Brazil Beach Girls

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Ball Sucking

I’ll admit it. I’ve always had a severe bikini fetish. When I was young and began to notice that girls were cute, I couldn’t wait for pool weather so that I could watch them in their swimwear. Growing up through the high school and college years, most of my summers were spent at the local pool or beaches. About the time of the late 80s and early 90s, girls even started wearing thong bikinis, and I was entranced. I purchased an early camcorder and collected quite a library of voyeur shots of girls at the beach. I would keep a running count of the number of girls observed wearing either skimpy Brazilian or thong bikinis and was happy to see the numbers increase each year.

With the emergence of the Internet, collecting voyeur pictures and VHS videos of bikinis at the beach just exploded. Websites devoted to beach culture allowed me to virtually travel to great destinations all around the world and watch the bikinis bounce. I had always heard that the thong bikini was invented in Brazil and it didn’t take me long to discover that the beaches of Rio were a bikini lover’s paradise. I started collecting every picture and video I could find of Rio’s famous beaches. Let me know if you’d like some links.

Then one day it occurred to me – I have the money and ability – why don’t I go down there for vacation and see it all for myself! I didn’t know anyone that had ever ventured there for a vacation, so I began to research my ultimate bikini trip. Several travel agents were found and before I knew it, I was on a plane to Rio for two weeks of vacation.


Holy crap! Just stepping off of the plane into the Rio airport, I could tell I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. It was February, the middle of summer, and women could be seen wearing jog bras and little mini skirts walking through the concourse. Outside on the streets, there were women everywhere walking, jogging, sitting and talking outside wearing just a bikini top and shorts. Not just your usual bikini top, but the miraculous Brazilian bikini top which is probably half the usual size. I don’t know what marvel of design came up with those, but they sure enhance the breasts like nothing else.

After checking into my hotel on the Copacabana beachfront, I immediately changed into my swimwear, grabbed a towel and headed down to the beach. It was late in the day but there still were hundreds of people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors on the wide sand beach. Games of soccer, volleyball and paddleball were taking place and quite a few brave souls were in the rough surf on body boards. Above all, just about every direction I looked, there were girls in tiny bikinis. I started walking up the wide cobbled mosaic sidewalk until I found a nice crowded area to sit and watch. I spread my towel on the sand and just sat there for awhile to take in the breathtaking sights of the city and mountains behind me and the beach all around. The sun was getting low in the sky and slowly the beach emptied of sun-worshipers and the sidewalks became a roving market of food and souvenir vendors among the ever present chaotic traffic. I returned back to my room to change and find somewhere to eat.

Along the beachfront hotels on Avenue Atlantica there are small restaurants and cafes with tables and umbrellas on the sidewalk. I picked out a popular looking cafe and sat at a table to enjoy the first of many Skol beers in the steamy evening. The waitress once asked me where I was visiting from and I replied that I had come from Texas for a little vacation. She smiled and returned with another beer a few minutes later. Placing it on the table, she said “Excuse me, but the table behind you would like to know if you’d join them for a drink.”

I turned around expecting to find a few other tourists drinking a beer but to my surprise there were three women sitting at the table and smiling at me. I grabbed my half empty beer and walked over to their table and introduced myself.

“We’re glad you came over to join us. You looked lonely sitting there all by yourself.” she said. “My name is Amanda and this is my daughter Isabel and her friend Camille.”

Amanda was a very attractive woman, probably in her late 40s. She was dressed impeccably in a white summer dress which highlighted her deep tanned skin. She spoke English with a thick accent but fluently. It was impossible not to notice the large diamond ring and earrings which adorned her – she had money.

“Well thanks for inviting me over. I wanted to meet a few local people when I was here on vacation, and it looks like I’ve started.” I said. Amanda pulled a chair between herself and Camille and motioned for me to have a seat. I sat down and offered if I could buy them another round of drinks.

Amanda laughed and said “Aren’t you sweet! Don’t worry about us, you’re our guest tonight, let me buy you a drink.”

“So how do you like our city?” asked Isabel. I turned to speak and was greeted with the warmest set of eyes I’d ever seen. She was a small girl Avrupalı porno with long straight black hair and similar dark skin like her mother. She was also wearing a light summer dress in yellow and evidently without a bra. I’d say Isabel and her friend Camille were about twenty years old.

