Accidental Meeting

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Here’s what happened. I was out in the country just cruising along the main highway. I had cruise control set at a hundred and I was just sitting back relaxing, enjoying the scenery.

A little way off I could see where another road joined the highway. I thought it was fairly safe to assume that it was an unmade road as I could see a plume of dust rising from where someone was coming along it in my general direction.

I didn’t give a thought of any possible danger. I’d noted the traffic, I knew that I had right of way, I knew that there’d also be a stop sign on the dirt road. I’d be long past before whoever it was made their turn onto the main road.

Silly me. I tend to forget that there are idiots out there and that most of them drive.

As I approached the intersection this little red coupe came blasting out of the side road. Forget about observing the stop sign. This character didn’t even slow down, just taking the corner at full bore and then fish-tailing all over the road as he tried to straighten up.

I’d recently had my pickup serviced and had had a full brake overhaul at the same time, so when I stood on my brakes I really came to a halt.

Still not fast enough it turned out. I managed to stop before ramming the bloody idiot but he managed to collect me when his fish-tail blasted back across the road and swiped along my bull-bar.

I was already stopped and I just waited for the coupe to pullover so we could discuss the incident. I doubted that there was any damage to my pickup but someone else was now driving without a rear bumper.

I hopped out and wandered around to check the bull-bar and it seemed fine to me. Some red paint on it but that didn’t matter. I turned to see what the idiot in the coupe thought of the damage to his car.

Ay, caramba! and other expression of surprise and sincere admiration.

The idiot was female and what a female. Blonde and the sort of figure to set any man’s blood to boil on sight. And she definitely knew what she had and how to present it. Tight little shorts and a tight little top, both looking as though they were painted on. One glance and I knew all her vital statistics, and they were truly vital.

I smiled as she came over, quite ready to forgive her atrocious driving. Hell, I hadn’t been damaged and her insurance would cover her own damage. I was all for forgiving and forgetting and exchanging names and phone numbers.

Blondie came bouncing up to me, smiling.

“You blithering moron,” she shrieked. “Now look what you’ve done. What sort of idiot driver are you? Road hogs like you don’t deserve a license. Look what you’ve done to my car.”

Not quite the apology I expected but I kept my calm.

“Excuse me,” I murmured politely, “but you failed to stop at the intersection, you turned the corner at an excessive speed, you lost control and fish-tailed your car and I was actually stationary when your car hit mine. When you consider this I think you’ll have to agree that you were at fault, not me.”

“Me!” Blondie was practically dancing with rage.

“Only a male chauvinist would say something like that. I was on the main road and you rear-ended me. Look at the damage. It speaks for itself. It’s obviously your fault. Kartal Anal Escort And you’d better be insured because I’ll be claiming against it.”

I shrugged and produced my card, scribbling the extra details on the back of it. Then I asked for her details. I didn’t need them, she pointed out. Even a moron like me could see that my road-hogging gas-guzzling monstrosity was undamaged.

I was starting to get a little irritated with Blondie. I didn’t think for one minute that she didn’t know it was her fault, but there was no way she was going to admit it. I was also getting tired of the abuse for an accident that wasn’t my fault.

Restraining my temper I pointed out that she had my details and that she was legally required to give me hers. To emphasis the point I kicked over the bumper bar lying on the road and took down the registration number.

“And how am I supposed to drive with the car looking like this?” Blondie demanded, still not giving me her details.

“The same as before,” I told her. “Badly. Just toss the bumper bar into the car and maybe the garage can glue it back on. Details, please.”

I don’t know how long this would have gone on but I caught a lucky break. A police car rolled up and pulled over and the cop got out.

“Afternoon, officer,” I said, as he approached. “Can you tell the little lady that she is required to give me her details? She has mine.”

“He’s right, Cindy,” the cop said. “Give him your details and then we can discuss what happened.”

Muttering to herself, Cindy wrote down her details and handed them to me. Then she turned to the cop.

“It’s obvious what happened,” she practically snarled at him. “I was driving along minding my own business and this moron rear-ended me. Then he had the gall to say it was my fault. You can see I was hit from behind.”

The cop turned to me and I explained what had happened. Cindy promptly accused me of lying.

The cop finally shrugged.

“So far it’s just your word against hers,” he pointed out, “and the damage is to her rear-end. Any sort of proof about how it happened.”

“If you look at her car you’ll see it’s covered in dust from that side-road,” I pointed out.

Blondie was fast on the uptake, I’ll give her that much.

“I never said that I didn’t come out of the side-road,” she snapped. “If you hadn’t been speeding there’d have been no problem.”

“In addition,” I continued, “I have a dash-cam that will show exactly what happened and it will also show my speed as I approached the intersection. Would you care to review it?”

The cop decided that he would care to. After viewing it he smiled at Cindy, apparently highly delighted. He was almost laughing out loud as he wrote her a ticket, while she was muttering under her breath.

“This is all your fault,” she told me as she snatched the ticket from the nice policeman.

“Hey, you should be grateful that the officer turned up when he did. If you’d kept on going the way you had been I’d probably be spanking you by now.”

“There, you see, Cindy,” said the cop. “We are good for something besides handing out fines. But you’d better be polite to this gentleman from now on because I’m leaving and I Kartal Yaşlı Escort won’t be able to prevent a future spanking.”

