Back Together with His Ex-Wife 02

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The following morning dawned bright and warm, the rain from the previous night having disappeared and a new day was starting. Peter woke slowly, his usual morning hard-on throbbing from dreams of the previous night’s events. Instinctively, he reached next to himself and found that Anna was no longer there. Saddened, he rolled over. “What did you expect, asshole? She needed someone to talk to last night and to console her, but she still has a husband and a life of her own to take care of, so get over it,” he thought to himself.

Peter was still lying there 30 minutes later reliving the previous night when the covers were suddenly ripped off of him. “What the Fu–,” he started to say as his eyes popped open. Anna was standing above him dressed in one of his dress shirts, which she had tied just under her 38DD tits, a pair of his jogging shorts and her high heels looking as desirable to him as she had the night before.

“Now, now, lover. Is that anyway to talk? I got up and was making some coffee in the kitchen but I couldn’t find any cream. That is until now,” she said as she looked down at his cock pointing straight up into the air. A sultry smirk formed on her face as she sat down on the bed and wrapped her hand around it.

“I thought that you had left … that you had gone back to Ned.”

Slowly working her hand up and down his rigid cock she looked at him, “THAT is not going to happen. I told you last night that I had found what I needed right here with you. Now you stay right there and I’ll be right back. Then I intend on getting my morning cream directly from the source.”

Anna quickly left the room and Peter heard the water running in the bathroom. When she returned she had a washcloth that she quickly wrapped around his cock before sitting down next to him. Teasingly, she slid her hand up and down his cock removing any evidence of their final act of love-making the night before. Then without another word she lowered her head and kissed the top of his cock, slipping her tongue out to slide along the underside and then slowly took the whole length of his cock into her mouth. “Mmmmmmm … this tastes even better this morning. YOU always did wake up with a hard-on and I just know that you have a big load of cream waiting for me,” she purred.

“Oh shit, Anna that feels so good. You keep this up and you’ll get your cream real quick.”

“That’s exactly what I wanted to hear,” she smirked as she opened her mouth, flicking her tongue out and licking the head of his cock. She then swirled her tongue over the head and down the shaft until she reached the base. Grasping his cock she pulled it out of the way and descended on his balls, gently licking and sucking them while her hair brushed against the underside of his shaft. Her touch was tantalizing and caused his balls to swell almost instantly until they were big, and full of cum … cum that he wanted to give her. She continued to tease him as she licked and sucked on them until he had no choice but to pull away but even then she didn’t stop her teasing as she licked her way back up his shaft and finally slid his cock back into her mouth. His cock was so swollen with lust that she couldn’t take the whole thing in her mouth any more, so she used her hands as well. With one hand she held his balls, and the other hand she wrapped around the part of his shaft that she couldn’t swallow, as she slowly stroked up and down its length. Her tempo increased as her tongue danced around his shaft, sucking harder, and stroking his cock and balls with her hands. Soon she felt his balls tighten, and she knew he was ready to explode.

Peter knew that she loved swallowing cum, so he didn’t try and withdraw as his balls pulled tighter and his cock began to leak pre-cum. “Annnaaaaa,” he cried out. “I’m not going to be able to hold back much longer, baby. I’m going to cum in your mouth and fill you with it. Ohhhhh, your mouth is so warm and wet, just like your pussy. I’m gonna cum, soon.”

Suddenly pulling away, Anna looked at him. Lust filled her eyes and the smell of her wet pussy filled the air. “Come here, Peter. Come and sit at the edge of the bed. I want your cum in my mouth, but I want to do something else too. Come here, baby.”

Quickly he slid to the edge of the bed as Anna untied the shirt she was wearing. Licking her hand she lubricated her cleavage and smiled at him. “Fuck my tits, honey. Slide that big cock of yours between my tits and cum for me. Your slut wants to taste your cum and feel it covering her tits.”

Kneeling in front of him, Anna placed a hand on each side of her magnificent breasts and positioned his cock between them. Shifting her hands, Anna held each tit in place around Peter’s cock while taking a nipple between each index finger and thumb. Pinching them just as she had the night before tit-milk began to flow from them to drip onto Peter’s lap as she began sliding up and down the length of Peter’s cock.

All too soon Peter felt his balls tighten and prepare to deliver their load of creamy cum. Anna felt Gaziantep Escort İlanları the change too and tilted her head down to lick and suck on his cockhead with each down-stroke of her tits.