“This is just my first evening here,” I said. “Just flew in from Houston Texas this morning, and I’m really exited to be here. I’ve always wanted to experience the famous beaches of Rio.”

After talking for a few more minutes over our drinks, Amanda asked “Would you like to come over to our apartment to cool off a little? It’s quite warm outside tonight.”

“Sure, that would be OK,” I said. I was beginning to wonder if I was getting myself into a bad situation, but the three women were sweet and genuinely interested in meeting me. Amanda paid our bill at the cafe and we left.

After walking only two blocks we entered a high-rise apartment complex. Man, I thought, she must really have some money to afford a house only a block away from Copacabana beach. We took a small elevator up to the eighth floor. Amanda opened the door to a small but well furnished apartment. Isabel was next to me and said “Make yourself comfortable” and patted my butt as I walked through the door. Camille giggled.

I sat on the couch and immediately the two girls plopped down very close on either side of me. Amanda disappeared into the kitchen and soon came out with another cold beer for me and some sort of drinks for the girls. She then turned the TV on low and sat down in a large easy chair with a glass of wine. Everyone kicked off their shoes and relaxed.

Amanda was asking me about my job, my house, and my friends in Texas. I could tell that something was up between the girls because they were making subtle signals to each other. The alcohol was going down fine and everyone was laughing and talking and having a great time.

“So Mike, what are you going to do tomorrow?” asked Camille, putting her hand on my left leg.

“Obviously I came here to spend the week on the beach. Maybe if the weather turns cloudy I might check out Corcovado or Pau d’Acuzar. But mainly just lazy days on the beach.” I said.

With a sly smile Camille asked “Would you like to meet both of us on the beach tomorrow?” Isabel also placed her hand on my right leg, much closer to my crotch and said “Come out with us, we’ll have fun.”

“How could I say no?” I replied. “Just let me know where and when.”

“We’ll pick you up in your hotel lobby at ten.” Isabel said

“Sounds great. I think I’d better be going,” I said. “It’s after midnight and I’m still a little jet lagged from the flight.”

“It was very nice meeting you, Mike.” said Amanda. She got up and gave me a nice hug and then collected the empty drinks to return them to the kitchen. “I’ll see you later this week, I’m sure.” she said with a smile as she disappeared.

The moment she was out of sight, Isabel jumped onto my lap and immediately planted a big kiss on my lips. “I’ve wanted to kiss you all night,” she whispered, “You’re so cute.”

I put my hands on her slim hips and returned her sweet kiss. As we continued a long slow kiss, Camille slid her hand up my leg. “We’ll make sure you have a fun time on your vacation,” she said.

“We should not keep you any longer,” said Isabel. “We’ll have a fun day tomorrow and I don’t want you to get tired. We’ll walk you to your hotel.”

We left the apartment and both girls took turns kissing me in the elevator. I held hands with Isabel down the street until we came to my hotel a short distance away. “Good night, I’ll see you cuties tomorrow.” I said with a final good-night kiss.


I woke up refreshed after a great night’s sleep. I took another early morning walk about a mile up Avenue Atlantica to enjoy the warm morning breeze. I stopped at a drink cart and got a bottle of cold water which really hit the spot. I returned back to the hotel and packed a small backpack with my beach gear and went downstairs to wait for my new friends. It was a few minutes before ten and I sat by the window watching Copacabana beach come to life. A small white car screeched to a halt in front of the doors (Rio resident’s are notoriously bad drivers) and Camille jumped out of the passenger door and ran inside. I stood up as soon as she entered and waved to her. She approached me and asked “Are you ready?” I nodded and followed her outside to the idling car. I headed towards the back seat when she said “No, you can sit up front with us.”

I tossed my bag in the backseat and slid next to Isabel. Camille squeezed into the front seat beside me and closed the door. “Good morning,” I said. “Where are we going?”

As Isabel darted into the flow of traffic, she said “We usually like to go to Ipanema, there are fewer tourists.” I was taking my life in her hands as she darted between lanes on the short drive. Neither of Video porno the girls seemed concerned.

