Brazilian Discovery Ch. 06

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By Dan57 and Riya

Mr Gupta had left for England and Joan felt sad remaining alone in Brazil. She had become quite used of having her small flat crowded and submitting to a dominant man’s wishes had fulfilled Joan’s dreams. She couldn’t wait to see again Susan although she dreaded the outcome : would their long separation have consequences on their couple? The original plan had been that Joan had to have her implants removed and she would stop taking her hormonal treatment to become a man again but she was now so utterly immersed in the girls’ world that she was reluctant to do so. Transsexuals had horrified her but Riya had opened her eyes ; there was a way out for Joan to stay a girl forever. They would have to have a serious chat with Susan but Joan wanted Mr Gupta not to have any part in this discussion. He may be directly interested in the outcome but not in the process!

Joan was back at her university to receive her graduation diploma. The director of the school had told her the professors wanted to organize a party after the departure of the other students for the brightest student they had had in the last ten years. Joan had felt extremely proud and had happily accepted the honour.

She changed her mind when the school dean sat down at his usual place in the conference room with the other professors around him. He turned toward Joan and told her about how he had imagined the party.

-Joan, you have been one of our brightest students and we were overjoyed when we saw how pretty and sexy you were. All of us, men and women, have developed fantasies involving you. We will miss you terribly but, for the last time we meet during this term, we have another challenge for you! We would like you to crawl under this desk and satisfy us all orally. It has been a dream for all the professors during the last two years. It is not an order, of course, just a plea. Don’t consider it a part of your curriculum, just a rite of passage!

Joan considered the group of people : assessing her ten men and four women, all of them considering her with lewd faces. She felt like yelling them to get lost but the director watched her with pleading eyes. He looked like a puppy her father had a long time ago. She hesitated, considered her diploma in her hand and shrugged ; why not? She fumbled with her buttons and started opening her blouse. All the people around the table relaxed and watched her undoing her silk blouse, then her skirt and her suspender belt. Joan had been wise choosing fancy undies for this ceremony…

When she reached for her stockings, her boss handed her old fashioned garters to hold up her fishnet stockings : the hot weather in Brazil had prevented her from choosing silk stockings! Joan, without a word, straightened them then she surrendered to the lust developing in her belly? She knelt down and crawled under the desk. She emptied her mind, just concentrating on what she had to do to satisfy her professors: it was just her duty and she had just to take care of ten men and four girls.

Joan picked the guy to the right of the chairman and bent down to take his cock in her mouth. She tightened her lips around him ; that would increase the pleasure for him and he would come faster ; Joan had to think to the many other men waiting in line for her to take care of them. She didn’t realize it was just what a good whore would think! She must have been quite good as, after just a few minutes, her professor filled her mouth with his spunk and he hastily stood up and left with just a few kind words for her skill. Joan moved on her knees between the legs of the next man. He had already opened his fly and exhibited a nice erection that Joan hastily gobbled in totality!

One after the other, her partners left the room after Joan had swallowed their seed but that was a cheap price to be paid to thank these men for their constant support… They considered her as a woman, a pussy to be fucked and certainly not one of these transsexuals so common in Brazil. As she moved to the next person, Joan was flabbergasted to discover a girl with a cunt disgorging sperm : this girl had been so horny that she had grabbed the next available cock and taken advantage on him! Joan wondered whether the woman was still interested by her ministrations but she pushed her cunt forward when Joan opened her mouth, silencing her quite efficiently. Joan stopped wondering and started lapping her first cunt for the day. The woman put her feet behind Joan’s back, forcing her to take as much of it as she could. This woman was shamelessly vocal when she climaxed. Nearly two hours later, Joan realized she had given them all a nice blow job and she was alone with the school director. He caressed her head under the desk and helped her from under it. Her jaws ached from having serviced so many people but it seemed that the director had other plans for her : his cock sported a huge hard on and his balls were swollen, ready to disgorge a torrent of hot cum!