Unable to sit still any longer, Peter grabbed Anna by the shoulders and quickly matched her tempo as he tit-fucked her. “Anna, I can’t remember the last time I felt this turned on. Your tits are so soft and velvety, and your mouth feels like liquid fire when you wrap it around my cockhead. If anyone had ever told me that someday I’d be making love to you like this I would have told them they were nuts but right now I want to fuck you just like this. I want to slide my cock up and down that valley of yours and cum all over your tits. I want to see it coating them and dripping from you nipples.”

“That’s right, lover, fuck my tits. I want to feel your cum shot from your cock and splatter on my chest. Come on, lover. Fuck me. Fuck me, harder. That’s it. Fuck my tits. You’re going to make me cum this way. I’ve never cum when someone has tit-fucked me before. Cum on me. Give me your cream, baby,” Anna purred.

Hearing her pleading like this triggered Peter’s orgasm. “Here you go, baby. Squeeze your tits together. Hold them together good and tight so it feels like I’m fucking your pussy. Arrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh, here it comes. Here’s my cum, baby.” Spurt after spurt of cum flew from the end of his cock and landed on Anna’s chest, slowly sliding back down between her tits to increase the lubrication on his cock.

Feeling each spurt splatter against her, Anna tilted her head downwards to catch the last of his cum in her mouth. At the same time she pinched her nipples and he watched in amazement as tit-milk sprayed all over his cock and stomach while her body shook and quivered as her own orgasm surged through her. “FFFUUUCCCKKKK MMMEEEEE, CCCUUMMMMMIIINNNGGGGG!!!”

Spent, Peter collapsed back on the bed and watched Anna as she scooped each strand of cum from her chest and sensuously lick it from her finger. Then she slowly leaned over him and began to lick the excess cum and tit-milk from my semi-hard cock.

“Mommy and Daddy milk… Mmmmmmmmmm. Thank you, lover.”

“Hell. I should be thanking you. That was fan-fucking-tastic.”

“I’m glad you like it, because I love the idea of waking you up like this,” she purred as she kissed him.

Peter had never tasted his own cum before and was shocked that instead of being turned off he found his cock hardening even more.

Anna felt it too but smiled as she pulled away. “As much as I want that, I really do need to eat so why don’t you get up and take a girl to breakfast?”

Laughing, Peter got out of bed and grabbed some clothes to wear while Anna went back downstairs to the kitchen.

When he entered the kitchen a few moments later he found Anna sitting at the table massaging the last of my cum into her tits. “They say it makes a fantastic moisturizer,” she said as her face seemed to glow in the morning light.

Glancing down he noticed a letter that she had obviously been writing before coming back up to the bedroom. It was addressed to her husband so Peter quickly looked away as his face reddened from jealousy and a touch of anger. His emotions were confused to say the least. He had just spent one of the most fantastic nights of love-making he had ever experienced with of all people my ex-wife and here she was writing a letter to her present husband. Had it just been a ‘one-night-stand’? Was she simply using him to get back at Ned for having an affair with his own ex-wife? Did he even have the right to ask himself these questions since she was still Ned’s present wife and not his or had the two of them connected in a way that they had never experienced when they were married? Unsure, he simply asked, “You ready to go, sexy?”

Suddenly serious and quiet, Anna replied, “I’d like you to read the letter I wrote to Ned before I send it. I don’t ever want there to be any secrets between us like before.”

Picking up the note Peter read:


I’ve known for some time that there was trouble in our marriage. I’ve tried to talk to you about it, but you were always too busy or had to go somewhere. Recently I hired a detective to find out if I had anything to worry about and my worst fears were confirmed. I know about you and your “ex” and have the pictures to prove it.

I’m seeing a lawyer to file for a divorce today. Since we live in a “No Fault” state I don’t think there will be any problem with that part. What might cause trouble is the property division. The law says that we have to split everything 50/50, but as you’re aware I had the cottage, the car, the furnishings and most of the money before we were married and I want them back. So I’ll make you a deal. I get my property back and I won’t drag your “ex” into court and sue her for “Personal Injury, Mental Duress, etc.,” for destroying our marriage. You know me well enough to realize I’ll do it. I might not ever get my property back, but I guarantee you and your “ex” will never get to enjoy it either if you fight me about this.

I’ve contacted Peter to come and get the boys and bring them to his house to live with him until things get settled.

