Camping at the Falls

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It was an extraordinarily beautiful summer day, blue skies with fluffy white clouds dotting the horizon. Gregg looked up, feeling the warmth of the sun on his face and thought: It’s going to be a great weekend.

“Let’s go, baby!” Gregg yelled to April. He was more than impatient to get started on their camping trip. He had planned it with care and consideration and he was pleased that the weather was cooperating. At last, he heard her steps approaching. He loved the way she walked, bouncy with a bit of impatience to her step.

With a twinkle in her eye she said, “I’m ready, slowpoke. What are YOU waiting for?”

Gregg swatted her playfully on the bum and said, “Get that cute ass in the Nissan and let’s fly!”

The route they were taking was circuitous but scenic. They both loved to drink in nature in all her glory. They listened to music and talked and laughed, always touching. Gregg and April’s sexual chemistry was palpable and they needed to merely exchange a glance for both of them to become aroused. It was something that neither questioned: it had always been that way since they first met. They were comfortable with their own sexuality and each other’s. The conversation flowed between them like fine wine with natural pauses and then an exuberant resumption. They rambled on about the state of the country, the best book they ever read, and other such eclectic subjects. There was compatibility between them that they, as a couple, often took for granted. What made it more unique was that they didn’t have to work at it: it just ‘was.’

They approached the camping area: Spearfish Canyon, home of 100 Waterfalls. April giggled at the name and decided she was going to count the waterfalls and see if indeed there were 100 or if it was just a marketing ploy. Gregg rolled his eyes at her and poked her in the ribs, making her laugh and wink at him. They got their gear together and started hiking the ½ mile to their site. Gregg had picked this campsite with special care surrounded by not only a magnificent view of the Black Hills but within walking distance of one of the larger falls and the biggest bonus: it was secluded. The two of them unpacked their gear and set up the tent and all the supplies. April teased Gregg about his methodology…so precise and orderly. She was the organized one in the main, but in the “wilds,” Gregg was the one in charge. The tent was set up in no time, the camping gear put away and they were ready for a hike.

The hiking path was single file so Gregg led the way. Glancing back at her and chatting and smiling, they walked in compatible silence for a while. While each took in the majesty of the woods and relaxed into their own little worlds, never leaving the other far behind, they were content with the silence between them. As they hiked in their quiet reverie, they heard laughter and conversation just up ahead. They happened upon another couple: she was tall and blonde and he was dark-haired with striking blue eyes and a camera slung over his shoulder. The girl looked to be a bit drunk and the guy seemed embarrassed by it. They were just ahead of Gregg and April but moving at a considerably slower pace. As they approached the couple, April and Gregg both said hello and were about to pass.

The guy said, “Hi, sorry to bother manisa escort you but we were wondering if you could help us out for just a minute. We aren’t really familiar with this area. Could you tell us if we are on the right track to the biggest waterfall? I see you at least have a map. Unfortunately, we don’t and are a bit lost.”

Gregg glanced at his map and pointed to Climbing Ladder Falls. Luke looked a bit puzzled so Gregg pointed in the direction they should head toward. With a quick grin and a nod, Luke and Emma set off in search of the fall. April slapped Gregg’s ass and said, “See, I’m not the ONLY one who can’t read a map!” Personally, Gregg was glad the other couple was headed in the opposite direction. It’s great to meet people but he was in the mood to be alone with April. April, on the other hand, looked at Gregg and said; “Maybe we could get HIM to take pictures of us in the nude.” Gregg chuckled. She was always looking for opportunities and if she couldn’t find them, she made them! It was one of the many things that appealed to him about her sexuality.

Soon they heard the rush of the waterfall. They both sped up their step, as they were anxious to see the magnificence of nature. They walked around a bend and beheld a remarkable 50-foot waterfall. They looked at each other, clasped hands and just stood for a moment in complete awe. As if they had an unspoken agreement, both began stripping the other’s clothes off, anxious to cool their bodies beneath this resplendent gush of water. They could see a small rock ledge behind the wall of water and knew that they would be partially hidden. They splashed into the water, shrieking at its coldness but delighting in the way it felt against their hot bodies. They playfully slung water at one another and broke into fits of laughter. Competitive by nature, each began their water assault in earnest.

April came up spluttering and wide-eyed, her wet hair cascading around her face and said, “I give up…on one condition!”

Gregg looked at her quizzically, trying to figure out what she was going to say before she said it. She shot her eyebrows up, winked and motioned for him to come with her. Grabbing his hand, she led him behind the curtain of water. The rush of the water underneath was exhilarating. April pressed her wet body against Gregg and said, “Fuck me, right here and right now.”

Immediately, Gregg’s cock stiffened in anticipation as April pressed her cold, erect nipples against his chest and pulled him down to meet her mouth. Their tongues danced across lips, teasing and biting and finally exploring the inner recesses. Reaching around, she stroked Gregg’s ass and back, his flesh soft and cool but dappled with goose bumps from the cold water. He wrapped his arms around her, enveloping her and pulling her closer to him.

He moved her back against the moss-covered wall behind the waterfall. His fingers found her milky white breasts and stroked in an upward motion. She moaned softly and surrendered to his touch. He began to swirl his tongue around her nipple, forcing it to hardness. With his other hand, he squeezed and stroked her left nipple. She arched her back and relaxed into his knowing hands. She took pleasure in his understanding of her body and how he knew just how to touch her, to make her wet, to make her want him to move downward. She watched him as he sucked and nibbled on her large nipples, kissing and licking. Deliberately, he pulled away and looked up at her. She looked at him imploringly, pushing his wet head downward to her aroused sex. Gregg grinned slyly, knowing what she wanted but taking pleasure in the fact that he was the one in control of that pleasure.

