All Right I’ll Do It Ch. 02

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(Authoress note: of course all disclaimers are still in place regarding characters etc., except for one small truth since so many readers asked me to answer this question. Most of the things I write about I did at some point in my life. Perhaps they were not with as many people but at least one person was there. And they were absolutely not done in the order written and there are some things I’ve done that haven’t made it into any of my stories yet. And yes, the motivation of being forced fem never fades for me. If anything the scent becomes more pungent. Thanks to all my readers.) Also, these are stories of humiliation and degradation and aren’t for most people. So if the subject bothers you don’t read this and my stories have similar themes. I know that. I do enjoy those of you who have written to say you enjoy them. -Lauren Westley


The door closed and I stood there in shock. John’s cum was drying and pulling my skin as if he was pinching my cheek. I rushed to the bathroom. I had barely gotten the shower running when I had to kneel in front of the toilet and vomit. My mind swirled as both the humiliation and probably Robert’s sperm was mixed in the vomit. I started to cry. Then I went into the hot shower washing my body over and over again with liquid soap. But even the soaps scent smelled more girl then boy. Girl/Boy. They had promised but now the promise was blackmail. What would I do?

A couple of beers later I fell asleep. At 9am the phone rang and I answered it.

“Tina,” John said, “we’ll be there for lunch. Make sure you find the sexiest outfit you can and make sure your skin is smooth everywhere. And of course Robert and I expect you to be all perfumed like yesterday when you answer the door. You’ll get the pictures for proper behavior. And we hope you understand this is much better then all 2700 people in Reidel knowing. See you tomorrow at noon.”

And then he just hung up.

My breathing was short and nervous. I weighed my options and thought I could probably do this. I had already sucked their cocks. It wouldn’t be so bad. Well it was good either but what choice did I have?

I woke up and looked at my clock. It was nearly 10am. They’d be here in two hours. I had to have lunch ready and be dressed. Oh, and I had to shave. I went right to the shower. There was Mary’s razor a pink Lady Gillette and her foam. Also there was a bottle of Nair. Mary said she used that on her legs. I read the instructions and rubbed in on my legs. My pink fingernails were still attached and it was strange when I looked at them applying the Nair. I had my left leg perched on the bathtub rubbing this cream with my pink nailed fingers. My hands looked so feminine. I shaved my pits and tried to shave my pubes but I was afraid of the razor down there so I stopped a good inch above. It looked weird. I was a natural blond so my pubes were light too and the little patch looked girly now.

Naked I went into my sister’s room and looked at what I should wear. She did have a matching white sexy bra and panties. I put those on. Looking in her closet I wasn’t sure what to wear. I picked out a floral multicolored dress with over the shoulder straps. On the clothes hanger was a bangle bracelet that matched the dress so I put it on. Although I fit her dress I am two inches taller then Mary so the dress ended half way up my thighs.

I found a pair of red matching heels and after rummaging through her drawers I found a pair of white thigh high stockings. Pink lipstick and a couple of sprays from her perfume bottle and I rushed to the kitchen, nearly falling several times in the heels, to make lunch. It was already 11:30am. With very little time left I decided to make tuna salad sandwiches and a bowl of chips.

But there was more then fear propelling me. There was another feeling. I tried to ignore it but the adrenaline rush was dizzying.

The doorbell rang. They were early.

I walked awkwardly to the front door and stood a moment visualizing Robert and John standing on the other side of the faded white wooden door. Gasping for air I stood there in a moment of hesitation and felt a scare rising inside me. What if it was someone else? Suppose it was the mailman or a parishioner?

I opened the door. The springs chilly morning air rush over me. Not remembering for a moment how I looked I smiled, as I would have if dressed as Tim.


Robert, John, Chip and Dave were standing outside.

“Tina, you know Chip and Dave,” Robert said.

Of course I knew them. Chip had graduated last year. Dave was a year or two older and had not graduated. They both were working in town. Neither of them had been smart enough to go to college. Chip worked at the Exxon station and Dave owned the local tattoo parlor.

My face was in shock.

“Make the most of it Tina,” John said as he walked in and slapped my ass.

The rest followed in and Robert closed the door. Chip was carrying two brown paper bags

Robert said, “We’re famished. What did you make for lunch Tina?”

