Amber Ch. 02

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Amber’s head spun as she woke the next day, she was slightly hung over but had a clear recollection of the night before. She was disappointed and disgusted with herself noticing a large pool of Henry’s dried cum on the couch beneath her, as she stood up more seeped from her aching pussy. After cleaning herself up she messaged her husband telling him she had been with someone, they were always honest with each other which is why she was hoping he wouldn’t ask about who it was.

“Did you have a good time?”

Amber couldn’t deny that she did, she felt so sore and used up.


“Where did you meet him?”

She paused trying to figure out what to say but couldn’t lie,

“It was Henry.” She felt so embarrassed sending the message.

There were several minutes of anxious waiting before the phone wrung in her hand,


“You let that old black man fuck you?” His voice hushed but she could hear his excitement.

“Yes, I was kinda drunk.”

“I’ve wanted to see you with a black man for a long time now.”

“Really, I thought you might be upset.”

“No of course not, I just didn’t know how to bring it up since we never really watched stuff like that together.”

“I didn’t really like the idea but I was drunk and horny he kept making me laugh the next thing I knew we were talking about sex and I couldn’t stop staring at his crotch.”

“Was he big?”

“He has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.” Amber started rubbing her mound.

“I would love to see you play with it, are you going to let him have you again?”

Amber’s finger’s curled inside her slick pussy,

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, since he lives next door.”

She could smell traces of cum in the air as freed her two fingers, the taste was unmistakable.

“What’s wrong with that?”

“What if he starts coming over expecting me to do things for him?”

“Maybe you should do them,” He said casually still unaware she they didn’t use protection.

“He’s just a lonely old man, you should be neighborly.”

“This is really turning you on, isn’t it?”


“So what do YOU want me to do?”

“I want you to fuck him.”

“I know that, should I do anything special?”

“You do whatever he wants.”


“Yes, I want you to let him use you up before I get home.”

“Ok” Amber giggled.” I’ll be real neighborly.”

After ilginç porno saying their goodbyes they both started making plans. Kyle’s distance from his wife left him to wallow in his lust sending his thoughts to very depraved places. Amber glanced out her window checking to see if Henry was home but she didn’t see his car. She got dressed for the day found her spare keys, and went out to pick some things up. Her first stop was lingerie and a new dress, her smile was uncontainable a she paid for her items. The sales girl knew Amber was going to get fucked but she would never guess it was an old black man she was trying to please. After that she went to the pharmacy her slutty smile beaming as she picked up extra-large condoms and a morning after pill. She had one more stop to pick up a case of the beer Henry liked before heading home. When she got home she noticed her dropped keys on the curb.

Inside she got her things ready laying out her new underwear and dress, chilling the beer, she put the condoms on the coffee table, and opened the pill. She went to the kitchen to get a glass and noticed Henry’s car pulling in, she felt her pussy throb as she watched him. He spotted her giving the usual wave as he headed in. Amber felt a little upset that he barely acknowledged her but knew it was for the best, in public sight at least. Forgetting about the pill she went to get ready, she showered, shaved her legs, and decided to shave her pussy. She rubbed baby oil over her bare skin letting it seep in before getting dressed. She chose a matching set of lacy white bustier, panties, garter, thigh highs, and a light blue summer dress that covered it all perfectly. She curled the ends of her silky blonde hair. When she was finished it was getting dark, Amber took two of the beers and went next door.

Henry smiled as he let the small blonde inside,

“I wasn’t sure I’d be seeing you anytime soon.”

“Really? I thought you had a good time?” she couldn’t resist grabbing at his cock through his pants.

“I did, I just figured your pussy would be to sore?”

“It is a little, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.” She giggled.

Henry took the beers from her as she sunk to her knees. Her blue eyes sparkled as she freed his cock, she still struggled to get much more than the head in her mouth but gave her best effort. Henry began drinking one of the beers as she tried to please him. Looking up japon porno at him she slobbered on his black cock stroking with both hands, spit dripped down her chin onto the front of her pretty new dress. She could feel Henry getting weak in the knees and pulled off before he could cum. She rose to her feet,

“I just came over to invite you for dinner.” She said playfully as she opened the door to leave.