He worked his tongue down her tummy and to her hip bones, taking due care to caress everything but her pussy. Now, April was writhing in agony and ecstasy, so badly wanting the feel of his mouth on her now soaking wet slit. Gregg’s hands moved against her inner thigh, urging her legs a little further apart. Stroking her outer lips and blowing softly on her pussy, he pushed his fingers just inside her hole as if to test for her wetness.

He said, “Oh, baby! You are so ready for me!”

She leaned further into the wall, gripping his hair and urging his mouth to taste her sweetness. He plunged his tongue into her willing cunt, lapping at her as she flicked her hips against his face.

“Fuck me with your tongue, baby! Suck my lips into your mouth!” she cried. She was lost in the pleasure of his mouth. He was hungry to taste her honey. He found her sweet pearl and began to suck and nibble, feeling her tremble beneath his touch. She was close to orgasm and he knew it. His fingers found her g-spot as his mouth continued to consume her pussy. Working his fingers over her ever-swelling g-spot, he felt her orgasm build and explode over his face and into his waiting mouth. He drank from her swollen pussy, swallowing her nectar. She pulled him up to her, wanting to taste herself on his lips. She sucked his lips greedily and pulled his tongue into her mouth. His cock was pressed against her wet slit and she could feel his need. She lowered herself to her knees and began to expertly employ her tongue on his shaft. She teased his head and moved to the rim, sucking ever so gently and pulling on his foreskin. He moaned as he wrapped his fingers in her hair, pulling her deeper onto his cock. She loved the feeling of his dick deep in her mouth where she could feel him at the back of her throat. She wanted his pre-cum to coat her throat as he fucked her mouth. She looked up at him and watched the pleasure wash over his face, both lost in the moment. Neither noticed the couple approaching.

The couple had obviously taken a wrong turn. They had heard the sounds of fucking, the moaning and the heat of Gregg and April’s ardor, and were drawn to it out of curiosity and honestly, for giggles. Luke had joked that they could take some pictures of the sexed up couple. They could see the outline of April and Gregg’s bodies as well as some shadowy details. The couple sat partially hidden behind some rocks but much to their surprise, instead of giggling, they both began to feel extremely turned on. April and Gregg were like poetry in motion. Their movements were so erotic and so sensual that the couple could not take their eyes off of them. Luke and Emma began to fondle each other as they watched their heat and excitement igniting as Gregg’s and April’s passion grew.

Gregg pulled April up. He wanted to feel his cock deep inside her tight wet pussy. He loved the feeling of first entering her. She had the tightest little slit and he loved how wet she got for him. At that moment, Gregg glanced out and saw them: the couple they had met on the trail. The idea that they were being watched was a huge turn on for both him and April. He pulled her close to him and whispered, “We have company, baby!”

April immediately felt another surge of excitement run straight from her mind to her pussy. She did love an audience. She glanced quickly at the partially hidden couple and whispered, “Let’s fuck, baby!” Gregg wasted no time as his cock was straining to be inside her. He laid her back against the wall and began to stroke his cock against her g-spot. April moaned in pleasure. His fingers found their way to her tight little ass as he slipped one, then two fingers into her. She moaned in pleasure as his length slid into her wet sex. She gasped feeling her hole being stretched by his hardness. Her hips began thrusting towards his, matching his grinding rhythm.

Emma and Luke had hurriedly undressed and had begun to stroke and suck each other. They couldn’t take their eyes off of April and Gregg and wanted to match their every cadence. They wanted to cum with the beautiful couple beneath the waterfall. They began to fuck, slow strokes to match those of April’s and Gregg’s. Emma was wet with excitement and Luke was the hardest he had ever been. Luke began sucking on Emma’s nipples as his cock rocked against her hot sex. She held him tightly to her as she muffled her moans of pleasure against his hair. They were edging ever closer to climax. Luke kissed Emma hard on the mouth, pushing his tongue in and exploring. She looked at Luke and then back to April and Gregg, not sure what was making her more excited: the fact that they were fucking in public or the fact that they were watching two people fuck.

Emma could feel that familiar tingling of her pussy signaling she was about to climax. She clamped down hard on Luke’s cock as her orgasm washed over his cock.

April looked at Gregg as he fucked her slowly and then hard and deep. She loved the way his eyes looked when they fucked, so full of passion and lust and hunger. She wanted him to possess her and take her to that place beyond orgasm, her nether world. She rubbed her clit between her 2 fingers as he pumped his hard dick into her. She wanted to cum with him and she could tell he was ready to explode inside her.

“Look at me baby,” he whispered, “I am going to cum deep inside that gorgeous pussy!”

“I am going to cum with you baby…hard and fast. I am going to squirt all over your cock.” April cried.

Gregg pumped his seed into her waiting sex just as her pussy spasmed and she squirted all over his shaft. They leaned against the wall, breathing hard. Both looked up to see Emma and Luke reaching their own intense orgasm, their heads thrown back with wild abandonment. As soon as they caught their breath, Luke and Emma hurriedly scrambled to sort themselves out, straightening clothes and walking away, both flushed with pleasure. Gregg leaned over and kissed April, deeply and passionately. “Mmmmmmm, I hope they had as good of a time as we did, “she said.

Gregg laughed and said, “I just hope they got my good side.” April laughed with him and they embraced and kissed under the veil of the waterfall, each content in knowing the pleasure they gave was the ultimate pleasure received.

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