I manisa escort started toward the kitchen and could feel them looking at me as my dress swayed and I teetered on my red heels. There on the wooden table were three tuna sandwiches on paper plates, three bags of chips and three glasses.

“Tina, you should always be prepared. That’s a demerit for not having sandwiches for our guests. Be a good girl and set another place,” John said.

A few minutes later there were four settings as I pondered what this ‘demerit’ thing was about.

Chip had put the brown bags down and had just pulled a handle of Jack out of one of them. Chip had brown hair and was about the same height as Robert.

Chip motioned for me to come over to him. When I got there he instructed me to put my arms out in front of me and for my wrists to be touching each other. Then he reached into the other bag and pulled out some plastic tape wrapping my wrists together.

“Today is training day for Tina,” Chip said.

Now I was frightened but there wasn’t much I could do standing there in wobbly heels with my wrists bound.

“Are you still a virgin,” Chip asked?

“No,” I replied.

“I don’t mean Tim. I mean Tina. Have you ever been fucked in your pussy,” he continued.

Chips green eyes penetrated mine and his face had pockmarks from what must have been acne when he was a teenager. I hadn’t really noticed that before but then again I was gaining a new perspective on life as I stood there.

“Yes,” I replied meekly.

He held my taped wrists and pulled me closer. Then he took his fingers and brought them to my lips.

“Suck them slut,” he commanded.

His fingernails were short but still had managed to get dirt and grime under them. I looked at John and Robert with pleading eyes. I was now way in over my head.

“Don’t worry your little blond curls over this Tina,” John said. “We aren’t going to tell any of the goodie two shoes in town. Just a few of the bad boys who will need your services while your parents are away. (John must have read the note on the refrigerator door. You’ll be fine as long as you do what is expected of you.”

Chips fingers rubbed my lips.

“Suck them slut,’ he repeated

My pink lips parted and his grimy fingers slid in onto my tongue as he wiped his encrusted fingertips on my tongue feeling my mouth as if I was just some object.

“Good girl,” Chip said while Robert poured the guys some Jack.

Dave just watched with a smirk on his face.

“You are a pussy aren’t you,” Chip asked?

He pulled his fingers out of my mouth and rubbed them on my thigh highs just above the hemline of my dress. His fingers rose a bit higher past the stockings and touched my naked skin above.

“She has smooth legs John,” Chip said and as he moved his hand back to play with my butt I felt his fingers slide under the elastic of my panties. His fingers continued higher till he touched my privates.

“John, you are so right, I don’t feel any cock just pussy she’s so small,” Chip chuckled.

“Tina the man asked you a question. When a man talks to you answer him,” Robert toned in.

“Yes,” I quivered.

“Yes, I am a silly slut girl Mister,” Chip instructed me to say.

Whatever exhilaration I had felt before John and Robert had arrived was fading into humiliation and degradation. Chip had let go of my wrists but had told me to just stand there as he ate his sandwich and chips. I could see some of the crumbs accumulate in his beard

Dave still hadn’t said much but he was the largest of the four with bulging muscles and tattoos on both his arms. He was wearing black leather pants and a Grateful Dead t-shirt. His silence was scary especially since he was bald with one of those terrible goatees. He looked just like one of those very bad guys you see in the movies. Even his dark eyes radiated manliness.

Chip took another bite of his tuna sandwich and a small piece of tuna fell out of the edge and landed on his crotch.

“Tina, bend down and lick that clean,” Chip said.

And that was when I said, “NO.”

“Did the girl say ‘NO’,” Dave asked?

“It’s not fair. Robert and John had made a deal with me and now it’s gone to far,” I replied.

Dave got up. Even with the two inches of height I got from the heels Dave towered over me. He was not only a big man but his presence was that of the enforcer in a gang. He didn’t say a word as he approached me. Instead his dark brown eyes revealed only solid strength and determination.

I saw his hand in motion before I felt his fingers slamming against my left cheek. The slap was more intense then any punch I had ever received. But then again I hadn’t had a fight since third grade. Instead I had managed to slink away when trouble brewed except for the few times I got beat up and the memory of those times made degradation seem more tolerable.

But there was no way out from here except more pain from Dave. The immense stinging against kütahya escort my face was a not so subtle reminder I was a wimp versus pain. Only my father had ever slapped my face and I had cried after that. So my reaction here was similar. I started to cry but unlike my fathers slap I couldn’t raise my hand to my cheek so instead I cried with my hands bound in front of me as I stood there in heels and my sisters dress.