He made her lean on top of the desk with her bottom turned toward him. Joan immediately understood what he was up to. She turned toward the man she had respected so much during the last two years and calmly parted her thighs wide. It seemed he was waiting tuzla escort for that signal of acceptance as he stood up between her legs and took his cock to aim it toward its assigned destination,. She moaned when it touched her anus then she emitted a prolonged ululation as he buried his long manhood between her ass cheeks. He was the third man who had buggered her after Joao and Mr Gupta who clearly intended to make regular use of her back passage from now on. Such assaults didn’t bother her any more : she even took deep pleasure whenever she felt a big cock invading her bowels but she knew she would reach the ultimate pleasure only when she would open Susan’s pussy for Mr Gupta’s cock, knowing that she was ready to be knocked up, that their master was about to do the job he was no more able to do now? When the baby will be born, Joan had decided that she would tell Mr Gupta she was ready for the final surgery and become completely a female! Her manhood would be useless then with Susan taking care of Mr Gupta’s three children and Mr Gupta planning to enlarge substantially his family.

There was just a final test for Joan : she wanted to seduce a pilot or a steward on her own. They wouldn’t know her; she would be just another girl who had the hots for some one in a pilot outfit. If the man went as far as making a pass at Joan, she would consider it a success and if she got laid altogether, unbeknownst, it would just be a bonus and she could enter Mr Gupta’s service without any risk of getting discovered. Joan boarded the plane to London, wearing a tight, deeply cut red sheath, high heels and a trendy hat. She was wearing gala make up like a star. She had to wait for two hours to get a transfer to Birmingham and that was the moment when she would test her sex appeal. She made then every possible effort to catch the eyes of a pilot, caving in her stomach, pushing her tits forward or bending her waist to give the man a nice view on her bottom. She knew it was her main asset…

The third pilot Joan met offered her a drink. They chatted amiably for ten minutes before he offered her to follow him to his hotel. She blushed like a shy wife and finally accepted his offer. The man bunched up her dress and bent her over the table in the entrance. He seemed not too interested in stripping Joan completely naked and he was most interested by her ass. It suited Joan perfectly. The pilot seemed completely satisfied by her efforts , just sad she couldn’t stay all the night with him and gave her his phone number. She wondered if she could make a threesome with Riya and Susan. She was enjoying becoming a slut! Before they parted, she gave him a hot blow job, promising him a whole night of delicious surrenders for their next meeting…

When she emerged from the gate at B’ham airport, there was a whole committee waiting for her : Mr Gupta, Riya,… and Susan showing off her distended belly: she must be eight months pregnant. They exchanged many kisses : Mr Gupta kissed Joan on the lips to show his domination, before Riya kissed her on the cheek like a good friend. Then Mr Gupta formally introduced her to Susan ; “Susan, might I present you Joan who is going to enter my staff: She will become my personal secretary, at the same level as Riya. On some occasions, you may have to travel with her or with Riya!”

“It will be always a pleasure, Master!”

“Fine : you may kiss Susan but just a peck on her lips : She is my private property now. I may share her with you some day, but not in the foreseeable future!”

“OK, Sir!”

“Now, it should be Milord as I’ve been ennobled by her Majesty! You must pay me due respect, now!”

They went to a restaurant not too far from the airport. Mr Gupta had taken the central chair with Susan on his right and Riya on his left. Joan remembered the examinations in Brazil… She had already described her life overseas to Mr Gupta and Riya, including all her lesbian experiments but she understood that Mr Gupta wanted to shame her in front of Susan. She had to admit she now took great pleasure when Mr Gupta shoved his cock into her tight back passage, to confess in public that she enjoyed his ministrations a lot, that she couldn’t wait for him to take his pleasure in her ass and finally, just pointing out that she was now fully trained to give a girl total pleasure. Joan was surprised when she realized that speaking of her prowess with men and women really excited her.

Joan would have loved if Mr Gupta had invited her to the nearest hotel to spend some nice time with him and Riya… Well her boss could even have invited Susan as Joan had developed a thing for men: he just couldn’t reach orgasm with girls now. If her boss feared anything between Susan and her former husband, Joan would be ready to wear any chastity belt Mr Gupta would devise!

The meal was pretty long, finishing around 4 PM. After that, Mr Gupta offered them to pay a visit to a nearby dance hall for them to discover how skilled Joan was now. There were little affluence so early and Mr Gupta offered a nice tip to the disk jockey so that Joan could prove her mastering of many dances ; slow dance, rock, waltz, fox trot, rumba, passo doble or samba. All the spectators were göztepe escort dumb founded when Joan pulled down her knickers as she prefered dancing without that item of clothing… Watching Joan exhibiting his now very small balls, Mr Gupta relaxed as the main competitor had clearly abandoned the game. He pointed out that they could invite Joan with no supervision as often as they wanted but she could never be allowed to play the role of the man for any reason and only when she wore a skirt or a dress and high heels. In order to enforce his orders, Joan danced with her boss a couple of waltzes and a torrid slow dance which they finished with their mouths glued together and Mr Gupta’s tongue exploring deeply her tonsils.

