it until it was again completely engulfed inside her hot pussy.

With my arms around her holding her titties, we cuddled all through the light display. Near the end, the autopilot lowered the sails as we neared the mouth of the harbor. When several boats passed, giving us a short shout on their horns, Martha wanted to jump up and run below. Instead we just waved at the boaters. I figured they weren’t going to see much in that light anyway so I held her down on my flagpole.

Once the lights were gone and darkness fell, I carried Martha to a mat and lay between her legs again, plunging my cock back into her depths. I gave her another long slow sensuous copulation, maximizing the feelings we took from each other. She had cum twice more by the time I filled her with another load of cum.

After I slipped on my shorts and shoes, I motored into the harbor and docked while Martha was below freshening up and dressing. With her chauffeur waiting on deck to help her to the car, she shook my hand and said, “Oh, Captain, I left the check for the cruise in the salon. Can we go out same time next week?”

I agreed as she walked through the light from the pier, her beautiful round ass swishing back and forth under that pleated skirt. My cock was straining at my shorts before I could get down the four steps to the salon.

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