I’ll give you until the end of next week to have all of your belongings out of the cottage, after that I’ll have them removed to a storage site where you can get them … or maybe I’ll just have them sent to your “ex’s” house.


After reading the note Peter looked at Anna and asked, “Do you mean what you said here?”

“Yep, I’m through with that bastard. Let his “ex” take care of him.”

“And what about us?”

“Well, I think I’d better get away for awhile. The boys will be safe with you and if Ned found out about us there’d be hell to pay especially after what I just threatened him with but I meant what I said earlier. My life is with you, now and forever.”

Momentarily, Peter sat there surprised and unsure of what to say while he thought about all that had just happened between them, then he quietly replied, “Okay, I don’t agree with you leaving but if that’s what you want. You know I’ll be here if you want or need me.”

“Hey. Don’t be so glum. The future is ahead of us and I still want to spend some more time with you before I deliver this letter. So what say you take me out to breakfast and then we come back here and fuck our brains out?”

The idea of spending the day fucking Anna instantly brought Peter’s cock back to life and straining inside of his pants. Without saying a word he helped Anna to her feet and pressed her back against the kitchen table. Sliding his jogging shorts down her legs as he took a seat and smiled, “Breakfast is served.”

Anna slid onto the table as his hands grabbed her legs, and spread them apart. Peter rested her legs on his shoulders, and his tongue began to explore her inner thighs which were already coated with her juices. Her legs spread wider, as if they had a mind of their own, revealing the lust-engorged lips of her pussy. Teasingly he leaned forward and gently blew on them. Anna’s back arched and she dug her heels into his back pulling me closer.

“That feels so good, lover. Do it again … play with my pussy … lick it … suck on my clit … fuck me with your tongue … do whatever you want with me … just don’t stop,” she gasped.

Leaning forward again he gently kissed her neither lips. Her body tightened and began to quiver as a primal moan escaped from deep within her. She was soooooooo wet that Peter felt her juices running out of her pussy and coating his chin before dripping down between the crack of her ass cheeks. He had always loved the taste of Anna’s pussy juice and today was no different as he extended his tongue and slid it between her pussy lips. Her body tensed and quivered as he probed deeper. Within moments he felt her orgasm begin to build in her toes and spread up through her body. Her pussy muscles sucked on his tongue until he was as deep as he could go, then using a trick he had once seen in a porn movie he pulled it out and licked over her clit as if he were licking an ice cream cone … her response was instantaneous as her back arched off the table and her legs clamped around his head.

Grabbing his hair and pulling him closer she screamed, “Yes … yes … yes … more … more … I’m going to cum, lover … Fuck me with your tongue … push it in deeper … don’t stop … please, don’t stop … LICK ME, BABY … THAT’S IT… FLICK YOUR TONGUE AGAINST MY CLIT … NOW, BABY, NOW … I’M … OH, GOD … OH, GOD … OH, GOD … I’M CUMMMMIIIINNNNNGGGGGGG.”

Peter had never experienced a woman ‘squirting’ before and was surprised as her juices exploded from her pussy onto his tongue and face. He lapped up every drop he could. In all the years they had been married he couldn’t recall Anna ever responding as she was now as she lay quivering in front of him. Slowly she loosened her hold on him and he pulled away before sliding up her body until the tip of his cock begin to probe against the wet opening of her pussy.

“Yessss,” she hissed as she wrapped her legs around his hips, locking her ankles behind him and pulling him to her.

Peter’s cock slid past her lips and into her heated center as she tightened her hold on him. Then with one long thrust he buried his cock into her until he felt the head nestled against her cervix once again. Instantly, she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of her.

“Mmmmmmm, Peter. I feel like such a slut. I’ve never felt this way before. It’s like my pussy is in control of me and I can’t get enough of your cock. I’m all yours, lover. Do anything you want to me. Fuck me. Fill my pussy. Cum …,” she whispered before she paused. Then shifting she gave him a long, passionate, loving kiss before finishing, “… cum in me and give me another baby. Fill my pussy with your cum and knock me up. When I came here last night the only thing I wanted was to be fucked but now I realize what I truly need and have always needed is to be loved, loved by you. Fill my pussy darling. Fill me with your cum and give me a baby … our baby. I made a mistake when I left you and a bigger mistake when I married Ned, but now I know without a doubt where I belong and I’ll never make that mistake again.”

