Another Day in the Sun

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When he awoke early the next morning they were still in the same position they were in last night when he closed his eyes. She lying on her side curled up her back against him with his arm over top of her. Neither of them had moved and had been soundly asleep after all the previous day’s activities. His body was now feeling the stiffness of sleeping in one position for too long. Without waking her he slipped out of bed and pulled the covers up admiring her beautiful shape as he did and slipped on his robe to go into the kitchen and start the coffee.

He turned on the coffee and set out a plate of fresh fruit and a picture of juice for her and then and went and collected the morning paper. He then went down the hall and took a quick morning shower to wash up for the new day. He shaved quickly and headed back to the kitchen. He flipped on the outside stereo as he went by, keeping the volume low so as not to disturb her.

Once he had collected the paper and had some fruit he poured himself a cup of coffee and headed out back to the pool and threw off his robe and slipped in to the warm yet refreshing water. He submerged, immersing himself for the moment in the pure pleasure of the day. It was bright and sunny and already warming up to be a hot one. He came up and shook the water off his face and smoothed his hair back with his hands and then reached for a nearby towel to dry his face and hands and then reached for his coffee with one hand and the newspaper in the other as he sat down on the underwater bench enjoying the quiet of the morning and the warmth of the sun.

He perused the paper with little interest. His mind was one her and their last few incredible days together. A time filled with passionate, incredible sex, hot raw sex. This time with them alone had been more than either had imagined he was sure. He needed this quiet time to recharge his batteries and make sure he would be ready to go again today, as he was sure she would want more just like he already did. They could never seem to get enough. It didn’t take much to get either of them going. A simple kiss, a touch or sometimes even a look.

He put the paper down and got out of the water and reclined on one of the lawn chairs. The warm sun and the soft breeze felt great as his body relaxed and the sun dried his skin. He closed his eyes as he lay there and drifted off thinking about her and how hot she had been/was.

She started to wake up slowly stretching. As she did she had to remember where she was. Then she remembered and smiled. She turned on her back and looked around and didn’t see him. She lye there for a few minutes remembering how wild the night before, hell the whole damn time she had been here with him had been. She had not been this hot and full of desire in longer than she cared to remember. And she certainly had not fucked or sucked this much in ages. And even then she was sure this was better.

She pulled herself up and went to the bathroom to relieve her self. She was not surprised to find drops of cum still finding there way out of her. She finished and turned on the shower as she looked in the mirror. She shook her head at the site she saw. She was not going to have him see her like this. She washed her face and then climbed into the shower. The water felt refreshing. She washed herself and luxuriated in the hot steamy water as she rinsed her hair. She turned the water off and climbed out grabbing a towel to dry herself with. It was early so she turned on her cell phone and called home to check in for the day and caught everyone there on their way out for the day. She was relieved to know they had not noticed she had not returned to her hotel room the night before. She said her good byes and said she would check with them tonight as she had a busy day planned too.

Afterwards she walked across the bedroom to look out the window to the backyard to see what the day was like. She opened the shutter and looked out on a bright sunny morning and then saw him already outside laying naked on one of the lounge chairs obviously already enjoying the beautiful day. She smiled as she looked at him and was glad she was here alone in this private and beautiful place. She was glad they could be alone inside and outside and leave their cares like their clothes behind.

She returned to the bathroom where she completed her daily routine of makeup and hair and then deciding she didn’t need anything on, just as he had promised, she headed through the house. As she got to the kitchen she saw the fruits and juice he had laid out for her and quickly made her self a plate for breakfast. She looked out the patio door to see if he had stirred and he had not.

She finished up her morning fruit and juice and feeling great headed out to the backyard. As she approached she now noticed that he was asleep. She moved quietly past him and looked longingly at his naked body his cock softly lying on his abdomen tempting her. She resisted the temptation and instead tested Antep Bayan Escort the temperature of the pool with her toe and then slipped quietly into the pool. She pushed off and slid smoothly across the short distance to the far side and then back. The water felt great, silky warm and wet. The sun was warm and climbing into the morning sky. She could feel the heat as in shown down on her naked body that showed above the water.