Her boss then led Joan to a small cabinet nearby. He fumbled with her tight dress and Joan soon discovered what he intended to do to her! He was towing her by the waist, exchanging hot kisses and caresses with her. She already knew he wanted to bugger her and make her scream in pain just for the sake of having Susan realize that her husband was used as a girl by her lover! For her boss, Joan was nothing but a woman to be used for his pleasure and nothing else!

But that wasn’t enough for him: they returned to Mr Gupta’s mansion. He took Susan’s arm and led her toward his master bedroom, telling Riya and Joan to take the adjoining bedroom and leave the door ajar so that he could listen to Joan’s antics while Riya took her pleasure with her? He just added in a low voice not to be heard by Susan : “Don’t be gentle with that whore, make her cry! Susan will understand the message and be totally obedient!” He offered Riya a large dildo, telling her to make good use of it…

Riya soon started to obey Mr Gupta’s orders. Just a few minutes later, Joan started to scream real loud as Riya rammed the dildo in and out of her ass. She also pinched Joan’s nipples, spanked her bottom. Joan was screaming in apparent torment but Riya was also licking her friend’s tits and Joan was screaming in bliss. Susan was totally unable to know whether her husband was enjoying total rapture or suffering like hell… When Mr Gupta was too tired to continue his erotic games, he kept Susan impaled on his cock and listened even more intently to, Joan’s screams. He yelled to Susan to come along and explore her husband’s body. At a moment, he decided to investigate personally and had the surprise of finding Riya and Joan engaged in a torrid 69 and apparently enjoying it tremendously… Susan followed her lover and suggested that they would leave the two girls to their mutual pleasure…

Mr Gupta had followed suit and he had taken Susan in his arms and had carried her lovingly to their bedroom for another bout together! He was whistling in happiness. Just this time, screams coming out of Joan’s mouth wouldn’t bother Susan again but become a sex incentive for Mr Gupta! They rested after that and Susan welcomed Mr Gupta’s tight embrace. He stayed deeply embedded in her sheath, just emerging from his slumber to deposit another load of hot cum into Susan’s pussy. It was only after his third ejaculation that his cock lost its rigidity and popped out of her snatch. Mr Gupta called for Riya and Joan to lick him and Susan clean. In his mind this summon was just a practical way to shame Susan in front of her former husband…

On the next morning, Susan started to work as Mr Gupta’s secretary. She answered the phone calls, typed letters, checked the arrival of parcels for his different stores. The only difference with plenty of similar offices throughout the world was that her seat was adorned with a long and large ebony phallus that was attached to it. Joan’s orders given by her boss were pristine clear : she had omitted wearing knickers, she had bent down to take the cock into her mouth and had copiously covered it with spit. She had then straddled it, allowing it so sink into her anal passage. When Riya had stood up to bring coffee for Mr Gupta, Joan had understood how lucky she had been : Riya’s seat was equipped with two huge cocks; one for her ass and another one for her pussy and both were stuffed deep into her holes and Riya kept moving up and down as if she wanted to make full use of the long dildos… When Mr. Gupta entered the office to give new orders to his staff, they were both expected to lift their ass from their seats, just keeping the tip of the dildo (or dildos for Riya) inside them. When Mr Gupta left them, both girls would impale themselves slowly on the dildo with a single moan of anguish, as the dildos were relatively big, intended to prepare them for their master’s entry? In no time, it became single routine for Joan as if she had always been Mr Gupta’s slave…

Susan had another office, twenty feet from Mr Gupta’s. He regularly summoned her to his office. It was rather funny watching her coming in full haste with her huge belly making her awkward. There was an unused desk in Riya and Joan’s office. Mr Gupta always helped Susan on top of it and in front of his two secretaries and just fucked Susan there. Afterwards, he either dismissed her or ordered usually Riya to come and lick Susan and him clean. He then buggered Susan, not taking any consideration for her üsküdar escort pregnancy. Joan was then asked to lick Mr Gupta and Susan clean. This task had initially repulsed Joan but like all her other duties, it became simple routine and at the end of the week, Joan had accepted it as her normal duty.