The cop was still smirking as he drove away. I politely asked Cindy if she needed a hand loading her bumper bar, or would she like me to load it into my pickup and drop it off at the next garage.

You’d think I’d made an improper suggestion the way she reacted. All previous abuse she’d given me paled into insignificance compared to the tongue lashing she now directed my way. The politest epithet was moron and she made it plain that she laid all her current misfortunes at my feet.

I didn’t say a word, but I was getting hotter and hotter. Dear little Cindy knew that she’d stuffed up, both in her driving and her attempt to foist the blame onto me. Now she was blaming me for her stuff up. I’d finally had enough.

Now the sensible thing would have been to just drive off and leave her to stew in her own bile. It was just too bad that I was feeling too mad at her insistent idiocy to do the sensible thing. One step and I was next to her, spinning her around and laying a pair of strong spanks to her bottom, one for each cheek.

“It’s obvious that you don’t learn unless something is explained to you very carefully,” I said. “I am now going to do that explaining.”

Cindy had shrieked when I’d spanked her and gone slightly pale. She went even paler when I snapped open the catch on her shorts and dragged them down. Before she could get her nerve back and start yelling at me again I’d spun her around and bent her over the back of her car.

Suspecting what was about to happen Cindy squealed and tried to cover her bottom with her hands. (A very nice bottom it was, too. Those skin tight shorts hadn’t needed to provide support. It was trim, taut and terrific, just as it was.) I took her hands in one of mine and lifted them up away from her bottom and then proceeded to tan it.

I explained where her errors were, giving a spank or two for each one, having her repeat them back to me, giving her another spank to encourage her to answer my questions.

I covered bad driving in detail, rules regarding exchange of details, being polite to strangers, not lying to the police and accepting help graciously.

By the time I was finished her pretty little bottom was glowing a nice red and she was crying. (More frustrated anger than remorse I thought.)

Finished with the spanking I straightened Cindy up and turned her to face me. She now had a quandary. Did she hold her hands to her smarting bottom to comfort it or did she cup them in front of her to cover her private parts? She finished up dithering, not doing either while she seemed to be trying to find words to describe me.

I, on the other hand, knew exactly what I was going to do. Bending down, I took hold of her shorts (and panties) and pushed them lower, lifting her feet to take them right off. Standing again, I took hold of her top and peeled it down off her breasts, delighted to see that she hadn’t bother with a bra. Her breasts were beautifully shaped, white with a nice strawberry red tip. Her nipples crinkled and stood out, even though I’d only touched them with my eyes.

For some reason she seemed Kartal Zenci Escort a little slow in catching on to what I was doing, and Cindy was effectively naked before she could register a protest. Now she didn’t know whether to cover breasts, pussy or bottom, and she just stood there, eyes wide.

At this stage I stepped back a little, but Cindy didn’t even make any motions to suggest that she was going to cover up. She was just staring at me, apparently unable to believe that I’d both spanked and stripped her.

When I pulled down my zip her eyes flashed down to see what I was doing and she kept staring while I freed my erection. And she kept staring. I had to reach out and tilt her head back to me to get her attention.

I drew her over to my pick-up and opened the rear door. Cindy didn’t say a word. She just climbed up onto the back seat and waited for me to join her. (She gave me an amazing view as she climbed in, I’ll tell you that.)

Getting in, I found Cindy crouched on the seat, bottom up, looking back at me over her shoulder. Pulling the door closed behind me I moved over her and in. My cock slid into Cindy as though I’d been doing it every day of my life.

Cindy gasped as I entered her but her bottom was pushing back hard against me as I drove forward. My hands moved around her, taking hold of her breasts, feeling her hard little nipples pressing against my palms.

Happily positioned, I fucked her. I didn’t mate with her, or make love to her. I fucked her, plain and simple, and she did the same to me.

I drove into Cindy as hard as I could and she responded by pushing back against me just as enthusiastically, eager to taker all I could dish out.

I mauled her breasts and she writhed against me, pressing them harder into my hands. I bounced against her bottom and her bottom bobbed up to meet me, matching everything I could do. And still I wasn’t satisfied.

Without disengaging I took hold of her leg and lifted it high, twisting so that Cindy rolled over under me. Her leg dropped down, wrapping around my waist, hastily joined by her other one.

Now as well as pumping frantically against her and mauling her breasts my mouth was ravishing hers, our mouths mashed against each other, tongues tangling. I could feel Cindy’s nails scratching at my shoulders. My mouth moved, savagely biting on her breast, feeling her biting against my neck as I continued to pound her.

I could feel that I was about to climax and I drove in harder. The way I was feeling I didn’t care whether Cindy was going to climax or not, and I was positive she felt the same way about me.

The fact that we both climaxed at about the same time was pure coincidence, which did not lessen the pleasure at all.

Afterwards we were both completely relaxed and we got along quite amiably.

Hear my cynical laughter. Afterwards, Cindy was still a complete bitch, demanding that I load her bumper and take it to the garage. Not the next one, but the one she nominated. She’d lead the way and would I please try to keep up.

“Not,” I pointed out, “if you’re going to speed. Do you think you can observe speed limits?”

“I can, if you insist,” she snapped. “I didn’t think you’d worry about them as they weren’t covered in your little lecture on the road laws.”

“I’ll include it in the next lecture, any time you’re ready to get one,” I told her, which calmed her down a little.

Anyway she took off and I trailed along behind. It had been quite an interesting diversion.

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