“I’ll be there.” He huffed trying to collect himself.

Amber went home and made a lovely dinner for her elderly neighbor, they ate and laughed and when they finished she suggested they settle in the living room for ‘coffee’. Henry eagerly headed to living room noticing the dried cum on the couch as he sat down. When amber came in she placed the coffee on the table next to the condoms making henry take notice, as he reached for his cup Amber slowly pulled up the front of her dress revealing her lacy panties and garter.

“Oh my!” He gasped.

“Do you like it?”

“Fuck yes.” He sat up and pulled her to him as she peeled of the dress.

“I got it for you.”

Amber grew wet as his large black hands mauled her lace clad body before attacking her pussy,

” Let’s get you ready.” He sneered.

He pulled her small white panties down to the floor before guiding her to sit beside him. They kissed while he worked his fingers in, he loosened her up until she started to cum. He stood up and started to disrobe Amber looked at the condoms from the table,

“Maybe we should use protection.” She could see the disappointment.

“Oh ok.” He grabbed one and slid it on.

He kneeled between her legs and pushed himself into her, the slick rubber let him slide in too fast and Amber screamed out as he split her apart. Henry wasn’t as gentle opening her up as before, pushing deep into her he fucked faster and faster trying to keep himself hard through the condom. The overwhelming sensation was exquisite but she noticed he wasn’t completely erect as he pounded into her. Winded, he moved on the couch next to her catching his breath. Amber stared at his semi-hard cock the rubber wasn’t as enjoyable and it detracted from his dark skin. She reached for his cock, “I still have the pill” she thought peeling off the condom.

“You better be more careful this time.” She scolded jokingly while straddling him, her pussy sunk down around his unprotected black cock.

“I shouldn’t latin porno have let you cum in me last time.”

Henry’s cock quickly hardened as she rode him. Amber put her feet on either side of him holding the backrest for leverage and impaled herself over and over on his big black cock. Her juices streamed from her body soaking his lap,

“Oh fuck, oh fuck that feels so fucking good.” She panted.

She kissed the old black man passionately as she rode him to orgasm, collapsing on top of him. He grabbed her ass tight and bounced her on his cock until she regained her composure and took control again. She held his thick black cock deep inside her married white pussy while grinding down against him. She squeezes as she thrust forward then circles her ass backwards. They both knew he couldn’t last much longer,

“I’m gonna cum” He warned trying to ease her up.

But her little white pussy held firm around his black cock,

“I’m gonna…”

“Shhhh!” She pushed her tongue in his mouth to him to keep him quiet.

Filled with shameful pride Amber’s body heaved as she rolled her hips squeezing her little white pussy as tight as she could around his enormous black cock until she “forced” him to unleash a blast of potent sperm against her grinding cervix. Quickly she started short bounces to lengthen his orgasm, her tiny white pussy squeezing down as she rises up milking every last drop of cum out his black cock . Henry felt a primal fulfilment as his cum filled the beautiful young wife it stirred a deep desire within him. The look he was giving her drove her crazy and the image of her swollen belly flashed through her mind again, this time she was less reluctant to entertain the thought. It felt so wrong, but every part of her that was woman told her that she needed his seed. She knew it was just a day or two away from her fertility peak and that her body was soaking up his sperm. She felt totally depraved,

“We shouldn’t have done that.” She gasped rolling off him.

“I tried not to.” He laughed.

Thick white goo oozed from her pussy, Amber mindlessly dipped her fingers into her opening playing with the sticky mess.

“I’ma come over early tomorrow.” He informed her as he dressed,” You gonna be up?”

Amber was still in a daze taking a moment to respond,

“I’ll just leave the backdoor unlocked, you can wake me if you need to.”

The old black man laughed and kissed her goodbye. As she laid on the couch Amber’s thoughts were focused on the cum seeping out of her or more all the cum that wasn’t, she knew she wanted a baby but with her husband, she couldn’t let it happen again she would have to be stronger she thought as she drifted asleep.

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