When we reached Ipanema, she turned away from the beach and pulled up to a small apartment parking garage. “This is my house,” Camille said as we parked the car. Wow I thought another rich family with an apartment on Ipanema beach. We collected our bags and headed out to the sunny sand. We walked over to a set of beach chairs and umbrellas normally frequented by the girls. As locals, they weren’t asked to pay an outrageous fee to rent a spot for the day like tourists would be charged.

I just stood there and watched as the girls went through what probably was a normal daily routine at the beach for them. They first went over to the family which operated the beach chairs and gave enthusiastic hugs all around. After a quick flurry of dialogue, they motioned me over and introduced me as their new friend from Texas. The owner informed me that I was very much welcome and that all my drinks would be free. I looked in a giant cooler with drinks of all different kinds on ice. The beer looked good but it was a little early in the day, so I chose a Guarana. The girls hugged the owner again and led me to an umbrella at the side of the group. We dropped our bags and began to get settled.

Both girls pulled traditional Batik fabric towels from their bags and spread them under the umbrella with a space between them. Isabel said “You can sit here.” and motioned me to sit in the space between their towels.

I was excited to meet these two cute girls last night, but I was blown away as they began to undress. With little fanfare, Camille first undressed to reveal her gorgeous body in a tiny bikini. She had a small pink bikini top that was connected by very thin strings. The small triangles of fabric were scrunched narrowly across the front of her tanned breasts, covering only the width of her nipples. The top stretched tightly over her perky C-cup breasts causing them to stand at attention. As she stepped out of her shorts I watched her beautiful small round ass. She wore a tiny black and pink thong that would raise an eyebrow back home, but was just plain ordinary here. She gracefully untied each side at her hips, adjusted it, and retied it again, just like she’d probably done a thousand times before.

Isabel undressed next as Camille sat on her towel. She was wearing a tiny white thong similar in size. Her deeply tanned body made the white bikini fluoresce in comparison. I was already in heaven as these two girls sat close beside me in these minuscule bikinis. “It’s our turn to watch you undress,” said Isabel with a smile.

I knew that it was customary for men to wear Speedo type swimwear at the beach, not the long baggy swim trunks worn back home. I had purchased a few and made sure that I had a good base tan before I went to Rio so I wouldn’t fry in the hot equatorial sun on my first day out. I took off my shirt first and revealed my moderately sculpted torso. I’m not a weightlifter but I enjoying working out and staying in shape. Both girls smiled and reached out to touch my abs. I then took off my beach sandals and slid down my shorts to expose a low cut blue Speedo. I’ve been told that I’m fairly well hung, with a soft six inch dick that grows to about ten inches when hard. As a result I have a nice looking package when stuffed into a small swimsuit. Both girls audibly gasped and Camille said quietly “Oh my god, look at that, Issy!”

I smiled at her and asked “Do you like what you see? I definitely like the bikinis that the two of you are wearing.”

“You look incredible, Mike. I though you were cute when I saw you last night, but you are so hot.” Camille answered.

“I’m not going to play games, so I’m just going to ask now,” said Isabel with large eyes, pointing at my dick. “Can we see it?”

“I guess so,” I shrugged. “As long as you let me take a peek too.”

Isabel looked around and saw that nobody was paying any attention in our direction so she leaned over with Camille and lifted the top of my swimsuit to peek at my dick flopped over to the left. Each of them gently touched the length of my shaft with their finger to assure themselves that it was real. “That is beautiful,” she said. The two friends looked at each other with huge smiles.

“My turn”

“OK” Isabel replied.

I slid my hand across her firm belly and down below her belly button. Way down to where her pubic hair should have started, it was still silky smooth. I lifted the top of her tiny white string thong to revel a small, nearly hairless pussy underneath. I couldn’t resist and I had to reach down and slide a finger across her smooth lips. It was the softest pussy I had ever felt.

“How about you?” I asked Camille. “Sure” she replied.

I lifted her bikini bottoms and saw another beautiful hairless pussy. I slid my finger across her’s too.

“You two are beautiful,” I said. “I actually can’t believe that cute girls like yourself aren’t surrounded by guys all of the time. I know I can’t keep my eyes off of you, let alone my hands.” “You are really exotic looking Brazilian beauties.”