But Dave wasn’t finished. He immediately slapped my other cheek and then he told Chip to pull my wrists down and bend me over. All of this was occurring in a blur of pain, anguish and tears for me.

I felt me dress lifted in the back and then Dave took his massive hands and started to spank me. This wasn’t a spanking like Mom would do. It was a brutal walloping. I was bawling during the five minutes Dave slapped my ass. Even though he hadn’t pulled my panties down the thin satin had done nothing to cushion Dave’s hand from punishing me.

Then it was over but it was also a new beginning. My butt cheeks burned hot as asphalt in mid-summer.

“Now little pussy you will do as you are told. No complaints anymore. You will behave or my hand will become a fist and instead of slaps they will be blows. Do you understand girl?” Dave commanded.

In a whimpering cry I answered “Yes,” as my eyes saw the tuna fish glob on Chips oil stained coveralls through my watery tears.

But before the tuna was attended to Dave grabbed me by my blond locks and pulled my head back so I was looking up into his eyes.

He said, “From now on you will start your sentence with “Pussy girl,”. So the way to answer my question is, “Pussy girl says yes Mister Dave.”

Dave glared into my eyes and instructed me that ‘Mister’ was to always be used and if I made a mistake as a girl I’d be spanked. If I made a mistake acting like a boy I’d be beaten. My answers should be as girlie as possible and in the third person.

Everything inside me submitted at that moment. As Dave finished his instructions he slapped me a couple more time on my ass through my dress.

Dave let go of my hair and looked at me waiting for my reply.

“Pussy girl says yes Mister Dave,” I said in a halting and slightly higher pitched voice caused by my crying.

“I like that voice, use it from now on pussy,” Dave said and then he went back to his chair and sat down.

Chip looked at me then and said, “Tina, wouldn’t you like to lick the tuna off my pants now?”

I began to kneel down when Dave told me to answer him.

“Pussy girl says yes Mister Chip,” I uttered. I was sinking into depravity.

But that wasn’t good enough. After more instructions from Dave and several replies unacceptable I finally uttered this,

“Pussy girl would love to lick clean the tuna off Mister Chip pants,” my quivering voice sputtered and my brain took a blond right turn into mush.

A moment later my knees were on the tile floor and I was licking tuna fish off of Chips stinky crotch. My ass was still stinging from Dave’s spanking. Inside I was repulsed but some other part of me had taken over. Objection was only a thought now. Somehow I’d get past this. The taste of his overalls mixed with the tuna fish was very repulsive. Like a movie I thought of my sentence for the week as a hurdle I would have to surmount.

The guys got up and took the booze and the other brown bag to the living room. When John had started picking up his paper plate Dave had said, “that’s girl work,” and he came over and undid the bondage tape telling me to clean up and then join them.

I was just finishing wiping the table after lunch when Dave called, “Tina, get your ass in here.”

The quiet Dave was not quiet anymore.

I walked into the living room. The TV was in the corner on a TV stand. On the wall was the Hi-Fi. It sat on one of the bookshelves. The shelves ran from the right of the fireplace to the wall where the TV sat in the corner and were mostly filled with books on religion and romance novels. The carpet was a weird blue. Mom’s sense of decoration was Miami North. The wooden shelves and wall were painted white and so was the brick fireplace now which flickered from the fire one of the guys had lit. The living room was toasty warm.

The guys were seated. Two of them sat on the couch and the other two sat in the two chairs off to left of the sofa. Mom’s weird gold colored chandelier with perforations in the metal cast its eerie shadow down on the black lacquered coffee table lighting and shadowing the brown bag was now turned on its side, the contents spilled out. The two-thirds full bottle of Jack sat like an exclamation mark at one end of the strewn contents. There was several porn magazines scattered about, most likely from the brown bag. Also the bondage tape, a couple of 8mm canisters, a big black butt plug (I had only seen one of these once when I had walked into Dave’s tattoo parlor. There was an Adult Only area in the back of his store where I couldn’t go since a few months ago I hadn’t malatya escort turned eighteen yet. But a glass case on the wall outside the curtain separating the tattoo parlor had held a similar device and when I had asked what it was from another customer and he had told me. On the coffee table there was also a tube of something.