She pulled herself over to the side and sat down on the underwater bench so she was facing him and one of the massage jets was hitting her at waist level on her back. The pressure and the bubbles felt wonderful. She closed her eyes and thought she could stay here forever. A fantasy, yes, but this whole time with him had been a fantasy so why not.

Whether it was the water jet bubbling around her it’s bubbles tingling the bottoms of her tits as they hung half submerged in the water or it was her think over their last few days something had triggered her arousal already this morning. She felt herself being very relaxed but also felt very horny. This amazed her when she thought about it considering all the sex they had had the last few days. It seemed the more they did it the more they both wanted it. Though they were now more relaxed being alone, this only proved to intensify their already intense desires. As she was mulling this over she looked over at him and found her self looking from his face down to his cock and balls which she could see fully from her vantage point. She was looking straight up and across his open legs. This was a view she was of course familiar with but never ceased to enjoy.

She decided he had rested long enough. She walked quietly across the pool and stepped up and out of it grabbing a towel and drying herself as she did. She threw the towel aside and then walked quietly over to where he lay. She straddled his chair and then bent over from the waist resting her hands on the arms of the chair holding hers elf up. She leaned down and began to gently kiss him all over his face, on his eyes, his cheeks, and finally ever so gently but softly and sexily on his lips as he awaked opening his eyes and smiling.

He had drifted off thinking of her and then awoke to her kissing him her beautiful face staring back at him. She was smiling and looking deep into his eyes.

She said to him softly, ” Good morning sweetheart. How are you this morning?”

She said this while she held herself up with one hand and ran the fingertips of the other down his chest lingering at his nipples and then trailing slowly down his stomach to where his cock lay. She never actually touched him there directly. Instead she concentrated her efforts on touching him and stroking him everywhere but on his cock or his balls. She stroked his pubic hair, his abdomen, his inner and outer thighs, while she pushed her self to a kneeling position now between his legs. She was still looking directly at him not having taken her eyes off him as she sat up. She now smiled at him with her lips slightly parted.

He blinked several times as though trying to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He wasn’t she was really here naked and kneeling in between his legs on the lawn lounge chair outside on this beautiful warm morning in his private backyard which was now really a complete paradise he thought. She was gorgeous as ever but even more so in the early morning sun. Her kisses had awoken him but what really stirred him now was the site of her kneeing naked, as he was in the chair her hands running all over his chest, abdomen, and thighs. He noticed now that she was really enjoying herself. He could tell by that sexy coy smile she had on her pretty face. He too was enjoying this as he felt his cock begin to grow and twitch as it lay on his abdomen between them.

He looked up as she looked down on him and said, ” Good morning to you beautiful lady. You, look absolutely gorgeous this morning. Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked as he looked from her eyes to her hands which had by now felt the growing size of his cock and taken hold of it with both.

She looked down and smiled wider now realizing what she had unconsciously begun doing. Wow, she thought that was weird. She had not even thought about it she had simply felt his cock twitch and grow and then quite naturally took it in both hands.

She looked from his beautiful growing cock in her hands up to his now smiling face and smiled back not ashamed but proud and said, ” I guess I can’t help myself when I’m around you. I saw this..” she said pausing to squeeze and pull his hardening cock, ” and had to have it. See what you’ve done to me. See what you’ve turned me into. I really am your personal cock slave!”

She said this laughing at herself but half meaning it. She had to have him. She did not know what it was, the situation, their easy nakedness, being outdoors, right now she really didn’t care. All she cared about was pleasing him and having his cock inside her soon.