Overwhelmed by what he heard Peter stood up and looked down at Anna. Here was the woman he had loved and lost, or so he had thought, asking him to get her pregnant with their child; telling him that she wanted to part of his life again not just for the night but forever. This wasn’t the first time she’d made a similar comment since she had come over the night before but something inside told him that if there were any doubts now was the time to ask, “Are you sure?”

No longer concerned with being a “Proper Lady”, Anna pushed Peter off of her and onto the chair that was behind him. Sitting up with a determined look on her face she answered him, “I made a big mistake when I left you, not only in the way that I left you but in the simple fact that I left the only man I ever truly loved and who truly loved me. So from now I on I intend on making up for that mistake any time, any place and any way I can. Starting right now,” she said as she spun around and positioned herself above his cock. Then without any hesitation she lowered herself on him and drove his cock into the depths of her pussy. Afterwards she sat there and they savored the feeling of having him so deep inside of her again.

Never one to keep a good thing from becoming great, Peter began to lightly caress and massage Anna’s back as she sat on him, sending chills throughout her body.

Almost imperceptibly Anna began to respond by grinding herself down onto Peter’s lap as she reached between her legs and strummed a finger across her clit causing her pussy muscles to clamp and unclamp around his cock. Looking over her shoulder at him she purred, “Grab my tits, baby. Make them squirt my milk all over the place. I want to feel it and see it spraying all over. It makes me feel so fucking hot.”

Doing as she asked Peter reached around her and palmed her large breasts with his hands while he pinched her nipples between his index finger and thumb. Anna squealed in passionate delight – she loved all this attention. Her milk instantly flew from her nipples and sprayed across the kitchen; covering the counters, floor and table. Tilting his head, Peter stared at the twin pair, loving the sight of Anna’s tit-milk spraying from each of them while some of the milk dribbled from his hands and landed directly on Anna’s inflamed clit and pussy lips.

“OH, FUCK! THAT FEELS SO GOOD! NOW FUCK ME, BABY! FUCK ME DEEP AND HARD! COME ON, BABY, AND REALLY GIVE IT TO ME! FUCK MY BRAINS OUT! FASTER! FASTER,” she screamed as she began to wildly bounce up and down, impaling herself on his cock with every once of energy she had.

Though she had always been a passionate lover, Anna continued to amaze Peter as she screamed louder and louder, telling him what to do and what she wanted. The sensations quickly overwhelmed him, while Anna continued to fuck him like some sex-starved nymphomaniac. Weakly, he held onto her waist as she fucked him, driving his cock up against her cervix and the opening to her womb. Anna gasped with each stroke, “COME ON, HONEY … FUCK ME FASTER … PLEASE, BABY, FASTER … HARDER … DEEPER … I’M ALMOST THERE … FUCK ME, BABY … FUCK ME … I … CAN … FEEL … YOU … DEEP … INSIDE … OF … ME … AND … IT … HURTS … SO … FUCKING … GOOD … CUM … WITH … ME …. AND … FILL … MY … PUSSY … WITH … YOUR … CUM … NNNNNOOOOWWWWWWWW!”

Unable to keep up with her, Peter held her as she skyrocketed into a massive orgasm. The flow of her pussy juices running across their laps, the chair and pooling on the floor. When her orgasm slowed, Anna slid from his lap and kneeled on the floor, pushed her ass high into the air as she cradled her head in her arms on the floor. “Your turn, lover. I want your cock in me NOW!”

Peter didn’t need any more invitation as he kneeled behind her and thrust forward burying himself deep inside her again. They started a slow, steady fucking motion which soon became faster and faster as their passion built. When they’d been married the two of them had fucked in the “doggie” position many times because Anna had always said it was her favorite. She had told Peter that she loved the feeling of his cock thrusting in and out, while his balls slapped her clit. “This feels so good, Anna,” Peter murmured. “I can feel your pussy walls grabbing at my cock and pulling at them. It’s almost like you’re some Bitch-in-Heat who wants to be bred.”

“I am a bitch-in-heat. Your bitch … your slut … I want your cock … I want your cum … I want your baby,” she panted.

Each time they thrust against each other Peer felt his balls slap against her clit and her body quiver as a grunt or moan escaped from her. He knew that she would cum again in minutes and wanted them to cum together this time so he reached under her and grabbed her tits; playing with the nipples as they rocked in unison.