Robert had me come over to him. He took the tube and attached a thin nozzle to the end. Turning me around he had me bend over. Moments later the nozzle was in my ass and he was squirting the contents of the tube up my ass.

“Hand me the plug,” Robert asked John?

“A girl needs to keep her pussy lubed and this will help your hole enjoy ‘Ebony Jim,” he said. “Well for you Tina his name is Mister Ebony Jim.”

At first it hurt but Robert instructed me to push my hole on it rather then fight it and before long ‘Mister Ebony Jim’ had entered me and his presence was overwhelming. I felt like an overstuffed turkey.

For the next few hours I entertained the men. They had me serve them beer. I only got one more spanking, by John, for not saying Mister John. Robert was my first blowjob of the day. Like yesterday he buried his cock in my throat and shot his load down my throat. The first shot was thin pre cum but when his sperm came it was thick and ran down my throat like a rancid cream, gagging me. He also squeezed my nose so I had to swallow every drip and drop.

John also did what he did yesterday and his cum was a full-face load. But today even his pre-cum was thick. John had me keep my eyes open and I saw the first shot spurt from his penis hole. My right eye closed just in time before it landed sticking to my eyelash. The next glob landed on my nose and the rest spattered around my face. Finally, as told, I licked his pee hole clean.

Chip decided his sperm spread should be my new hair conditioner. With my face full of John’s cum chip had me just suck the head of his bulbous cock. Before long he stood up and jerked his cock shooting his spermy load into my hair and forehead.

The hours went by and I nearly vomited twice. My ass was spanked red. But it wasn’t over yet. Everyone was having fun but me. I was now a cum covered slut

Dave motioned for me to come over to him. He had not used me but instead had watched amused. Standing in front of him he put his right hand on my leg just below my dress and started rubbing my leg by moving his fingers slowly up under my dress. His fingers warm against my thigh near my crotch my sphincter clutched against the butt plug as he smiled.

“So, it’s time for you to lose your virginity Tina,” he said.

With that his other hand came up to my ass. He moved me around and then pulled my panties down. His hand rubbed my crotch. I was mortified.

I noticed, before I was turned around, his massive cock was pushing hard against his jockey shorts and I shuddered knowing what was next. Dave pulled the plug slowly from my asshole and guided me down towards his erection I couldn’t see but knew was there. My asshole felt so open when the plug came out but his cock soon replaced it and he lowered me onto his cock.

The plug was brought up to my parted lips and the acrid taste of my asshole coated my tongue as Dave coaxed the plug between my lips and into my mouth.

“Fuck my cock girl,” Dave said in his deep baritone voice as he rotated the plug in my mouth. “And don’t let “Ebony Jim’ fall our of your mouth and lick him well.”

I was bouncing up and down on Dave’s cock. It went much deeper inside me then the plug. The feeling was horrifying but as he rubbed my thighs moving my legs apart. I felt my own little penis grow.

“Hey guys she’s getting a little girlie erection,” Dave said.

My face flushed with embarrassment as his cock slithered in and out of my hole reaching so far up I thought he’d soon push it past my belly button.

Not long after I felt his warm sperm shoot up into me. From the way his thrusts felt I knew he had shot at least four bursts.

“Pussy, did you wash your cunt out this morning? Because I feel some shit on the tip of my dick,” Dave said as his thrusts subsided.

Shamefully I replied, “Pussy girl didn’t wash her pussy.”

“Girl you must learn to keep your pussy clean. Especially since you have to lick my dick clean when I pull out. But, I’ll do you a favor. I’ll give you a piss enema. You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Dave said sarcastically.

I was about to say ‘no,’ to beg ‘no,’ to plead ‘no.’ But it was too late to do anything but say,

“Pussy girl would love Mister Dave to clean her dirty pussy.”

Then his warm piss started to flood my inside. It was a strong flow. So strong it was like someone had put a hose up my ass and turned on a spigot. The only difference was this was not water but yellow piss and it was coming directly from Dave’s dick.

When he was done he told me an enema takes at least ten minutes to work so I should pull up my panties and go get him a beer. I had to lick his cock clean first. As disgusting as it was his pee inside me sloshing around and my mind focused on that and licking my own shit off his dick head.

Dave said he’d tell me when I could relieve the pressure of his piss inside me. Dave also said he’d bring an enema bag with him tomorrow.

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