As soon as she returned to her office, Joan licked the dildo and shoved it back into her ass hole. The routine was changed on the next Wednesday : she was told to change and take public transportation to a house in the richest part of the city where lived a couple that were also slaves for Mr Gupta. Joan had to travel naked under her dress but she was now used to do so. In fact, she felt weird when she felt a knickers or a bra on her skin! In the bus, Joan was expected to wear a flimsy chiffon dress that was so thin that it left nothing to imagination? In summer, the chiffon would be completely see through and anyone could see that Joan wore not a stitch underneath. But Riya wore similar outfits and didn’t seem to mind : why should she object to it? Joan carried a satchel with just the same outfit. Her orders were to present it to the lady of the house, a woman named Leena who was expected to put it on in the yard in plain view of her neighbours. Leena had to follow Joan through the bus system. Joan couldn’t take out of her mind the indecent transparency of their blouses. They didn’t travel immediately toward Mr Gupta’s mansion but to one of the smallest supermarkets in the company. Joan had fast understood that Leena was to prostitute herself to extremely poor people of the neighbourhood.

Joan was horrified when she saw Leena accepting stolidly such a complete degradation. Leena went straight to the back of the store and placed a thin matt on the floor! She stripped naked and opened her legs wide before telling Joan to announce to the men in the queue that the whore was ready for them. Joan was flabbergasted that a high society scion like Leena could accept so easily to be used like that, just like the lowliest tart…. Leena called for her just before she exited the room, asking her to collect the money and keep it until Mr Gupta took possession of it … So this extremely wealthy man also received money from prostituting high family women to very poor studs from the suburbs. He would get just a trifle money from it but he must draw extreme satisfaction from the total degradation of these women but on another occasion, Leena told her that usually it was her husband, the CEO of a very important company, who collected the money but that day he had a board meeting with several government figures.

Joan blushed thinking that she had gone insane, that such things were just impossible but it seemed just so unimportant for Leena who followed without hesitation her first customer! She even chatted with him : he must be a regular customer! Leena joked to him he had visited her each week for three months; she would have to offer him a bargain price.

-No, Thanks, I have enough money for this but I would better have a sample romp with the girl who collects the money : she is just the kind of girls I fancy!

Joan’s heart skipped a beat : this horrible man had quietly announced he “fancied” her and wanted her to submit to him. Leena answered in a quite matter of fact way that the destiny of this girl was only for Mr Gupta to decide, that he had not given specific orders for Joan. She was at the same time relieved and aghast by the mere idea! Being sexually used was now her usual fate from Mr Gupta and Riya but being used as a whore by a stranger would be an absolute nightmare : she couldn’t stand Susan’s glance any more after she had been reduced to the basic role of a simple harlot! If Leena didn’t care, this was her problem but Joan couldn’t accept it so far!

The man shrugged and without discussion placed Leena’s knees on his shoulders and started to hump as if his life depended on it. His interest for Joan was now nothing but a whimsy, a side remark about a new girl who just happened to be there. He seemed to be quite efficient as Leena soon started to voice then scream her pleasure.

Mr Gupta arrived with Riya while Leena was servicing her last customers. He watched her perform with marked interest. He immediately probed her pussy with his middle finger. He wanted to be sure that her hole was filled to the brim with spunk. He placed a band of duct tape to prevent it from gliding away… He told her he wanted her to stay slimy for as long as possible… He led the two girls to a dance hall in the seedy part of the town. He had chosen for them low cut very short and tight dresses with very high heels. When they walked in, it was evident that his three girlfriends were going to attract attention all night long. Leena was wearing a short leopard skirt with a slit almost to her waist that left her beautiful long legs bare, accentuated by the black high heels on her feet. Joan had received a brown blouse without the same slit but indecently short buttoned down in front but it was so short that it left her stomach bare with her belly button showing. But Riya had the most indecent outfit of them all ; a knee length dress with no slit but it was made in thin gauze that was just completely see through and her knickers were just equally revealing. She could have been completely naked. They wore just the right amount of make up with water shine lipstick that always left her lips looking moist. Most men would kill to kiss those lips…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32