Bethany’s Massage

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Bethany loved going for her weekly massage. After a long 5 days of being on her feet as a nurse and going from patient room to patient room, doing the same routine tasks most of the time, it was such a relief to lie down and be taken care of. When she started getting massages, she thought it would be better and somehow safer to go to female masseurs. But as she gained more experience, she had now come to prefer the hands of a strong confident man to the chattiness of the usual female masseur.

Her favorite by far was Tony who worked at a nearly Elements massage studio. She would book weeks in advance to make sure it was Tony who took care of her. Tony was quite a bit older, with short gray hair and strong confident hands, sort of a Mark Harmon type who gave off an aura of confidence and self assured sexuality. They had an easy going relationship and kept their talk to a minimum. She loved the feeling of complete surrender, lying nude with just a sheet covering whatever part of her body Tony was not giving his attention to at the moment.

In truth, she had a bit of a crush on him and could not help but moan softly as his hands glided down her back and stopped just before reaching the sheet covering her ass before gliding back up to her neck and shoulders. And when he oiled up his hands and gave her a foot massage and traveled up each leg in turn stopping just before he reached the part which was aching to be touched, she would almost whimper.

That Sunday afternoon, as she parked her car outside the studio, she was feeling especially anxious to feel Tony’s hands on her. After waiting in the reception area for a couple of minutes, Tony came out to escort her into the candle lit room with soft music playing in the background.

Instead of his usual, “Ok, I’ll be back in a couple of minutes while you get ready,” Tony said “Get undressed” and gave her a long lingering look yalova escort before exiting.

A few minutes later, Tony came back into the room and Bethany could hear the lock on the door being softly put in place. Lying on her tummy, she lifted her head slightly to watch Tony come around to where her head was lying on the pillow. She looked up in surprise to see him dressed in a bathrobe instead of the usual company issued shirt and slacks. But he just smiled as he oiled up his hands.

He started as usual with her neck and back and seemed a bit more forceful than in the past, especially as he held her neck in both hands and manipulated it back and forth. When his hands went up and down her back, they didn’t stop at the sheet, but went all the way over her ass and down her legs discarding the sheet to the side.

“Are you comfortable Bethany?” he asked as his hands traveled back up her legs and over her ass.

“Yes,” she breathed still in a bit of shock at what he was doing to her, but knowing that it was exactly what she’d been fantasizing about for weeks.

“Good, I’m glad to hear that Bethany. It’s been clear to me for some time that you’ve been wanting more from your sessions with me.” He said this as his hands were massaging her ass and pulling her cheeks apart and sliding his hands down between her legs.

He continued the massage as it become more sensual than ever before, reaching up between her thighs from behind and pulling them apart to expose a view of her wet pussy. And then, just a touch of his fingers where her mound connected to her thighs and then in to gently massage her outer lips.

“Have you had impact massage before Bethany?”

“I’m not sure what that means, I know Swedish mass…”

But before she could finish her thought, Tony’s hand came slapping down on her ass.

“Ohhhh!” edirne escort Bethany almost screamed.

Tony’s hand came down again on her other cheek harder. “

You like that don’t you?

Bethany gasped and weakly breathed, “Yes, I do…”

Tony’s spanking alternated ass cheeks, growing harder, then easing up a bit, before becoming harder than ever before. Bethany shook and whimpered with each blow as her ass became pinker and pinker.

Leaving Bethany gasping and bucking her hips, Tony stopped his onslaught on her ass, and walked around to her head and took one arm and began oiling it from shoulder to hand and massaging her hand. To gain leverage to massage her arm, he placed her hand on his bare chest (when had he taken off the bathrobe? she wondered.) And as he gently lay her arm down, her hand grazed across his erect cock before falling towards the floor. He repeated this with her other arm, but instead of letting her hand fall to the floor when she grazed his cock, she took it in her hand and stoked it with her oily hand.

“Let’s turn you over now Bethany,” he said as he rolled her over and stood staring at her pretty freckled upside down face, her long brown hair and her perfect small breasts. And she lay staring at his handsome gray haired face three feet away and his throbbing cock a couple of inches from her mouth. Without a word, he grasped her under her arms and pulled her towards him so her head hung over the table and her arms fell to the side. He laid the tip of his cock on her lips and she opened her lips to take him in.

But instead of sliding his cock in, he knelt down and fastened her hand to the table leg with a roll of kerlix and then did the same with the other hand and each of her ankles. She was now naked, tied down to the massage table by her hands and feet and unable to move. If you had erzurum escort told her the day before that a man would tie her naked to a bed, let alone a massage table, she would have been alarmed, but now she was exhilarated and nervous with sexual anticipation.

Tony slapped the tip of his cock on Bethany’s lips and then on each side of her face, then clutching each side of her beautiful face in his hands, he slowly slid his cock into her open eager mouth. With her head hanging down off the table upside-down in an almost vertical angle, his cock was a natural fit to her mouth and throat. Slowly at first, then with greater speed and intensity, he face fucked her pulling her mouth onto his pulsating member and then holding it there gagging her until she sputtered for breath. Letting go of her face, he held her by the throat and then slid his hands over her little breasts teasing and pinching her nipples until she cried out.

Sliding his oily hands down her torso, he reached her pussy and pushed her legs apart and then put a hand on either side of her pussy and trailed a finger up each side of her outer and then her inner lips. With the middle finger of his right hand he began making lazy circles around and over her clit making her squirm and moan with his cock still pumping her mouth.

Leaning over, Tony began licking her mound, her pussy lips and then her clit. He alternated between long slow licks and sucking gently on her sex. Bethany was squirming and bucking her hips up every time his lips left her clit. At this point he inserted one finger inside her and began slowing finger fucking her cunt. After a moment he added a second finger and fucked her harder. Bethany’s moans were now becoming muted shouts as she was getting closer and closer to her orgasm. He stopped his finger fucking and simply left his fingers inside her while he continued sucking and licking her clit. As her orgasm built, she bucked her hips into his mouth.

“Cum for me Bethany,” he breathed, “Let me taste your orgasm, cum for me, cum for me!” Bethany exploded in his mouth as waves and waves of pleasure enveloped her entire being.

“Good girl,” Tony said as he stood up and pulled his cock out of her gasping mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32