“And you, you have turned me into your personal stud service. Rock hard and ready to please at your command, Mam!” He said with almost a military demeanor while he reached up and took her ample and firm breasts in his hands and began kneading them with delight. Rolling them in his hands and pinching the nipples, pulling at them making them erect quickly. This caused her to smile and then throw her head back opening her mouth and arching her back as she did. When she did this caused her to rise up slightly and allow him the most wonderful view of her pretty little pussy. The lips of her pussy now slightly swollen and pouting, with her clit just visible between them at the top. She sighed her approval as he continued his tit massage and the she looked back down and began stroking his hardening cock in earnest.

She did this perfectly like everything else she did to/for him. She encircled the shaft of his cock with one of her pretty little hands and found just the right amount of pressure and tempo to please him greatly, making him start to thrust his hips gently. Meanwhile she reached down to cradle and alternately squeeze and stroke his balls.

As she did she looked up at him smiling and said, ” Um , what a perfectly delicious way to begin a perfect day. You feel sooo good. I’m such a push over for you. I can’t get enough. I want to stay right out here with you today and do this.” She completed while squeezing his cock and balls for emphasis.

“You don’t mind do you? I know we had plans to go places, but I really, really don’t want to leave our beautiful little private paradise. We have everything we need.” again squeezing him for emphasis as she smiled down at him and began to slip away from his hands and down off the chair kneeling beside it now on her towel. ” Don’t you think?” she asked slyly as she quickly slipped his now hard cock into her mouth for the first of many times that day she thought.

He looked down on her a shaking his head in amazement as she quickly took his cock in her mouth and began sucking on him looking up at him with a devilish smile in her eyes. He looked at her trying to speak his mouth open with no words exiting. He finally sighed and smiled as he laid his head back and enjoyed her phenomenal cock sucking skills. He had had other women who sucked his cock. Some even claimed to enjoy it. Most women had to be persuaded. But she was way beyond them. To her sucking his cock came a naturally as breathing. She truly loved to suck his cock and watch, feel, hear him enjoy her talents. She of course had sucked other men’s cocks but he chose to believe he was a special favorite of hers; she certainly made him feel that way. Whatever the case she was his now.

She was really into it now she rolled her head around the head of his cock her tongue dancing around just under the swelling head. Then she sucked hard on just the head and let it pull from her mouth with a pop. Without pause she lifted his balls and holding them up to her mouth in her hands she licked and sucked each one tenderly but firmly. She kept this up for several minutes causing him to squirm and arch his back up towards her. She was driving him wild but he didn’t care. Her turn would come soon.

She was driving him wild and she loved it. She let one of his very large balls out of the grasp of her mouth and then held them up out of the way marveling at their weight and went to work licking and nibbling her way down the shaft of his cock through his sack enjoying the fresh clean but masculine scent there as she felt his hardness throbbing beneath her tongue’s tip. She pushed his one leg out more to the side to allow her to go lower licking up his inner thigh as she did. He shuddered at this new attack and she giggled to herself. She then gently but quickly dove down with her mouth to the opening to his ass. She rimmed the opening with her tongue quickly circling it and pressing against it softly. He moaned in response and leaked a large amount of pre cum from the tip of his cock onto her hand, which was hold his cock tight as it throbbed from deep down where her mouth was. This was a very intimate kiss, one that she had never felt comfortable with until him. She wasn’t into anything gross, but she did enjoy teasing him like this. And besides, she thought, turn about was fair play after all the attention he had paid her ass in the last few days.

She gently and slowly licked, nibbled and kissed her way back up and then down each of his inner thighs while gently holding his leaking cock until she was back up where she could see his face. He was smiling broadly and shaking his head from side to side. She laughed and asked, ” Whattttt?”

“Whattttt?” He said attempting to imitate her attempted innocent pout. “You awaken me with the softest of kisses. Then you stroke my cock and squeeze my balls. Then tell me you want to stay here all day doing just this. AND THEN you give me another of your most amazing, incredible blowjobs. Sucking my cock almost off and then licking and sucking my balls and then as if all that wasn’t enough you squeeze my cock while you squeeze my balls and lick and tease my ass. What do you think, Whattt!?” He said laughing with her and reaching out for her.