“We were thinking the same about you too,” Isabel said. “We couldn’t imagine a hot guy like you traveling all alone without a girlfriend along.”

Just then from behind us, I heard a voice saying “Ola!” and I turned around. Coming towards our umbrella were two more girls. Camille and Isabel jumped up and greeted their friends with another big round of hugs. “I’d like you to meet our friend Mike, from Texas,” Isabel said with a smile. I stood up and received a hug from each of the new girls. She introduced me, but I easily forgot their names. They were friends from school and had probably received a phone call late last night to come hang out on the beach today, for a good reason.

They began to spread out their Batik towels in front of me so that I was surrounded by all four beautiful girls. One of them was wearing a small orange thong with a white top and the other had a tiny bright blue thong. By this time, I was in heaven and surrounded by pretty girls in Brazilian bikinis. It didn’t take the new friends long to notice the bulge in my swimsuit pointing to the left. Camille saw the expression on their face and said “Yes, if you are wondering, it’s as nice as it looks!” and everyone started laughing.

I was asked if I wouldn’t mind helping apply some suntan oil to all four girls. I happily moved from towel to towel and slowly spread glistening oil over every inch of their exposed bodies. I massaged their arms, legs, and back and could feel them melting into relaxation. They didn’t mind being touched all over.

When finally finished with the parade of bodies, I sat back down and Isabel made the announcement that “Mike is all mine today.” I laid back as she gently spread suntan oil all over, making sure to accidentally brush against my swimsuit several times. The three others jealously watched as Isabel rubbed and massaged me. I could feel that the top of my swimsuit was lifted again. This time her hand gently removed my soft dick and laid it on my abs. I heard one of her friends whisper loudly “Issy, oh my god, what are you doing!” I cracked my eyes open to see her pause for a moment to cover her hands in oil and then slowly stroke my dick. It felt wonderful and I thought I would start getting hard. But just as the sensation started, she carefully replaced it back in the swimsuit. She leaned over me with her perky breasts on my chest and whispered in my ear “I want you inside of me so bad”. I grinned and gave her a kiss.

Isabel turned to her friends and said “I know we just arrived here, but I’m wondering if we could all go to the pool at Camille’s apartment? I think we could have fun this afternoon.”

“Good idea,” Camille answered. “Nobody ever uses it and I can get the key from the manager. We’ll be all alone up there.”

So just as fast as the clothing came off, all of us got dressed and collected our things. On the way off of the beach, I stopped and grabbed a beer from the cooler and received a nod from the owner – he knew. The five of us crossed the street and walked one block to her family’s apartment, where we had parked the car. Four of us headed up to the rooftop pool while Camille went to see the manager.

The apartment pool was small, really only for lounging and too small to actually swim. There were a half dozen lounge chairs around the deck and one table was in the shade. I dropped my bag on a chair and sat down with my beer. Isabel knew that there was a radio in one of the cabinets so she pulled it out and turned it on. The three girls started dancing to the Samba tunes while laughing. They saw the smile on my face and came over to where I sat to each give me a lap dance.

Once again the clothing came off the reveal the tiny Brazilian bikinis. Now with the samba parade in full motion, I playfully started grabbing all of the ass and tits dancing around me. The girls were obviously enjoying the attention.

Camille appeared through the door and exclaimed “No fair! You’ve already started partying while I’ve been working.” She sat a small cooler down that she was carrying and proceeded to lock the door behind her. “I guess only Mike and myself can have any of these cold drinks that I stole from my parent’s refrigerator.”

With that, the samba dance abruptly ended as the girls dashed over to the cooler to each grab a cold one. In the time that it took them to return, Camille had already managed to get undressed and sat down on my lap.

“I think Isabel already claimed you first, so I get to be next,” she said.

“I have the feeling that everyone will have fun, so don’t worry.” I replied.

The three girls sat down all around us. My shirt was lifted off and my shorts were taken down simultaneously. I instantly had four pairs of hands teasing up and down my body.

“Since we’re all alone up here, I don’t think you need those tiny bikinis anymore. I’ve always wanted to slowly remove them. May I? I asked.

“Sure,” they answered. “We usually don’t wear them up here anyway” the fourth girl answered.

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