She laughed louder now as she came into his arms. “I’m so glad you like it. I only do that with you. You make me so hot and I get so turned by you that I have no inhibitions. I love pleasing you and driving you wild!”

He held her as he said to her, ” And you do the same to/for me. I can’t get enough of you. And yes I want to stay right here with you all day. I’m glad you said what I was thinking. And now I believe in the spirit of fair play it’s time for you to lay down and for me to return the ‘favors’!”

And with that he twisted in the chair, sliding from under her, making her lay down in his place. She smiled and rolled her eyes in anticipation. He could really drive her wild with his fingers and oh what he did to her with his tongue. He had obviously had a lot of practice. She was grateful for that as most men either didn’t bother with very much foreplay or were just not very good at it. He on the other hand knew just how to please her. He took his time and she thought he would tease her with his mouth and hands forever if she would let him. He knew when to be soft and when to be rough, but never too much. He was very attuned to her senses and she seldom offered any direction to him other then begging him not to stop something he was doing. She found herself doing this frequently which at first she found a little disturbing as she felt out of control. But she quickly overcame this and gave herself over to him with abandonment.

He started by simply interlacing his hands with hers and then placing his fingertips against her and stroking them softly as he leaned in and kissed her. Her lips met his her mouth parting awaiting his tongue, which he teased her now with gently. His tongue now quickly darting around her lips and grazing her tongue which sought more. He sucked her lower lip in gently then released it. Still gently holding her hands over her head making her feel completely helpless and in his control. She liked this. And she showed it in her response to his kisses. Her mouth stayed open seeking his even as he pulled back slightly and looked at her. Her mouth open, eyes closed and a dreamy look on her face. He leaned in and kissed her again this time giving her more and more of his tongue, which she eagerly accepted moaning and squirming under him as she did.

He kept this up for quite some time occasionally breaking away to kiss his way down her neck to nibble at her ears and whisper to her, ” Ummm, you are so beautiful, and make me so hot for you. I wonder how hot your pussy is right now? ”

Each time he did she arched her back slightly and raised her ass up as if to invite him to find out. Still holding her hands over her head and before she could answer he returned and kissed her passionately probing her mouth with his tongue and she returning her tongue to his mouth at every opportunity. When he broke off this latest kiss she sighed or more groaned her pleasure mixed with frustration under him. She looked up at him smiling yet pouting her eyes half closed with passion. He didn’t hesitate now he released her hands but she did not move them. He ran his fingertips down the soft insides of her arms several times sending chills through her. She shivered under his touch. Goose bumps formed instantly over all over her. He looked down and saw his favorite two goose bumps, her hard erect nipples pointing skyward.

He ran his hands down over both of her tits. She arched her back slightly pushing her tits up to meet his gentle firm caress. He slid his hands over her tits and down to her stomach and then back up lifting the soft firm mounds up as he did. He felt and enjoyed the heft of these perfect large beautiful round mounds in his hands. He pushed them both up slightly from the sides and bent his mouth to blow across them. This caused another wave of goose bumps and shivers to race across her body. And this time an audible moan escaped her lips as she squirmed under his pleasantly tortuous attentions.

He now gently sucked in one of her aching nipples causing her to inhale deeply and sigh in pleasure as she turned her head from side to side. He held the hardened tip firmly between his lips and used his teeth to put firm pressure on it as he rolled it around slowly at first and then quickly letting it release from his mouth and then flicking his tongue at it and the areola. And then repeating the whole process before moving over to the other one and doing the same. Whatever tit he did not have in his mouth he gently massaged with his hand pulling, squeezing, and generally doing anything he could think of to drive her crazy. It was working. She was now moaning softly turning her head from side to side her mouth open, her eyes clenched tightly shut except when their eyes occasionally locked into a deep passionate stare while he sucked on one of her tits.

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